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One Love Based On the Song By Bob Marley

Updated on November 13, 2013

One Love

It is wonderful being a grandmother. Due to the distance of almost 5,000 between us, it isn't possible to spend much time with two of my grandchildren.

My son met his wife while on vacation in Poland. Long story short is that they married and within a few years, were parents of two children.

As the family lives in northern Poland, the siblings aren't as exposed to the English language as much as their Canadian cousins are. Their father mentioned that he was on the lookout for English titles whenever he visited a thrift store. This would help them to develop English, their second language.

In 2012 I began the tradition of selecting a special book to send Veronica and Pawel each Christmas. For 2013 I will be sharing my love by way of a lovely book based on the song of Bob Marley. Even though we are separated by so many miles, One Love in our hearts will keep us close!

Adapted by Marley's oldest child, Cedella, One Love celebrates the love of family, friends, and community and the positive change brought about when everyone works together.

One love,

one heart,

let's get together

and feel all right!

One Love...

Enjoy this animated short from the book and video interview with author Cedella Marley.

Available at Amazon

One Love Based on the song by Bob Marley is available for purchase online at

Author Cedella Marley shares her personal happy song. When her father sang One Love he felt it all of the way - heart and soul, mind and body. He believed that a world united by love was possible. Bob Marley wanted people to embrace one another and take care of one another. Cedella Marley passes this message of love and community to all who share this book.

One Love
One Love

One Love follows a young girl as she reaches out to her family and community to transform a wasted space, littered with trash, into a place of beauty and community.


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    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 3 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Sweet! If they are still young, some of our favorites were Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and God' s Paintbrush and anything Shel Silverstein. I used to get all the Disney movies in both languages so they could understand the English. Disney is very accurate on their translations, Sorry you are so far from them. :(