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Organic Bouquet - Eco-Elegant Flower Delivery

Updated on February 17, 2013

Send Flowers with Organic Bouquet

Just as its name implies, the organic bouquet website is one of the best online flower delivery websites available in cyberspace today. You may ask why we would say so. One very good reason lies in the fact that many, if not most, of the flowers available on this website are organically grown. In today's world where most things are artificially grown, it certainly is good to know that simple things such as flowers are grown in a way in which "they used to do so". Such is one of the things that has to offer - flowers that were grown the way they would be in our very own gardens, sans the fertilizer and other harmful chemicals.

Pricing and Delivery

Amazing Prices

For something which is organic, you would be surprised that the prices at Organic Bouquet are quite competitive as compared to other online florists. If you plan to order flowers online through this website, you can expect prices to range from $29.95 to $189.95. While other non-organic flower sites offer flower for much more, this site can be considered as a better site as some arrangement turn out cheaper. What's more is that the flowers are organic so you expect the products to be quite good and fertilizer free.

Delivery Within the US via FedEx

Since many of the products on the website are considered as perishable, the delivery method of choice is usually FedEx to provide their customers with the fastest means of delivery possible. Delivery is limited within the US alone as organic flowers may be quite limited in terms of quantity.

Ability to Track One's Order

Many of us would like to always be updated in terms of the status of our orders. If we order flowers online, we expect no less. In fact, we may even expect more given the fact that flowers can be highly perishable. The website allows one to track his orders after signing in on the website. This feature definitely gives customers a sense of assurance in terms of their delivery status.

Flower Vases to Enhance the Beauty of Your Arrangement

Organized Website to Order Your Flowers

If one wishes to send flowers online, one need not worry about navigating through this company’s website. Everything is simply arranged without much clutter making it quite easy for any customer to order flowers online. Arrangements are grouped through either the flower type or the more common occasions making one’s search a lot easier.

Special offers are immediately seen on the website in order for customers to take advantage of such discounts. Other online florists usually place their items on sale on very hidden portions of their website. This can be quite irritating as you sometimes find out about these special offers just as you have finished checking out. With Organic Bouquet, this is quite the opposite. In fact, this is even highly appreciated by many customers.

Today’s consumers have a great concern for the environment. If you are one of those who opt to maintain a sense of social responsibility, then you could easily say that Organic Bouquet is the best online florist. This is not only because of their commitment to helping our environment but it is also because of the fact that their service and products are quite good as well.

What do you think? Is Organic Bouquets a good flower delivery service? Should folks use other online florists?

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