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Orange Jello Recipes for Parties

Updated on November 12, 2015
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Orange Jello Recipes for Halloween Parties and Get-togethers

Orange jello recipes add fun to any Halloween party or family get-together. Of course orange jello is delicious any time of the year, but in the fall and at Halloween, it is perfect. Whether you just make plain orange jello or fancy it up with cream cheese, fruit or shapes, jello is popular with just about everyone.

My family loves a jello salad made with orange jello. It is requested at just about every family holiday or birthday dinner.

Besides making jello salads and molds, orange jello can be added to sugar cookies as a coloring, made into jello shots for the Halloween party festivities (adults only of course) and make jello wiggles in Halloween shapes for kids. I will share with you all of my families favorite ways to use orange jello at Halloween time.

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Accoutrements Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain
Accoutrements Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain

With the popularity of zombies nowadays, this mold is a great addition to your Halloween party menu. Use lime Jello for a realistic effect!


Why Orange Jello Creations?

Halloween parties usually have a theme of orange and black decorations, food items and costumes. Orange jello just goes with Halloween. If you get creative with your orange jello, you can make mini pumpkin jello wigglers with a pumpkin molds that is used for making candy or cupcakes. Look in the cake decorating aisle at your favorite craft store and find lots of fun molds online.

Make jello wigglers for your next kid's Halloween party. Besides orange pumpkins, there are molds for bats, rats, hands, skeletons or bones and more. Jello creations are lots of fun and kids love Jello. For adult Halloween parties, jello shots are very popular. Orange and lemon jello flavors can be used to make jello shots that look like Candy Corn. There are also jello salad recipes that you can use orange jello for your Halloween party.

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Halloween Party Snack Ideas

Orange Jello Pumpkin Wigglers

Pigs in a Blanket

Pretzel Rods

Chips and Dip

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Orange Punch

Vegetable Sticks

Mini Meatballs

Orange Jello Salad
Orange Jello Salad

Orange Jello Salad

This orange jello salad shows up at every family dinner. It is a nice light dessert and would be perfect for a Halloween party. We have been making this recipe for decades and no one ever tires of it.

Everyone of all ages loves this salad. It is refreshing as a summertime salad too.

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 2 hours 50 min
Ready in: 3 hours
Yields: 8-10


  • 1 6 ounce orange gelatin
  • 1 12 ounce thawed cool whip
  • 1 pint low fat cottage cheese
  • 1 8 ounce can mandarine oranges
  • 1 small can crushed pineapple


  1. Mix together in large mixing bowl cool whip and cottage cheese. Stir in drained pineapple and oranges. Add the orange gelatin and mix thoroughly. Put into a glass serving bowl and chill for several hours.
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Halloween Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Halloween Recipes (Cookbook Delights Holiday Series 10)
Halloween Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Halloween Recipes (Cookbook Delights Holiday Series 10)

Find lots of fun Halloween food ideas and recipes for your next party.

Jello mold
Jello mold

Molded Orange Salad

Whether using a standard gelatin mold ring or a fun Halloween mold, remember to follow the directions on preparing and removing your jello salad. Most plastic molds do not need to be coated before use, but if you have a metal mold, you may want to use a light coating of vegetable oil spray on the mold prior to filling with the jello salad ingredients.

Once your jello mold sets overnight, you still may have immerse the sealed mold in warm water for up to 30 seconds to loosen the jello from the mold. Once you place on the serving plate, return to the refrigerator to reset.

Cook Time

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 2 - 3 hours

Serves: 12


  • 2 six ounce boxes orange Jello
  • 1 can of sliced peaches
  • 1 12 ounce container whipped cream cheese
  • 1 small jar maraschino cherries
  • 1 box Vanilla Wafers crumbled


  1. Prepare orange jello according to package, but decrease water by 1 cup when adding fruit. Pour orange jello into prepared mold and chill until thickened but not set. Drain and stir in sliced peaches and cherries. Place back in refrigerator to set firm.
  2. Meanwhile soften cream cheese so it is easy to spread. When jello is firm, remove mold lid and spread cream cheese over top. Sprinkle vanilla wafer crumbs complete over top and slightly press down into cream cheese. Replace lid of mold and put back in refrigerator to chill cream cheese.
  3. Follow the directions that come with your mold to remove and set on decorative plate.

Halloween Gelatin Molds

For Halloween, a gelatin molds will be a hit of your party. You may not want to use orange jello for all of them, but orange brains would be all right to serve. The other types of molds I have seen are:

  • Heart
  • Creepy Hand
  • Skull and Bones
  • Pumpkin
  • Bats

Other flavors of gelatin such as red, purple or green are great for Halloween too.

Plastic Brain Jello Mold
Plastic Brain Jello Mold

I used this mold this year to take as a treat to a Halloween party we attended. I used a raspberry jello mixed with cream cheese for an "authentic" effect. It was tasty too!

Jello Shots
Jello Shots

Jello Shots for Adult Halloween Parties

Make a rainbow of colors for your next Halloween party. Red jello mixed with grape jello will look like blood. Orange jello layered on lemon jello will look like candy corn. Lime jello is always creepy especially if you float a peeled grape to look like an eyeball. I listed vodka as an ingredient, but you can use another favorite clear spirit in your shots.

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 1 hour 45 min
Ready in: 2 hours
Yields: 24 party goers


  • 6 ounce orange jello
  • 6 ounce lemon jello
  • 6 ounce lime jello
  • 6 ounce grape jello
  • 6 ounce cherry jello
  • Bottle of Vodka
  • Water


  1. Prepare each flavor jello with boiling water as listed on the package. Stir each well for 2 minutes. Add vodka or other clear spirit in place of cold water. Mix well.
  2. Pour a small amount in a clear plastic shot glass. Chill for up to 2 hours or until set. Enjoy.

The Many Flavors of Jello

Jello and gelatin has been around for decades. We all remember eating jello as kids. Do you remember what flavor was your favorite?

I remember that I loved the strawberry jello the best. We always had jello at family gatherings and neighborhood potlucks.

Do you select your favorite flavor by color or by flavor choice?

Did you eat jello too?

What Flavor Jello is Your Favorite?

See results

The Brief History of Gelatin and Jello

For as far back as I can remember, there has been Jello. That got me to thinking "how old is gelatin and the Jello brand"? According to some recorded history, gelatin product is referenced back to the 1600's with its use being a thickener and even a glue-type product. Over the centuries, scientists and culinary cooks both used the gelatin substance for a variety of experiments and uses. The wealthy included elaborate molded foods into the extravagant parties.

The Jell-O brand was born in 1895 with several flavors, orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry. It did not become successful for almost another decade. With good marketing and advertising over the next almost 100 years, Jell-0 is as popular as ever today. There are many added flavors over the years, some that work and some that failed. Who remembers celery flavor? It is my opinion and family's consensus that the original flavors of orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry are our favorites still today!

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