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Office Birthday Gifts

Updated on August 30, 2017

Office Birthday Gifts

Buying office birthday gifts for your work colleagues can be a hard task. How much do you spend, what should you get them? Often we don't know our colleagues that well outside of work, which makes it even harder, and if we have a lot of work colleagues then we need gifts that don't break the bank.

Here I have featured a selection of fun and unique office birthday gifts to suit all budgets.

Your Office Space

Do you think it is important to have nice things in the office?

Office Birthday Gifts For Her

For the lady who loves high heels and handbags, these gifts are perfect and will surely brighten up her desk. The high heel business card holder is so bling and sparkly! The handbag post it dispenser is weighted so that it stays upright and is a classy way to store your post its! The pink heart one is also very cute.

Red HIGH HEEL Shoe Business Card Holder Swarovski Crystals 24k Gold Pump

Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser for 3 x 3-Inch Notes Black Purse

Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser for 3 x 3-Inch Notes Pink Heart Shape

Post-it Pop-up Notes 3 x 3-Inches Ultra Collection 5-Pads/Pack

Zebra Medium Crystal Stapler

Scotch Shoe Dispenser with Magic Tape 3/4 x 350 Inches

Office Birthday Gifts For Him

These little trinkets bring fun to any office and are perfect gifts for male colleagues. The nodding Yoda is ideal for Star Wars fans. Or if he likes fishing why not get him a fish stapler. The puzzles down at the bottom are stylish and fun, they will help him through a day at the office.

Star Wars Computer Sitter Bobblehead - Yoda

Sarut Wt-fhstmhrtr 3-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Stapler

Fish Stapler 3-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Multicolored

Magnetic Decision Maker

Large Pin Art/Black

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Perfect Office Birthday Gifts For Your Boss!

Perfect tongue in cheek gifts for your boss! help ease his stress levels through the day (and so make your day a lot smoother too) with these stress busting gift ideas. A punch bag on the desk is inspired. I love the 'no button' and the tin sign about 'It's not my job' - how true is that!

11 oz. Keep Calm And Carry On Coffee Mug by Office Mugs

Executive Decision Maker

WORLD'S BEST BOSS Mug Cup - 11 ounces ~ The Office

Stress Buster

The No Button the No Button Is a Handy Button That Says 'No'

IT'S NOT MY JOB 7x10 Plastic Sign

What Do You Think About These Office Birthday Gifts?

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    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @Daniel Golvet: Hello. And thanks for stopping by!

    • Daniel Golvet profile image

      Daniel Golvet 4 years ago

      These are some great birthday gift ideas, Julie. Thanks for sharing!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @Kennys Online: Hmmm, certainly something to consider!

    • Kennys Online profile image

      Kennys Online 4 years ago

      @pumpum: Indeed, although I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, a bobble head of maybe Thor or Wolverine would be a cool office gift idea too.

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 4 years ago

      I like Yoda!! These are all so great and super cute.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 4 years ago

      Love the "It's not my job" sign - so true but I would like Yoda!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @CyberPappy: Ha ha... me too!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @Mellithorpe: Thank you :-)

    • Mellithorpe profile image

      Mellithorpe 4 years ago

      Julie, you have found some pretty cool stuff here. Thanks for sharing.

    • CyberPappy profile image

      CyberPappy 4 years ago

      I know a few people that could use the Executive Decision Maker. Nice Lens!