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Spruce Up Your Events With Novelty Shaped Chinese Sky Lanterns

Updated on February 23, 2012

If you are looking to spice up your next get together or event, try Chinese lanterns. You may think Chinese lanterns are for special occasions and formal events such as weddings. Certainly, they are great for those too but you may not be aware that Chinese lanterns come in various shapes and sizes to suit any occasion. For holiday get togethers or even your favourite sporting event, Chinese lanterns are the way to go.

Show your love with heart shaped Chinese lanterns

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to launch some heart shaped Chinese lanterns to show your Valentine spirit and to celebrate your loved one.  However, don’t stop at just this holiday.  Heart shaped Chinese lanterns are perfect for a romantic evening for two just because.  Surprise the one you love with a candlelit dinner and then go outside and launch the lanterns.  If your love will be celebrating a birthday soon or you are coming up on your anniversary, what better way to show someone you care than by launching a heart shaped Chinese lantern or two.  A great idea is to write a love not or romantic poem on the lantern before launching it for an added special touch.

Halloween is spookier with Chinese Lanterns

Have you ever considered adding Chinese lanterns to your Halloween party festivities?  If not, consider the pumpkin shaped Chinese lanterns when it comes time to think about autumn fun or Halloween.  In addition to the fun decor, snacks and candy pumpkin shaped Chinese lanterns are the perfect way to end the evening.  The night sky lit up with these floating pumpkins will lend a spooky air to the night.

Holiday fun with Santa

No novelty Chinese lanterns would be complete without Santa!  For the holidays, add some Santa Chinese lanterns and you will have a party to remember.  Both adults and children will have a lot of fun watching the Chinese lantern Santa floating across the sky.  Use it for office holiday parties, cocktail parties with friends and family or children’s holiday parties.  Your guests will sure to be entertained.

Don’t forget the big game

Football fans are passionate about the game so why not celebrate your team by launching football Chinese lanterns.  These are perfect to start a game party off with.  Or, you can launch a Chinese lantern every team your favourite team scores.  Don’t forget the celebratory – or better luck next time – Chinese lantern launch when the game is over!

Smiley face Chinese lanterns for any time

Chinese lanterns are launched during happy times.  So what better way to express this than with a smiley face Chinese lantern?  You can use them for any occasion and they will be the delight of everyone there.  Make your next event something to remember by using Chinese lanterns in fun and festive novelty themes

What else should you look for?

Sky Lanterns are the perfect way to relax and enjoy a party or social gathering. The Chinese Lanterns above show an example of some of the more fun and create Lanterns that are available. Sky Lanterns are relatively inexpensive and tend to cost £1.00 - £2.00 each for a high quality product. If you are looking for a novelty Sky Lantern that is printed, you should expect to pay between £5.00 - £10.00 as manufacturing costs are much more expensive.

There are cheaper products on the market, but these tend to use much cheaper fuel cells, thinner paper and can in some cases be extremely dangerous. Here are some of the things you should look for when purchasing a high quality sky lantern:

  • High Quality Thick Paper
  • Non Drip Pre-attached Fuel Cell
  • Wire Free Product
  • Asbestos Free Product
  • Individually Packaged for Protection
  • Silicon Packet to Absorb Any Moisture
  • Cover Over the Fuel Cell to Stop Damage To The Paper

If you are looking for a high quality sky lantern and you are in the UK, try Night Sky Lanterns ( Items can be returned within 7 days if you are not happy with them and the quality is absolutely fantastic.

If you're looking for a different type of item for your celebration, check out our Candle Bags hub.


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