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Olivia The Pig Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Supplies

Updated on June 9, 2014

Throw a Fabulous Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Theme

Find plenty of Splendid Olivia the Pig birthday party ideas and themed Supplies for decorations, favors, invitations, cake, cupcake decorating and much more.

If your child is in love with the quirky and energetic young pig named Olivia, then the only solution is to throw the perfect Olivia the Pig party. Even though Olivia the pig is a distinct party choice, you can easily throw a party that is not only perfect for your child but will look entirely professional with some of the Olivia the pig birthday supplies and ideas featured here.

The key is to work with colors and ideas that the stories themselves present. Since the books are black and white with splashes of red, this should also be the color scheme for your party. Just filling the room with those colors will go a long way in giving your party an Olivia feel.

Olivia Pig photo invites
Olivia Pig photo invites

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

For Olivia the Pig birthday party invitations you should go with a simple and classic look. Since the books are very simple in design, the invitations do not need to be fancy. There are several artists online that would be willing to make a custom invitation for you, but if you have a printer or a steady hand, you can save time and money making the invitations yourself. If you are going to print them, use cardstock that you can cut or you can purchase notecards and envelopes if you are planning to write them out. White notecards with black and red embellishments work best. Use red polka dots and black wording to make a big impression. Your wording can be true to Olivia with "Rule of Life #8: Never Miss an Important Party, especially ______,s birthday party!" For an extra touch punch holes in the top of the invitation and tie on little red bows to look just like the ones that Olivia wears!

Premade personalized Olivia Pig birthday invites are available on Etsy, it is a good place to find sellers that offer custom invites that can be personalized with your child's photo and more.

Photo Source: chloemazurek

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

For Olivia the Pig birthday party decorations, it is all about the red, white and black. To go with the fun of Olivia, stripes and polka dots are also a must. At the Hostess with the Mostess blog you will find TONS of great ideas for throwing your own Olivia the Pig party. However, the greatest thing about her party is the Olivia the pig birthday decorations she put up. How stunning are these? You can see the hanging pom poms in the red, black and white hanging from the ceiling. These are actually the Martha Stewart Pom Poms. If you are not feeling daring enough to make your own pom poms, several party supply stores sell honeycomb balls in different colors that will create the same effect.

Another great idea for Olivia Pig party decorations is of course using red, black and white streamers and balloons everywhere. Put them on the floor and let the kids play with them between activities or to just create that polka dot feel. If you are planning on having the TV on, (to show Olivia cartoons of course!) Partying with the Princess had the great idea to put curtains around the TV to make it look like a theater! Perfect to celebrate Olivia's love of theater! Once again if you have a printer you can cut out little triangles with polka dot and stripe patterns. Just tape the triangles to the streamers to add an extra effect that make a big impression. You can even add your own letters to create a personalized birthday banner.

Olivia the Pig Party Plates, Cups, Napkins and Supplies

Official Olivia the Pig party plates, cups, napkins and more are available at Birthday Express. There are also lots of supplies for decorations and more...

Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

If your still undecided about how you want the cake and your looking for Olivia the pig birthday cake ideas, you'll find lots of great cake pictures here.

There are also a few Olivia the pig cake decorations available you could use to make a cake look beautiful and match the theme. An edible cake image placed on a frosted cake with a red buttercream icin border around it would look great.There are also Olivia the pig cake toppers and cake kits which make it easy to put together an Olivia the pig birthday cake.

For something a little special why not make a 3d standing Olivia cake. Cakeb0t has the tutorial for making this and it includes pictures showing you a few steps. It looked great and would be an awesome birthday cake to have if you were to replicate it.

Cupcakes are always a hit at parties so if you're looking for a few simple Olivia the pig cupcake ideas for decorating your cupcakes try some of these ideas:

*Frost you cupcakes with red or pink icing and apply some white sprinkles

*Frost the cupcakes with pink icing and pop a cherry on top.

*Use Olivia cupcake picks to match them to the rest of your decorations.

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Food Ideas

For Olivia the Pig party food, let's go with red, and black and a little white. Bet you didn't see that coming! Olivia the Pig lends itself to an easy and great little food table set up. Strawberries and Oreos are perfect because they will match the décor! If you want a treat that will really stand out and become the talk of the party check out these Push up Pops! They are strawberry kiwi and you can find the recipe at Scrumdiddlyumptious. If you want to make them even more Olivia themed, add in a layer of Oreo crumbles or chocolate to get the black and white stripes.

Oh and of course feel free to make cookies and cupcakes with red, white and black frosting. They'll fit in just right too. If you want to do candies then pick plenty of colored candies and place them in clear jars. They'll be a real hit and once again will really add to the fun. If you want to create a fun red drink there are plenty of great healthy and fun punch recipes that can be found at

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Game Ideas

If you want some great Olivia the Pig party activities then just head back over to Partying with the Princess because she has a brilliant idea. All you need is an Olivia the Pig wall decal, which you can find at Then stick it to a piece of cardboard and cut all the way around. Next you’ll make plenty of little red bows put some double sided tape or another adhesive backing to them. Ta Da! You've now got an Olivia themed game of pin the tail on the donkey... except it's put the bows on Olivia's ears!

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

The finishing touch is some perfect Olivia the Pig party favors. Once again you might have to do some digging around for this part but it doesn't have to be a chore! If the party is all girls then you can get away with giving away flowers! A little rose or carnation tied with some black and white ribbon will thrill any little girl. You can even add in a goody bag with red, black and white M&Ms (if you don't want to special order them, you can just use any red candy. Licorice works great). Another great idea comes from Hostess with the Mostess, she used little white mailboxes from Target to create beautiful themed goody bags. She stuffed each mailbox full of candy and tied it to the back of each child's seat. Not only did it decorate the room but turned into the perfect favor!

Olivia the Pig Party Favor Boxes

Just remember that while planning an Olivia the Pig party might make you go a little crazy and get really sick of seeing red, white and black, it will definitely be a lasting memory for your child.

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