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Origami For Halloween

Updated on March 5, 2014

Have Fun This Halloween With Origami!

Have you ever considered using origami for your Halloween decorations? Many creative origami artists and crafters have used this Japanese art to design models for Western holiday themes such as Halloween.

Some of the designs you can find include jack-o-lanterns, bats, cats, spiders and ghosts, all of which can be used for decorations this Halloween.

Origami is cheap, versatile and heaps of fun as a family project. Kids will be kept busy and entertained for hours with the variety and variation of Halloween origami items that can be made. Once you are done with folding, there are many ways to use your origami including jack-o-lantern fairy string lights, spider curtains, placecards, napkin rings and much more!

Halloween Origami Pumpkin - The many faces of jack-o-lantern

Halloween Origami Pumpkin
Halloween Origami Pumpkin

We begin with the classic symbol for Halloween - the pumpkin! No matter which model you choose to make, there is so much you can do with the pumpkin origami.

Pumpkin 1 is a 3D model so you can insert fairy lights into the opening at the top and create a string of jack-o-lantern lights. Give each pumpkin a personality or get your kids to create their personalized masterpiece! The other models can be used to decorate placecards, as cupcake toppers and door or window decorations.

Pumpkin 1: Instructions at Photo by Twilight5822

See more origami pumpkin models at:

Variations Of Paper Pumpkins - 3D Paper Pumpkins

Origami Bats For A Spooky Halloween - Go batty this Halloween!

Origami Bat
Origami Bat

Hang these bats from branches or your ceiling for some flying action. The instructions below are for fairly simple models suitable for young kids to try. Glue on some plastic eyes or draw your own faces for some extra fun. Silver or white ink works best for drawing on black paper.

Bat 1: Instructions at or . Photo by Twilight5822

Bat 2: Photo and instructions from

Bat 3: Photo and instructions from

Bat 4: Photo and instructions from

Bat 5: Photo from Instructions at

Other origami bats for inspiration

Bat 6: Photo from Designed by Michael G. LaFosse

Bat 7: Photo from Designed by Brian Chan.

Itsy Bitsy Origami Spiders For A Real Scare! - Not for the faint hearted!

Halloween Origami Spider
Halloween Origami Spider

Spider 1: Diagram | Video instructions. Photo by Twilight5822.

Other origami spider images for inspiration

Spider 2: From Tarantula design by Robert J Lang.

Spider 3: From Designed by Brian Chan.

Spider 4: By Manuel Sirgo on Flickr.

Make An Origami Spider Web Curtain

Itsy bitsy spider....

Here's a fun way to have spiders dangling from your door frame. Make a few of the spider above in varying sizes. String them with white thread or fishing line and attach them to the top of your door frame a few inches apart to form a curtain that your visitors will have to walk through to enter your house. If you are expecting a lot of kids you can attach plastic eyes or draw cheeky faces on the spiders for make them friendlier.

Adorable Origami Cats - Purrfect for Halloween

Origami Cats
Origami Cats

Cat 1: Instructions at Photo by Twilight5822.

Cat 2: Photo and instructions from

Cat 3: Photo and instructions from

Cat 4: Photo and instructions from

Halloween Origami Books On Amazon - Check out these fun books

Origami After Dark (Origami for Children)
Origami After Dark (Origami for Children)

This book is part of a collection of origami instruction books for kids ages 4 and up. This fun activity book includes 100 glow in the dark stickers and 30 sheets of origami paper!


Origami Stars In Halloween Colors - Here's something different to use as table scatters

Halloween Origami Stars
Halloween Origami Stars

Origami Paper For Your Halloween Craft Projects

Aitoh OG-OR Origami-Sheet 5.875-Inch-by-5.875-Inch, Orange, 50-Pack
Aitoh OG-OR Origami-Sheet 5.875-Inch-by-5.875-Inch, Orange, 50-Pack

This pack of origami paper has 50 orange sheets. The color is on one side; the other side of each sheet is white. Sheets measure 5-7/8 inch square. Perfect for projects that require a thematic color scheme.

Origami Paper 6 X 6
Origami Paper 6 X 6

It's fun to learn about the art of origami with this collection of 51 sheets of origami paper. Hours of folding fun are at your fingertips with seventeen colors, including metallics and fluorescents. The illustrated project booklet includes step-by-step instructions for many creations!


What's Your Favourite Halloween Origami?

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