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Olivia Birthday Party Supplies

Updated on December 26, 2013

Olivia The Pig Birthday Party Supplies ~ Decorations, Favors And Ideas

You can find the Olivia The Pig birthday party supplies you need to plan and host the perfect Olivia birthday party for that little Olivia fan in your home. This lens has everything you need from Olivia party ideas, to Olivia birthday invitations, and the rest of the colorful and fun Olivia the Pig party supplies. Find plates, cups, party favors, decorations and more all with an Olivia the Pig theme to help you plan that special kids birthday celebration.

From A to Z, or in party language, everything from party invitations with an Olivia theme, to Olivia the Pig party favors, Olivia decorations to make your party area look super cool and you will also find some easy to use Olivia the Pig cake decorations and cupcake decorations so you can create an awesome birthday cake display. Enjoy finding all the wonderful Olivia party supplies that will make planning and hosting this kids birthday party easy and fun.

Olivia The Pig Party Packs

Olivia the Pig Party Supplies

If you are wondering why you should buy a party pack, I'll answer that question for you. It's cheaper! The party packs can save you money, that's why they are very popular with party hostesses today. They are also a big time saver. Now, what more can you ask, a party supplies pack that has the party supplies you need, saves you time and saves you money! The Olivia the Pig party supplies pack is available in several different sizes. You can also use red and pink party plates, cups and napkins to match your Olivia theme, but the licensed party supplies for the Olivia the Pig theme are so bright and cheerful, it's fun to think about them decorating your party room!

The Olivia Theme Basic Party Supplies Pack

What's in the party supplies pack?

Olivia Party Birthday Box at a cost of only $19.99 comes with:

8 Olivia Party Cake Plates
8 Olivia Party Cups
16 Olivia Party Napkins
1 Olivia Party Table Cover
1 Candy Pink Cutlery Set,
1 Red Streamer
1 pack Birthday Candles

The Deluxe Olivia Party Supplies Pack And 8 Party Favor Boxes

The deluxe party supplies pack has:
8 invitations,8 dinner plates, 8 cups, 8 forks, 8 spoons, 16 napkins, 8 activity placemats, 1 tablecover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons - 6 each of three different colors, curling ribbon - 1 each of three different colors, 3 rolls of crepe paper streamers in three different colors, party confetti and birthday cake candles...all with a cheerful Olivia party the Olivia party favor boxes with these favors: Olivia Sticker sheet, Olivia yo-yo, Olivia notepad, Pink brush & Heart mirror set, Mini star wand, Princess tiara, and a box of 4 crayons.

Olivia the Pig Placemat

Set your party table with these Olivia party placemats. They match your party supplies and deliver lots of party decorating bang for your bucks! In other words, they supply a lot of color and pictures of Olivia for just a few dollars!

Olivia the Pig Party Supplies: Party Invitations

Some Olivia Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Olivia party invitations come in several different styles. You can find fill in style invitations and custom Olivia invitations. You can add a name or even a picture to the Olivia custom invitations or choose the fill in style...they are easy and quick. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with the important party information...who, what, where and when! I always find lots of unique party invitations on eBay and I think you will too when you are looking for Olivia the Pig theme invites.

Olivia Birthday Cake Ideas

Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are thinking about a homemade Olivia the Pig birthday cake or Olivia cupcakes, here are some fun and easy cake decorating ideas for you. There are edible cupcake images and edible cake images of Olivia in her favorite color, red. All you need do is bake (or buy a cake), frost it and lay the edible cake topper on it. Give it a couple minutes and the edible cake image melts into the cake frosting. These edible images come in many different shapes and sizes, so whether you want a sheet cake, a half or quarter of a sheet or a round cake, there is an image that will fit.

Olivia Birthday Cupcake Picks And Cake Topper Ideas

That's it, your done! Or get cupcake picks or rings, just insert them into the top of a baked and frosted cupcake. Making a homemade birthday cake is a great way to save money and with the help of these toppers and picks, homemade cakes look better than ever. It's fun to bake and decorate your own party cake, but with these topper ideas, it is easy as can be.

Get some inspiration from these simple and inexpensive cake decorations. The edible cake images are usually made with rice paper or sheets of frosting and edible ink. You can do some amazing, personalized things with these toppers, including put the birthday boy or girl's name on them and even add a picture!

Olivia Cake Decorating Accessories

Here is an easy to use cake topper kit. It's an Olivia the Pig Olivia the pig figurine, a mirror, and a tiara crown for our favorite, fancy little piglet. Then there are plastic Olivia the Pig cupcake picks that you just need to insert into a baked and frosted cupcake. Finally, there are some very cute Olivia themed cupcake boxes. These boxes are a great way to send a cupcake home as a party favor, or just an extra sweet surprise for each of your party guests.

Olivia the Pig Party Favors

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Favors And Fun Ideas

You can choose a

Pre-filled Olivia Party Favor Box to give to each guest so they can bring it home as a thank you. This fun filled box with all the Olivia favors inside will bring a smile to each of those young faces. You can find several eBay sellers who can supply personalized party favors with an Olivia theme. Bottle wrappers, candy bar wrappers, Olivia coloring books and festive party bags are just a few of the easy to use party supplies you will find.

eBay Has Olivia the Pig Party Favor Ideas

Let's see what buy it now or auction Olivia favors are available for you to pick from.

Olivia Party Decorations

Olivia Birthday Party Decorations

You can dress up your party room in Olivia the Pig party decorations. There are colorful latex balloons in red, pink and white that will match your theme. Or choose a big mylar balloon in the shape of Olivia herself to float around the room. Red, white and pink streamers, party banners you can personalize and even some huge wall decals are just some of the fun party decorations you will find here. Imagine how thrilled your Olivia party guests will be with a cardboard standup of Olivia! This standup will be the perfect place to take a picture of each of your guests, and that picture will make a wonderful keepsake to send home tucked inside a thank you note.

Olivia the Pig Costumes

Olivia the Pig Costume Ideas For Kids

What better dress up fun for a fan of Olivia the Pig than an Olivia costume. This red dress and piglet ears will certainly bring a smile to your little girl's face on her birthday or on Halloween. And there are some t-shirt designs that will also make any fan of Olivia smile.

Olivia the Pig Party Games

Olivia the Piglet Party Games

Here's a party game kids will enjoy playing and it has an Olivia the Pig theme. It's an

"Olivia the Pig 18"" Pull-String Pinata"! Fill it up with some candies and let the kids line up. Blind fold each child when it's their turn and let them attempt to break the pinata open by pulling one of the strings.

The Olivia the Pig Bowling Game

You can make an Olivia bowling set by putting sand into empty soda bottles and gluing the caps on. Paint the bottles red, white and pink and set them up in a triangle, just like real bowling pins. Get a ball that's easy for the kids to roll and let them have a go at trying to knock down all the pins. This is a fun party game for kids and it's a very easy game to make.

Make an Olivia the Pig Bean Toss Game.

Cut out two or three holes in a box and then decorate the box using red or pink paint, red or pink colored wrapping or shelving paper, and decorate the box with an Olivia the Pig poster or stickers. Add bean bags to turn this box into an Olivia the Pig bean bag toss game. This game is fun for kids everywhere.

The Olivia the Pig Ring Toss Game.

One last fun Olivia the Pig birthday party game for kids is a ring toss game. You can use the bottles from your bowling game, or make some extra ones. Get some red, pink and white rings. Let the kids throw the rings at the bottles in hopes of getting the rings around the bottle necks. It's an old carnival game and it's fun to play at a kids party, plus it's an easy game to make.

Olivia The Pig Gift Ideas

Olivia the Pig Birthday Gift Ideas

There are lots of great Olivia the Pig birthday gift ideas, or use these ideas as gifts for the holidays throughout the year. The gift ideas found here include:
Tea Sets
Wall Calender
A Jewelry Box
A Back Pack.

Olivia the Pig Books And DVDs

If you have any great ideas you'd like to share with us...please, write it down here. We would LOVE to hear what you have to say about Olivia the Pig, party ideas, and just about anything else that's on your mind after you've looked over our lens. There are so many fun party ideas out there and I bet you've got a couple great ideas of your own!

Are you planning a kids birthday party? Who's it for? Are you going to use the Olivia the Pig party theme?

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