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Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Updated on July 22, 2014

LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Christmas lights are a great way to present a Christmas theme in your yard, and are in most ways superior to incandescent Christmas lights, with the exception of price.

The benefits of outdoor LED Christmas lights, as with all LED Christmas lights, is how long they last; use of less energy; include more bulbs on a string; and are much brighter. The only caveat to that is some of the casings of LED lights will wear out before the lights, making the durability of less value because you can't use a light that works without a base that doesn't work. This comes from mostly outdoor use where water can get in the base of the lights and corrode it, making it useless for even a light that is still in working order.

Some people selling LED lights assert the strength of the diodes will ensure the casings will last as long as the lights to, but some tests have proven otherwise.

I'm not saying this means they wear out immediately, just that they have had a history of wearing out before the LED lights. But because LED lights have the potential to last more than 10 years, even if a casing wore out after several years, you would still save a lot of money on your electricity and have a brighter shining light with less chance of a fire from the heat, which is almost non-existent with an LED Christmas light.

LED Outdoor Deer Christmas Lights

LED lights work great when putting together outdoor light displays like the deer shown below. Because they're brighter than incandescent lights, they are easier to see and stand out nicely in the dark.

A grouping of outdoor decorations like this herd of deer is a great way to make use of LED Christmas lights.

Deer LED Christmas Lights

Outdoor LED Yard and House Christmas Light Display

I like this combination of purple and clear LED lights on the trees and around the edge of the roof. It is a great Christmas light yard decoration without being too much to me. That light display around the hedge in the middle fits in well too.

Christmas Yard Decorations

Christmas LED Lights in Trees

This grouping of Christmas LED lights in the trees is a completely different look than the previous examples, showing how unique you can create outdoor LED lights designs with a little imagination and creativity.

The red LED lights on the Christmas trees look especially nice.

Red LED Lights on Outdoor Christmas Trees

Purple LED Outdoor Lights on Tree

Using a single color like these purple LED lights on this tree show, again, how differently you can set up your Christmas lights to get unique effects. Whether alone or with other colors, they really stand out nice. This look is stunningly beautiful.

Outdoor LED Purple Lights

Outdoor Solar LED Lights

Here's a slightly different version of LED lights, this being the use of solar energized lights, which work great if you have a part of your home that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight. With the low energy drain, these should work much better than solar lights that are incandescent, which won't last as long.

Solar LED Lights on House

Benefits of LED Lights

Don't be turned off from using an LED light even if it costs more, as even in the worst conditions they should last longer than any incandescent light, assuming they're handled carefully as any lights should be.

Other than being longer lasting, other benefits of LED lights is they're cool to the touch and brighter shining than their incandescent counterparts.


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