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Go Fairytale with ABC's Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Halloween and Cosplay Costumes

Updated on September 25, 2015

Dress up for Halloween as Your Favorite "Once upon a Time" Character

If you're a fan of the Once Upon a Time TV show, you might want to spend Halloween in a costume based on one of your favorite characters, or do OUAT cosplay at your next Comic Con or fan convention.

It doesn't matter who your favorite character is because you can easily come up with an outfit for it. Personally, I love Emma Swan. Okay, maybe Regina. What I would really love is to go as Swan Queen with someone else!

Unfortunately, there are no officially-licensed costumes for the show, but that doesn't mean that you can't make your own. In fact, it is pretty easy.

If you want a refresher of all the characters from the show, check out the Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season on DVD.

The Main Characters from Season 1
The Main Characters from Season 1

The "Once Upon a Time" Cast of Characters

The main characters of Once Upon a Time are likely the ones that you will want to dress up as for Halloween. Why? Because these are the ones that people are most likely to recognize.

The most popular characters are Emma Swan and Regina the Mayor/ Evil Queen.

Other characters include Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, Mary Margaret/ Snow White, David/ Prince Charming, Ruby/ Little Red Riding Hood, and Henry.

Of course, there are other characters from the show, but these are the most popular.

Emma Swan Costume

If you want to dress up as Emma Swan, then you have it easy.

It seems like Emma wears pretty much the same outfit in every episode. In fact, it makes me wonder if she owns any other clothing! She could at least buy more clothes in Storybrooke, right?

The basics for an Emma Swan outfit are:

  • red leather jacket,
  • white tank top or long sleeve fitted tee,
  • dark wash jeans
  • brown boots that lace up the front
  • if you don't have long, blonde hair, then you will need a wig

I'll give you bonus points if you have a beat-up old yellow VW to drive around in! How awesome would that be?

Emma Swan's Boots

Note: The *actual* boots that are worn by Emma Swan on the show are the FRYE Women's Melissa Tall Lace Boot, but they are almost $400! So I've included a cheaper look-alike pair below.

OUAT Emma Swan Makeup Tutorial

The Evil Queen Costume

Who doesn't love to hate the Evil Queen each week? Especially once we learned the backstory of how her mom killed her true love just to get her married off to Snow White's dad. And it was all Snow's fault! Oh, the drama!

And you do not need to be an evil regal to wanna dress up like this hottie!

Now, we have seen the Evil Queen in a few different outfits in all the flashbacks to fairytale land on the show, and each outfit makes her look like one fierce mama! I picked the one that is easiest to replicate (since there are no official costumes that you can go out and buy).

The easiest thing to do will be to buy the wicked queen outfit below and slightly modify it to get the look. Plus, you need some of that hot, deep red lipstick and dark hair. And don't forget to pencil in the beauty mark by your lips to complete the look!

The Evil Queen Costume Checklist

  • I would advise snipping the lace that makes up the bottom portion of the sleeves.
  • Then, use the black satin gloves to mimic the look in the image above.
  • Wrap the boa around your neck in the same manner as in the photo. (You might want to order two of the boas, as one reviewer notes that it is thin.)
  • The makeup will help complete your transformation.

OUAT Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial

Prince Charming Costume

If you want do dress up as Charming, I have identified his huntsman style as the easiest look to make on your own.

Sadly, there are no Prince Charming royalty-style jacket accessory pieces that even come close to looking like the one he wears in the image included here. Luckily though, I have found some pieces you can throw together to make something that looks very similar.

And if you already have leather pants, then you can use them for the costume!

Prince Charming Costume Checklist

  • Black leather pants (jeans might work).
  • Black leather jacket (or a vest over a long sleeved dark shirt). His jacket has two lines of silver buttons going down the front. A frill of white collar shows, as well.
  • Black gloves.
  • A black leather belt (worn outside the jacket).
  • Black leather boots.
  • A sword!

Snow White Costume

It seems like Snow White spends most of the Fantasyland flashback scenes dressed more like a huntsman than the daughter of a king. The photo here is the best representation of how Snow looks in most of the scenes with Charming.

You may already have some items in your closet that you can use to make this outdoorsy goddess look.

If not, I have found some items that you can put together to make the best Snow outfit.

Checklist for Snow's Costume

  • A brown leather or suede-like vest or tunic.
  • A wide brown leather belt with a big circular buckle (worn outside the vest).
  • An off-white linen or lace long sleeved shirt.
  • Brown leather-like pants with lacing up the sides.
  • Tall brown leather boots.
  • A bow and arrow!

OUAT Snow White Costume Makeup Tutorial

Once Upon A Time - Red Riding Hood Costume for Halloween

DIY Red Riding Hood from Once Upon A Time

If Red Riding Hood is your favorite character from ABC's Once Upon A Time, you will find it easy to recreate her outfit for your Halloween or cosplay look.

In fact, you might already own everything you need for the whole outfit.

A medieval or Renaissance dress paired with a corset and hooded cape are really all that is needed for the medieval style look. You might also get a pair of long red gloves. And if you don't have dark hair, then you'll need a wig.

If you need to buy items to make the costume, just take a look at the items that I have found below.

OUAT Red Riding Hood Costume Makeup Tutorial

How Are You Dressing up This Year?

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