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Original, fun and cheap gifts for all occasions!

Updated on March 19, 2015

Who hasn’t ever found themselves having to get a gift for a brother in law (or a sister for that matter), or that colleague who invited us to cheap wine for their birthday, or (GASP) the conceited boss who decided to throw a party in the office, or the son of the neighbor who’s graduating with honors, or…


In short, who didn’t at some point need to buy a gift for someone we don’t really know too well, but with whom we still want to make a good impression while not spending too much hard cash on?

We all find ourselves in that position at one point. All of a sudden, reality strikes and you go, “whoops, gotta get a gift and have no clue what to get, but whatever it is, it better be cheap cause I’m not spending my hard earned money on that [insert here whatever appropriate … noun]!”

So here are a few chosen wonders that you can give away. These gadgets are inexpensive (that’s cheap for you!), most are rather silly but quite useful (though we could debate the usefulness of frozen smile ices cubes…), and all share one important trait:

They will cause giggles and chortles and guffaws, and will pretty much guarantee that you’ll look like a smart and cool gift giver!

And, best of all, you can give them to anyone, no age restrictions, no for him or for her headaches. And really, they are fairly cheap, considering the coolness factor!


Idea #1: Annoying but Hilarious Alarm Clocks

Now, who’d think to offer an alarm clock as a gift? First thing that comes to mind is that you’re dropping a hint that someone’s been late one too many times in the past few months, right? Or it could also be that you want to say, in a non too subtle manner, quit the morning ZZZZ and get to work already!

That could be it, but honestly, this gift doesn’t need to be taken personally, one needs to see the humor of it and enjoy it for what it is, an original gadget to chirp you out of bed!

There are flying alarm clocks that take off from the bedside table, talking alarm clocks that babble either the time or any voiceover that you record into them, including vulgarities of course. There are bouncy alarm clocks that bounce off the bedside table, and fall down on the floor if you don’t stop them on time. Bounce bump bounce bump bounce they go!

There are alarm clocks on wheels, and you better have a big bedside table, or simply best to put them on the floor, but then you’ll have to run after them to make them stop!

There is even a laser target alarm clock, and it won’t stop ringing until you nail the target with the laser beam. My, you better be the chirpy type in the morning, or the good old clock won’t last two days in your possession, as you’re quite bound to throw it against the wall to make it stop!

Don’t tell me they aren’t fun and cool, even if you shudder to think the effects these… gadgets will have on the owner!

Since we're on the clock...

Here you go, two extra clocks. Nothing to do with alarms or morning chirpyness, but still sticking to the key factors in this space:

They are cool, they are good for all ages, they are fairly economic, and they make you look like a smart gift giver: The surrealistic clock and the pop math quiz clock.


Idea #2: Fun Shaped Ice Cubes

I’ll admit right off, I’d be delighted to receive this gift myself, for no other reason than being able to make my guests smile when serving them a cold drink. As a matter of fact, here I am recommending this fun gift idea, when I could have gone and bought it for myself

In any event, this gift isn’t like the alarm clocks, I mean, there can’t be hidden messages in ice cube trays, can there? Well, I guess that depends on whom you get this for… since there are some denture shaped ice cube trays that maybe wouldn't seem too funny to your granny. Ahem! And I don’t know about giving a shark fin shaped ice cube tray to a surfer. It’s all in jest, though, if they don’t see the humor in this gift, I don’t know what will make them smile!


If you’re the artsy, extra cool type and want to be one step ahead with your fun gift, here’s the last scream (pun intended!) in shaped ice cubes:

Edvard Munch's The Scream Ice Tray, it only costs 8.45 USD. How cool is that?!

For the kool kidz!
For the kool kidz! | Source

Idea #3: LED Shoelaces

Admittedly, this isn’t really for all ages, unless you want to make, say, your boss, look like a dork. Then again, he may see the humor in it, one just never knows!

Obviously, these flashy LED shoelaces target kids and maybe up to the adolescent public, but I find them very cool to give to a much wider range of candidates.

For example, you can get them to younger urban types that like to look ridiculously cool (or is that coolly ridiculous?), or to grandparents that will be able to dazzle their grand kids with their flashy apparel, or to the typical computer geek that lives in a world of his own and will be able to make his favorite statement, “yes, I’m a geek”, with this simple but effective gadget.

OH, and these are energy efficient, so you also make a statement that you are environment friendly. COUGH.


Idea #4: Knife Fridge Magnets

Now, don’t look at me like I’m out of my mind by suggesting such a gift as a fridge magnet. I know everyone and their dogs have tons of magnets in their fridges, but are they COOL magnets? No, I didn’t think so!

Here’s your chance to change all that with a super well thought-out fridge magnet, the stabbing knife! Look at the image, will you, and tell me what’s not to like! These are sold per unit, and each costs 9.95 USD, so depending on your budget you may want to get 3 or 4 knives to make the fridge look like Psychosis second cousin far removed. Dig that!

Evidently, after showing la crème de la crème of fridge magnets, it’ll be difficult to find any other magnet that surpasses this one in coolness, chicness and cuteness all around, but you can still find very cheap magnets to fit your target’s personality.

I personally like the bitchy types I found in Amazon (hint hint!), but there are many varieties --for dog lovers, music lovers, flower lovers, cooking lovers, lovers lovers… uh, before I get carried away, I mean for any type of personality!


Idea #5: Spitball Dart Pad

Are you looking for a gift for a professional procrastinator? Or for the eternally indecisive colleague or friend who is never sure of anything? Here’s the end of your search!

Be sure that whoever you give this to, however, has a healthy sense of humor, because, otherwise, it may uhhh spit back in your face.

Being the Buffoon that I am, I find this gift simply hilarious, worthy of featuring prominently in the Buffoon’s Hall of Fame of Silly Giggly Gifts!

Let me explain why: This is a dart pad where you play with spit, notice how it comes with a straw! So, anyway, you place yourself a short distance away from the pad and spit through the straw, and your spitball will fall on a DECISION! Bingo, that’s what you need to be doing next!

Mind, it comes with 40 sheets full of decisions, so that means 40 decisions you won’t really have to make on your own – it’s going to be you and your spit! Boy, if it isn’t a totally ridiculous, hilarious, guffaw worthy gift for girls and chaps alike!

It’s really cheap, too, just 9.99 USD via ThinkGeek.


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    • Buffoon profile image

      Buffoon 6 years ago

      Hi Enelle! Same here, have to order a couple, maybe they can be decorated with a bit of red nail polish... but then it means I'll have to order some of that, too! *L*

    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 6 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Love the magnets! I gotta get me some of those LOL

    • Buffoon profile image

      Buffoon 6 years ago

      Yoo Petra! Here's my top secret whereabouts for the past weeks: I've been letting Hubpages work for me! Very cool to leave a website, of all things, to work for you, I'm telling you! :)

      It was time to make a re-appearance, though, make sure my buffoonery is kept up to date and in style *G*

      Glad you enjoyed, I mean to please!

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Where have you been for so long? Who would have thought of such gifts? Whenever in doubt, ask a buffon for great suggestions and take them to heart. Love it!