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Out of the Box Valentine Gifts for Him

Updated on April 6, 2013

Which Gift to Buy for My Guy?

Is this the question you have been asking yourself for a while? You are right, it is a lot more difficult to find the right gift for a man than for a woman. With a bouquet of rouses, a heart shaped piece of jewelry (make it a set if you are generous), or a box of chocolates you are always safe when it comes to buying a Valentine's Day gift for her.

What to buy for a man? Well, first of all you have to think about the person. What does he like to do? What are his interests? Then, the ideas will start popping up. Anyway, here are some ideas for you.

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For the Man Who Likes to Keep Himself Informed

He likes reading a magazine from time to time, but he does not buy a subscription. Many people give up their magazine subscriptions nowadays, considering they have all the news they need online. However, the experience is not the same.

If your guy likes spending his Sunday morning with a magazine, why don't you make sure he has it for the whole year?

For the Man Who Likes Football

Does he like football? He's not the only one.

Do you often nag about him spending too much time watching games on TV or going to the stadium with his pals? Again, you are not the only one.

Well, on Valentine's Day you can make up for all the complains and send the message that you understand his passion just as he understands yours.

This NFL Super Bowl Collection means much more than the 23 discs it contains and the 2694 minutes to watch. It's a way of reliving history. Just give him the gift and he will explain it to you if you don't get it now. If you decide to watch with him, it's up to you. Just don't nag about it. It's the present you bought for him.

For the Man Who Likes Cooking

Does your guy like playing in the kitchen? Is he a fan of cooking TV shows? Does he enjoy trying out new recipes?

Well, you have to admit you are spoiled having such a man around you... On Valentine's Day it's time you spoiled him, too.

Buy him a cooking book! Think what he enjoys preparing? Is he into cakes, steaks, vegetarian dishes...? Is he interested in French, Mexican, Italian or South American cuisine? You know him... make your choice. He will certainly appreciate the thought and he will continue cooking.

For the Man Who Likes to Have a Drink

Are you often entertaining? Does he like to fix a drink for himself in the evening? Does he spoil you with cocktails? If the answer to these questions is "yes", then buying him a bar set as Valentine's Day present is a great idea. He will be happy with the gift and he will remember the surprise you made him each time he will use the set.

For the Man Who Likes Beer

No matter the culture, most men like beer. This year, on Valentine's Day you can make your guy happy by offering him his favorite drink.

If he likes playing with flavors from time to time, you can buy him a Beer Kit. This set of ingredients necessary to make 2 batches (4 gallons) of home brewed beer will not only surprise him in a pleasant way. You will definetily woo him. This is your plan, right?

Alternatively, you can take him on a globe-trotting trip by meas of a Around The World Beer Bucket containing 12 bottles of beer of different origins. A bit overpriced, but it comes nicely wrapped and the beer is already made.

What are you buying for your men, girls? Guys, which gift would you prefer?

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    • audioslaved19771 profile image

      audioslaved19771 4 years ago

      Giving women an idea is a great. There are so many things not only women bothered when it comes to gift-giving. If you still have an idea, don't hesitate to put it here.