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One Direction Birthday Party

Updated on March 18, 2015

One Direction Birthday Supplies

Find all the One Direction birthday supplies and ideas you need to create an unforgettable day for their biggest fan.

If your little girl is obsessed with One Direction then there is only one thing that you need to do, plan the perfect party surrounding her favorite band. This is of course easier said than done, but you can do it, all you need are a few creative one direction birthday party ideas that will make the party one to remember. It is also a good idea to go step by step and watch it all come together.

Featured are ideas for a One Direction birthday cake, party decorations, 1 direction party supplies like custom made cupcake toppers, favors and much more..

One Direction Party Invitation Ideas

For your one direction birthday invites, why not make invitations that look like concert tickets. EmyJeans store on Etsy has a great One Direction invitation that can be completely customized for you. These invitations are stunning and are great for keeping in your budget as you will receive a digital file of the invite which you can print off as many times as needed.

Invitations for Sleepover Party has a free printable One Direction ticket invite that may not be as fancy as the other options, but will still thrill your child and her guests.

Ebay is also a good place to find personalized 1 direction invitations, with customized invitation types like VIP pass, ticket and photo you can find some really unique invitations to use for your party.

One Direction Life Size Standup Cutout
One Direction Life Size Standup Cutout

One Direction Party Decorations and Table Setup

Once you figure out which invitations work best for your One Direction party, you need to figure out the decorations. You probably won't have a hard time finding One Direction party decorations, but you could also utilise cheaper alternatives with this theme by adding some rock star decorations too. Turn your home into what feels like a concert atmosphere, and then you can even have One Direction playing on the television to be the concert. So for the front walk or even the front hallway, use simple posts (thin pieces of wood or other sticks) and then tie on streamers to look like a line. This will be where the guests will line up to hand in their ticket to get entrance to the party. You can even dress it up with One Direction pictures or signs that direct the guests on where to go.

Another idea to add to your one direction party d├ęcor which would help with the concert atmosphere would be to get cheap glow sticks at the dollar store and use them to frame up pictures of the band or to create stars or other shapes on the walls. The glow sticks will look just like LED or neon lights and add a real party atmosphere to the room. Don't forget plenty of balloons and streamers as part of the one direction birthday decorations. For your main table you should dress it up like a real VIP backstage table. So have a variety of different beverages on the table and different snacks to have it look like it is prepared for whatever the demanding stars need. Some sparkling juice in champagne glasses can also add to the VIP feel.

One Direction Balloons

One Direction Boy Band 17" Assorted Members Heart Shaped Mylar Foil Balloon Set - Party Supplies
One Direction Boy Band 17" Assorted Members Heart Shaped Mylar Foil Balloon Set - Party Supplies

A few One direction themed balloons would brighten up any room and will definitely put a bright smile on any One D fans face. These heart shaped One Direction mylar balloon set inlcudes a balloon for each band member and one balloon which features the whole band. Add in a few cheap latex balloons and you can make some colorful balloon bouquets.

One Direction 6 PK Party Accessories Brands Balloon Latex
One Direction 6 PK Party Accessories Brands Balloon Latex

As complimenting balloons for the 1D mylar balloons featured above or just as standalone balloons for the party these red and black balloons with a 1D design printed on them would be a welcome addition to the party scene.


One Direction Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK2135SCS 1-Direction Peel and Stick Wall Decal
RoomMates RMK2135SCS 1-Direction Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Okay so perhaps you could not get the boys there at the party for your birthday girl... We all know how busy their schedule is afterall. You could however use these One direction wall decals to make it feel like the boys are right there at the party. Okay so it is not like the real thing but seeing their faces on the walls can't be a bad thing right and you could always use these to decorate their bedrooms after the party so it won't go to waste.


One Direction Posters

There are tons of One Direction posters on sale so why not utilise these as part of your wall decor.

One Direction Party Food Ideas

Now you are probably getting the hang of this party and feeling like it is going to go off without a hitch. The food table is filled with candies, veggies, fruits and plenty of different drinks to make it look like a real VIP table. If you want food that is a bit more filling a sandwich tray goes perfect and you can add in cupcakes or cookies that have colors that fit your scheme as well. If you want to go with a true fangirl theme then you can check out an article by MMM Mag which describes the favorite foods of the band members. You can either go with the favorite food of your child's favorite member or represent everyone!

One Direction Cake Ideas

Alright now if you want to really be the star of the party and make your child squeal with delight. There is a perfect one direction cake that you can make yourself! How to Cook That features a tutorial on how to make this amazing cake. The top has the One Direction logo and when you cut into the cake, each slice also has the One Direction logo on the inside. Everyone will be shocked and thrilled to get their piece. It is a little tricky so you might want to try it before the party day. You don't want to rely on this cake wowing everyone and then make a mistake the day of and have no recourse for another cake. However, even if you end up destroying the cake you will still be a hero to your child (I've also featured the vid of how to make this awesome cake below).

If the this seems too difficult, there are easier options - you could use a cake mix to bake your cake and decorate with an edible cake image topper (featured below). If your planning cupcakes you can decorate those with cupcake image toppers too and custom made cupcake toppers available from or ebay.

How to Make a One Direction Cake

One Direction Party Favors

For the last piece to the One Direction party puzzle, the party favors. You have a wide range of options here, but unless you are planning on spending big, One Direction concert tickets or CDs are probably not in the budget. EBay offers a more affordable option with One Direction necklaces in gift bags. They are still a little on the pricey side, depending your budget but they are certain to appeal to your guests. You can also find a number of One Direction bits and bobs to include in your party favor.

1D One Direction Birthday Party Favors- 12 Lanyards
1D One Direction Birthday Party Favors- 12 Lanyards

Lanyards a great as favors for guests to take home and use regularly. These 1D Lanyards come with name tag cards which adds to the VIP experience as these can be filled in wit guests name for the individual to wear during the party or to pick up when you hand out favors.

One Direction (1D) Set of 25 Full Color Stickers - Young and Fun (6" x 10.5" Sheet)
One Direction (1D) Set of 25 Full Color Stickers - Young and Fun (6" x 10.5" Sheet)

Stickers are a must when it comes to favors because they are so fun. Guest can uses these to decorate their diaries.

Official One Direction (1D) Temporary Tattoos - Pack 2
Official One Direction (1D) Temporary Tattoos - Pack 2

One Direction temporary tattoos would be lots of fun too. The keyword here is temporary - we've all heard the horror stories of fans going a little too far with tattoos so these are safer way to show how much they love One D.

One direction Pinata
One direction Pinata

One Direction Party Games and Activities

1D lyric Bop and Pop Game

When it comes time for the activities, once again things get easy. There are a number of great party games and activities at Party Games Plus.

One idea is the lyric bop and pop. For this activity you need plenty of balloons and a little knowledge of One Direction lyrics (or at least the ability to Google). Take several small pieces of paper or notecards and write down One Direction lyrics, leaving out a few key words or phrases. Then fold the paper and put them in a balloon, repeat many times. Then for the activity play some One Direction music and have the guests bop and toss the balloon around. When the music stops, the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the lyric. If they cannot complete the lyric, they are out. Play continues until everyone is out, the last one standing is declared the Lyric Queen. Just make sure to have plenty of balloons and a few hard ones, because if you have die hard One Direction fans, this game can go on for a while.

If you want to be a rock star to your child then you just have to be willing to get creative and really have some fun with the party. Recapture what it was like to have a favorite band to obsess over and make you feel giddy inside. Put up plenty of pictures of their faces and she'll be happy!

Share Your One Direction Party Ideas and thoughts! - Let us know...

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