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now that the holidays...

Updated on November 14, 2010

Now that the holidays are once again upon us I take time to reflect on many things, from gift giving to the sadstate of commerciallization of the holidays. Personally I think its sad to be just decorating for halloween/samhain and seeing ads and decorations for Christmas already being displayed and even seeing the Christmas stock being put on the floors for sale as early as labor day in some cases.I feel that stores should wait until at least a week before Thanksgiving to start pushing Christmas on us all. Yes, I'm somewhat scroogelike about the timing of it all but I know that they start so early so as to increase their sales.

As far as gift giving ,I plan ahead and usually have all my major purchases done about 2 weeks before christmas day. I know tosome that seems like procrastination in a way but if the recievers change their mind about whatt hey get from me for Christmas. Let me rephrase that a moment I don't really make expensive purchases as to me thats just adding more fuel to the mass marketing of the holiday.I tend to make my gifts for family and friends ,which to me gives it a more personal and thoughtfilled gift.For example ths year I am making a wall clock for my inlaws as well as some angels i found (my mom-in-law collects the angels). As for what i got the wife well I can't say as she tends to read my hubposts so I don't wanna ruin Christmas for her.

In closing I do wish everyone a Happy holiday whether its Christmas, yule,or whatever seasonal holiday they celebrate and that for once we all get what we ask forfor the holidays and for the rest of the time we all have on earth. Blessed be to all and to all a joyous Noel and may your god(s) watch over you and yours.


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