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LEGO Ninjago Party Supplies

Updated on September 10, 2014

Planning a LEGO Ninjago Birthday Party?

Are you planning a LEGO Ninjago birthday party? We've got lots of ideas for Ninjago party supplies for a fun Ninja themed party.

This theme is very popular and kids love the Spinjitzu game. You could hold a Spinjitzu tournament and even make Ninjabreadmen! Lots of fun to be had with a Ninja party. It's a great theme for boys particularly and works from age 4-14 .

For 2014 and onwards kids will be interested in the themes from series 3, Ninjago: Rebooted which takes place in the future. The original ninjas now teach at Sensei Wu's academy. But the peace doesn't last long of course! There's trouble with Nindroids.

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Image: I made this cake for my son. I'm sure you can do better! But he did appreciate it.

Ninjago Snake Area and Green Ninja Headband

LEGO Ninjago Snake Arena and Green Ninja Headband 5000441
LEGO Ninjago Snake Arena and Green Ninja Headband 5000441

You can use this Ninjago Snake Area and Green Ninja Headband as a complete filled party pack.


Favors: Booster Packs

Ninjago booster packs are the cheapest Ninjago sets and make really good quality Ninjago party favors. Kids will get far more from one of these sets than they would get if you spent the same amount on several lower quality items.

Ninjago Party Supplies on eBay

eBay is a great place to check for Ninjago party supplies, you'll find a range of fun ideas to entertain your young ninjas and to give them something to take home.

Run a Spinjitzu Tournament

Here are the Spinjitzu Game Handbook and Downloadable Printable Arena.

Spinjitzu Starter Sets

Optionally you can run a Spinjitzu tournament to entertain the children. If the kids are younger you may want to brush up on the rules so you can resolve any disputes! The older red Spinjitzu starter set is usually cheaper if you just want some extra spinners, but the green ones are more recent and use the new spinners.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set 2257 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set 2257 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

This is the original red version with the skeletons as the enemy. Sometimes it's cheaper than the newer version.


You can ask the party goers to bring their own game figures and spinners and have a few spares.

Tip: If kids bring their own spinners take a photo of what they came with!

If a lot of the kids haven't played Spinjitzu before then it might be better to run a Spinjitzu training session.

Decoration Ideas

How can you decorate for a LEGO Ninjago party? You could use posters on the walls. LEGO brick lights are fun and make a great gift for the birthday child to keep as well. And a yellow LEGO head storage box works well as a centerpiece or a place to store prizes and party favors. The big minifig alarm clocks and torches work well too, just put them up out of reach if you don't want kids playing with them.

We've found that the Power of Snakes poster (below) makes a great photo prop that makes it look like a snake is attacking the child!

Snakes Poster Photo Prop

Snakes Poster Photo Prop
Snakes Poster Photo Prop

LEGO Ninjago Tableware?

We haven't spotted any LEGO Ninjago tableware yet. You can get LEGO City Party Supplies and LEGO Star Wars Party Supplies so we're hopeful that we might see some in future.

But if you're having a LEGO Ninjago party soon then you might just want to pick plain colored tableware in the color of your child's favorite ninja. Or you could choose some bright green tableware that will fit with the Rise of the Snakes theme.

Ninjago Kai Cake
Ninjago Kai Cake

Ninjago Kai Cake

Birthday Cake

This is my own Kai Cake that I made for my son. My son actually helped to make the cake which meant that it was a bit less polished than it could have been if I'd been able to take my time over the details.

But he loved it and really enjoyed making a cake that he could share.

You can find the instruction to make this cake here:

Ninjago Kai Cake

This design works well on cupcakes too.

Make Ice or Chocolate Ninjas

You could use this LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray to make ice cubes in the Ninjago colors: Red, Black, White and Blue using food coloring or liquids of the right color.

We have this ice-cube tray and it's also good for using as a chocolate mold. You can make chocolate mini-figures and then decorate them. You can even use white chocolate and food coloring to make mini figures in the Ninja colors.

We made chocolate Lego ninjas using this mold and then decorated with fondant.

This cucumber snake goes down very well at a Ninjago Party. (Snakes were the new enemy introduced in 2012.)

The body of the snake is made from a whole cucumber cut into slices but kept in position. Arrange the snake so he looks like he's slithering from side to side.

The snake tongue is made from a slice of raw carrot. Make some extras. The kids will have fun putting these in their mouths and pretending to be snakes. You never know, they might actually eat some!

The snake eyes are made from cherry tomatoes. Again add some extras.

The kids will really enjoy this snake party food and it's even healthy!

Make Ninjabread Men

Cookies made with these Ninjabread cutters are bound to get a chuckle! You can decorate them in Ninjago colors: red, blue, white, black and green and/or gold.

Ninjago T-Shirt

A Ninjago T-shirt is a fun thing for the birthday child to wear when celebrating their birthday. There are lots of different designs to choose from.

Theme Song and Video

Here's the official theme song and video which fans of the TV show will enjoy. Perfect for getting the kids up and dancing or as the music for pass the parcel or musical statues.

Fun Express Large Inflatable Snake Swords - 27 inches - 12 Piece Pack
Fun Express Large Inflatable Snake Swords - 27 inches - 12 Piece Pack

Don't give these out until the end of the party - the kids tend to go a little crazy!


Snake Themed Favors

The new Ninjago enemy for 2012 is the Snake People. The new Ninjago sets are very snake-themed. Snake-style inflatable sword are great fun.

You could also consider mini-snake plastic toys or snake-shaked gummy candy.

Ninjago 2013 Sets - Stone Army, Gold Ninja!
We're rather excited about the new LEGO Ninjago Sets for 2013. These sets tie in with the latest episodes of the Ninjago TV series and feature the stone army...

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Ninjago Party Supplies

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      Awesome ideas and suggestions! My son is crazy for Ninjago and the article was super helpful for a Ninjago clueless mom. Thanks!