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Organize Gift Wrap

Updated on October 16, 2013

Getting Organized Before the Holidays

This is my life before organizing gift wrap. The tape is nowhere to be found, I may have a box or a bag, but never the right color tissue paper, and scissors are never in the same place. This organizer is just the ticket. My year end resolutions include getting closets organized. This means collecting all my odds and ends gift wrap, gift bags and bows, etc. and placing them in this hanging wrap organizer. I'm thinking how much time and money I will save having everything in one place.

I had a bad habit of tossing gift bags in a drawer, but I recently sold that cabinet, so those items are in storage in a box on a closet floor. I also was pretty famous for leaving scraps of wrap and tissue paper in plastic bags from the store. Now I have a central location for those odds and ends. The next gift I have to wrap, I can look in one place and see if there is an appropriate match to the gift, if not I can buy to re-stock accordingly.

I can see where this could also be used for shipping supplies for those items you pop in the mail to out of town family members.

Keeping in mind, it also could be used to organize my crafts. So many uses, what a great functional purchase. I may have to go buy a few more of these for Christmas gifts. It would be fun to buy one, and stock it with all the supplies for a bridal shower, or a new Mom, because we know she'll have no time to stock it herself. A great gift for any age adult really.

An organizer for the variety of gift wrapping I do throughout the year. This is also a great gift idea for any Mom, Grandma, or Aunt, actually for the guys also. It's a great way to have all the necessary items for gift wrapping in one place. Planning to keep a pair of scissors and some tape right along with the wrap, bags and bows.

Also, an organizer for gift bags and gift cards. Love getting organized with very little investment.


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