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Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

Get Angry This Halloween!

Angry Birds extremely popular puzzle game available on a variety of platforms. Save the birds' eggs from the evil green pigs! Now you can dress up as your favorite Angry Bird this Halloween! Will you be the Red Bird, Yellow Bird, or the Black Bird? Or will you choose to dress up as the Pig King? Let the feathers fly this Halloween!

Who Are the Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a puzzle-type video game that was developed by Rovio Mobile, a Finnish computer game developer. In the game, players launch the birds via a slingshot to destroy various structures, with the intent to clear the playing field of all pigs. As players advance through levels, they unlock new birds with different abilities.

Since its release in 2009, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 350 million times, over the various platforms it has been released for. It started out as an app in Apple's App Store, where it has been downloaded over 12 million times alone.

Due to its popularity in popular culture, Angry Birds has spawned several spin-off games, including Angry Bird Seasons (which features seasonal themes such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter) and a tie in with the cartoon film Rio known as Angry Birds Rio. 2012 saw the release of Angry Birds In Space, a continuation of the original title.

Red Birds

The first bird players get to use, the angry Red Bird is also the mascot for the game.

Weaker than the other birds, especially against stronger structures, the red bird does not have any particular special abilities.

If you tap the screen while the Red Bird is in flight, it will yell "caw, caw!"

Yellow Birds

Triangular in shape, the angry Yellow Birds pick up speed when you tap the screen while they are flying. Much like a Woodpecker, they do the most damage to wooden structures.

Despite its ability to easily destroy wood, the Yellow Bird is weak against ice.

The Yellow Bird is the official mascot of the parent company, Rovio, which produces Angry Birds.

Blue Birds

These little round blue birds are actually three brothers: Jay, Jake, and Jim. In game play, they start out as one bird but split into three when tapped during flight.

The blue birds work well on ice or glass, but are useless against stone.

Unlike the other birds, the blue birds are the only ones who have no eyebrows.

Black Birds

Also known as the "Kamikaze Bird", the Angry Black Bird is the second most-powerful bird in the game. It is adept at destroying stone structures, as it explodes two seconds after impact.

There is very little a Black Bird can destroy. It can also be made to explode early, by tapping the screen once it has been launched.

Evil Green Pigs

The antagonists in the game, the evil and greedy Pigs like to steal unhatched eggs in order to cook and eat them. The Angry Birds must prevent this from happening by destroying the structures designed by the Pigs to keep the eggs from being reached.

There are three sizes of pigs: small, medium, and large. These also can have accessories; sometimes a mining helmet, hardhat, or helmet. The second in command of the Pigs is known as the Mustache Pig, who sports a large, bristling mustache. The leader of the Pigs is King Pig, who wears a crown.

Lazer Bird

Lazer Bird appears in Angry Birds Space. He is a light purple color, wears a pair of goggles with a single lens, and is sometimes seen wearing a cape.

He is similar to the Yellow Bird in abilities. Instead of speeding up when tapped, it will now target a specific point.

Ice Bird

Ice Bird appears in Angry Birds Space. He is blue in color and shaped like an ice cube.

During game play, Ice Bird explodes upon impact, freezing anything within a certain reach. This can be both blocks or pigs, making them more brittle and easier to break.

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