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Outer Space Party Supplies and Birthday Theme Ideas

Updated on April 11, 2014

Throw an Outer Space Themed Birthday Party!

Find Outer Space birthday party supplies and Ideas to put together an epic Outer space party theme. Decorations, invitations, favors, cake supplies are featured here along with lots of fun ideas.

If your little astronaut is mad about space and loves the idea of travelling in a space ship to a distant galaxy, make their birthday extra special by using the best outer space birthday supplies and creating a party they'll never forget.

This page features lots of cool Outer space birthday party ideas to help you on your way.Whether your looking for inexpensive DIY ideas or officially licensed party goods, I'm sure you'll find something useful here.

There are personalized outerspace invitations, free party printables, cake and cupake decorating supplies, ideas for creating an awesome outer space party room, fun space themed favors and much more.

Outer Space birthday Party Invitations
Outer Space birthday Party Invitations

Outer Space Themed Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

There are lots of different ways to have your outer space birthday party invitations, the theme really does allow so many options. The best thing to do is to make the party invites and party in general themed around the things your child loves about space. Whether it be space aliens, planets, stars or astronauts, having invitations with a design that features this will not only get them excited before hand but also make it a memorable occasion for them.

Etsy and Ebay are great sources for finding outer space birthday invites. There are so many designs available for order there, each of which can be personalized and delivered relatively quickly especially if the invites are printable templates.

If you want to make your own, pieces by polly has a great tutorial for making outer space themed birthday invitations. It's simple to make so your child can help with the sticking and gluing.

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Outer Space Birthday Party Cake
Outer Space Birthday Party Cake

Outer Space Themed Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

With so many ideas for outer space themed cakes online, your main issue will be deciding on the cake design that's right for your child. If your still in the deciding phase a great place to find lots of awesome pictures and outer space cake designs is cake central. With that being said here are some more ideas for cakes that you can make:

If your child is obssessed with space ships, has a recipe to make a Rocket ship birthday cake decorated with an ice cream cone exhaust and licorice flames.

A planet cake would also be really cool. This is a great option if your child has a favorite planet. Cake crumbs has an awesome guide for making planet cakes that have spherical layers when cut into.

If your looking for outer space cake decorations that are easy to apply to the point that anyone can do it, your best bet is with edible cake toppers. Customizable designs, ease of application and the fact that they can be personalized means that you can have any cake looking great with one of these topping it off. Edible Outer space images are available from ebay.

Photo Source: Vanessa Bertozzi

How to make an outer Space Cake

Pink Outer space birthday party decorations
Pink Outer space birthday party decorations

Outer Space Themed Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Here are a few creative outer space party decorating ideas:

Make paper lantern planet decorations and have them hanging from the ceiling. Glue construction paper, foam or use a marker to dress up the lanterns to look like the planets.

*If space aliens are to feature in your outer space party d├ęcor, (due to your childs request) make balloon aliens. Using a sharpie pen, draw alien faces mostly green solid colored balloons. Have them floating around looking mischievous.

*Use a black tablecloth as a base for your party table and sprinkle some silvery star shaped confetti over it so it looks like a plain night sky with twinkling stars.

Have a jar of scrunched up balls of tin foil on the party table as an accent and label them moon rocks. You can later use this in your party games by playing how many moon rocks are in the jar.

Posters of astronauts, planets and stars can also featured in your outer space theme decorations. An alternative would be to print free outer space coloring pages, color them in and hang them up.

Of course if you want to add more color in your outer space birthday party decorations, streamers are a great way to do it.

Photo Source: ohsohappytogether

Outer Space Table Centerpieces and Decorations

Outer Space Themed Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

For outer space birthday party favors throw in some fun items that tie into the theme like little toy astronauts, moon rock bouncey balls, star shaped cookies and so on. Glow in the dark items (e.g. glow in the dark goo) work well too if space aliens are a part of your party.

You could also make your own outer space party favor bags by simply using a few printed clip art pictures, silver star stickers and some colored paper.

Candies are always a nice mix in any favor bag here are a few space candy ideas:

*Milky way bars,

*silver chocolate rock candy in a cello bag (moon samples)

*Space themed lollipops,

*Outer space candy wrappers (ebay and etsy) for hershy bars and kisses.

*Red gumballs (Mars balls)

Who's having the Outer Space Party! - Let us know...

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