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Online Gift Shopping Tips and Ideas

Updated on October 5, 2014

Online Gift Shopping Advantages

Online gift shopping is the most convenient way to find presents for those you care about, and this is especially true for Christmas and other special occasions when the malls are usually packed with shoppers trying to find last minute gifts.

Imagine sitting in front of your computer or laptop in the comfort of your home browsing through all kinds of interesting products from all over the world without having to put on those heavy coats or boots, driving in heavy traffic or perhaps rain and snow, and fighting for a parking spot once you get to the mall. Not to mention saving money on gas!

Another advantage of online gift shopping is that there are still quite a number of folks who don't usually buy things on the internet. They prefer to shop in "the real world." Hence, you can surprise them with the cool and unique things that you manage to find online.

Image source: Pixabay - public domain

Use online gift shopping to find bargains

Those who love online gift shopping and do it on a regular basis use it to find bargains rather than to find rare and exotic items. is one of my favorite places to find bargains online. Another one is eBay. So before I even go anywhere else, I usually check those 2 places for the items I'm looking for.

Even when I see something offline that interests me like a book or a CD, often times I go home and check the prices of those items at and eBay before purchasing it. Many times the prices online are lower than those offline, even with shipping.

If you are willing to keep an eye out for rare sales and special bargains, and really put some effort into finding the greatest deals in internet gift shopping, the sky is the limit!

Online gift shopping tips

Although there are many advantages of online gift shopping, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Just like shopping in the real world, it's important to have a shopping list so that you know what you're looking for before you start surfing. Yes, even though you will be shopping from the comfort of your home, you still don't want to waste too much time because you're not sure whether or not you are getting the right thing. Your shopping list will help you stay focused during your online gift shopping session.

It's also important to spend a certain amount of time then take a break. You don't have to make a purchase right away. You can bookmark the page you're on, step away from the computer and take a sip of that hot mulled cider or green tea :)

Shipping costs are an important factor in online gift shopping. Make sure that after you add the shipping costs you still end up with a great deal. Often times you can save money on shipping if you purchase multiple items at the same store at the same time. Buying as many presents as you can at one site will save you time and money.

Shopping early is also important when gift shopping online since it takes some time to ship your item. Although many major commercial vendors offer last minute shipping, you need to allow a little bit more time if you are using a less known company.

Different merchants on eBay have different shipping policies and procedures, and some of them are a lot more dependable than others. Until you really know the people you are dealing with, it's a good idea to allow a little bit of extra time.

Not only does shopping for your presents early help you avoid sitting on your front porch with your fingers crossed a couple of days before Christmas or your loved one's birthday, but it can also save you money in shipping for your internet gift purchases. Many companies give a big discount on shipping for Christmas if you buy before the end of October.

Shipping costs

It usually costs more to ship chocolates and other perishable items during the warmer months because it requires special packaging to maintain their freshness.

Gift shopping poll

Where do you do most of your gift shopping?

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Do you enjoy shopping online? Share your tips or experience with us. Or you can just tell me you dropped by my page :)

Your online gift shopping feedback

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I do 90% of my gift shopping online as I don't do well in crowds. It's so easy to buy what you want when you want and then have it delivered at a time that suits you. I really enjoyed your lens btw :-)

    • BlueObsidian profile image


      6 years ago from California

      My family does a lot of online gift shopping. It's convenient, since you can shop any time of day. Plus, we've all set up Amazon wish lists so we can get a sense of what everyone wants (none of us is a very creative gift shopper).

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I love shopping online. I buy fabric and books mostly.


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