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Pac Man Party Supplies

Updated on February 14, 2014

Pac Man Party Ideas

Pac Man is an absolute classic in the video game world and one of the most popular games of all time. If your looking for Pac Man party supplies to throw a party themed around everyones favorite yellow circle that likes to eat pellets and sometimes ghosts, then you are at the right place. Even if you are planning an 80's themed birthday party you could include some of the ideas and supplies shared here.

Over the years Pac-Man has received plenty of upgrades and so younger fans of Pac-Man may be more familiar with the Pac-Man who has arms and legs, while older fans will remember him as the little yellow circle that moved around the screen eating little squares. I've featured Pac-Man birthday party supplies and ideas suitable for both fans. You'll find themed invitations, fun favors, party food ideas, decorations and much more to please all fans of the video game.

Personalized Pac-Man birthday invitations
Personalized Pac-Man birthday invitations

Pac-Man Party Invitations and Ideas

There are some awesome Pac-Man birthday invitations to choose from, I particularly like the one in the pic which has captured the game screen on the invites. Feelings of nostlagia anyone? It's funny because when I looked at it I actually started thinking about the best way for the mini Pac-Man to move around the grid without getting caught. These invites are available from ebay along with a few others.

You can also find Pac-Man invitations with different designs at Etsy which is another excellent resource for personalized themed invitations.

If your planning on making the invites yourself, you could make Pac-Man Ghost popup invitations. Minieco came up with this awesome idea and has a tutorial with templates to help you do this. It would be a unique way to invite guests to your party and they look super cool.

Pacmania @ Llibertat street courtesy of Tania De la Paz
Pacmania @ Llibertat street courtesy of Tania De la Paz

DIY Pac-Man Birthday Decorations

For your Pac-Man party decorations you could use colorful construction paper to make the characters, which you could decorate the walls with or use to make a centerpiece. The characters are not hard to make, all you need is a template or stencil to trace the characters shapes onto colored paper (you can find shapes,sillouettes and stencils from doing a google image search) before cutting them out . Then simply draw on the eyes for each character or stick on googly eyes that you pick up from a craft store.

Once again because of the simplicity of the characters you could make your own Pac-Man balloons by drawing on the faces of each character. All you would need are a pack of cheap multicolored latex balloons... Yellow for Pac-Man, light blue for Inky, pink for Pinky, red for Blinky and orange for Clyde. For drawing eyes on the balloons a black sharpie pen should suffice.

As extra Pac man decorations use Pac-Man coloring Pages as posters. Kids can help color in the characters and you can hang them around the party room. I always like to use felt tip pens as it gives a cleaner finish but coloring pencils work well too. It's a great way to get kids involved in setting up their own party.

Free Printable Pac-Man Banner/Garland

Free Pac-Man Garland
Free Pac-Man Garland

Courtesy of Kate from Mini-eco this free Pac-Man Garland would be a welcome addition to decorations. Although she made this for halloween I feel they can be utilised for any Pac-Man theme. Tutorial and templates included.

Pac-Man Wall Stickers

Yellow Gobbler Wall Stickers
Yellow Gobbler Wall Stickers

This colorful collection of Pac-Man graphics would add plenty of color to any room. They can be easily applied to walls and taken off and adjusted as needed.

12" Port Scape Instant Space ship Window View SPACE STATION #2 SILVER Porthole Wall Decal Sticker Graphic Home Kids Game Room Art Decor NEW
12" Port Scape Instant Space ship Window View SPACE STATION #2 SILVER Porthole Wall Decal Sticker Graphic Home Kids Game Room Art Decor NEW

Modern Pac-Man fans may appreciate this Pac-man wall decal a little more. At 12" it is a decent size and is guranteed to standout when put in place.


Pac-Man Balloons


Of course you could use normal latex balloons to create a great party environment but for something a little special this set of Pac-man themed balloons is a must. The set features the a Pac-Man Mylar balloon, two licensed circular balloons with Pac-Man designs, 9 latex balloons and 2 star shaped balloons. Perfect for making balloon bouquets.


Pac-Man Tableware - Plates, Cups, Napkins and more - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Party Pack

Pac-Man Party Supplies Packs
Pac-Man Party Supplies Packs

For Pac-Man party plates, napkins, cups and general tableware birthday express sells exclusive Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures party supplies. There you'll find licensed Pac-Man tablecovers, centerpieces, birthday banner, party packs and lots of party pieces that will totally thrill the birthday boy or girl.

Pac-Man Cake courtesy of Nico Kaiser
Pac-Man Cake courtesy of Nico Kaiser

Pac Man Cake Ideas

If you've decided to make the Pac man birthday cake yourself, one idea would be to make a cake of the retro Pac-Man character. It would be relatively easy to make as all you would have to do is bake a circle cake, cut a triangle piece out of it to make the open mouth and then frost the cake with yellow icing. For Pac-Man's eye you could use black icing gel, a chocolate button or black fondant. (here's a quick video showing how you could go about it, it also shows how you can set the cake up with Ghost cupcakes)

If your looking for Pac-Man cake decorations a very easy way to transform any cake in a short period of time is with an edible cake image topper. They make life a lot easier and can be personalized easily. Pac-Man edible images are available to order from ebay and etsy. I've noticed that there are even edible images that will make your cake look like a round in the old school Pac-Man games.

If your confident in your cake skills and you want to make something unique why not make character cookies and use them as Pac-Man cake toppers on a maze type design as seen in the game. For a tutorial and to get an idea of how this might look check out the vid below.

As a tasty treat you can find cute Pac-Man cake pops from G3MiniStore on etsy.

How to Make a Pac-Man Game Cake

Pac-Man Cookies courtesy of Betsy Weber
Pac-Man Cookies courtesy of Betsy Weber

Pac Man Party Food Ideas

Pac-Man is known for his habit of pretty much eating everything in sight so your Pac-Man party foods will be an important part of the party. The good thing is you don't have to look too far for ideas as in 2010 a Pac-Man game was released on the Nintendo Wii called Pac-Man Party. The game features a lot of food related mini games which we can use to make a good menu. Some of the games are titled things like "Gummy Catapult" and "Jiggling Gelatin" so it's easy to see how we can make real foods out of these and label them as the games. For example, for Gummy catapult you could have a bowl of gumballs or gummy bears and for Jiggling Gelatin some Jello would be perfect. Here are some more ideas for food's I've come up with using the game titles.

*Incoming Fruit/ Chopped fruit in a bowl or make rainbow fruit skewers.

*Wobbly Ice Cream / Serve ice cream but put scoops on top of each other and make it slant.

*Doughnut Holes/ Ring doughnuts on a plate

*Pizza party/ Have them make their own mini pizzas or order pizza

*Cookie Stamper/ Cookies

*Chocolate Chompers/ Chocolate buttons

For more ideas check out the wiki here, which has a list of all the game names.

Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

SUCK UK Pac-Man Cookie Cutters
SUCK UK Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

This set of Pacman cookie cutters are great for cutting the shapes for Pac-Man cookies and can also be used for cutting foods like cheese, sandwiches, veggies and jello. It features all the shapes of the characters and is even color coded which is kinda funny considering the ghosts have pretty much the same shape. Never the less It will come in very useful handy while preparing Pac-Man themed foods.


Prefilled Pac-Man Party Favor Boxes

Prefilled Pac-Man Party favor Boxes
Prefilled Pac-Man Party favor Boxes

Prefilled favor boxes can be a real time saver as all the favors you need come with a themed box. So it makes it easier for you to have all the party favors sorted out at once. The favors included in the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures favor box are stickers, candy buttons, bouncey ball, rainbow Yo-Yo and a party blowout.

Pac-Man Lollipops
Pac-Man Lollipops

DIY Pac-Man Party Favors

Send your guests home with some cool Pac-Man party favors that will remind them of the awesome day they had. The best party bags have a nice mix of goodies for guests to enjoy and so here are a few unique DIY party favors you could throw into your favor bags:

*If your handy with a sewing machine you could make Pac-Man toy favors for each guest. Paul Mason has an awesome tutorial on how to make a Pac-Man plush from scratch. He also includes a pattern as a template to make all the pieces needed. This may take a little bit of time and effort but it would definitely be a special favor.

*Another favor idea you could make as a DIY favor are these Pac-Man peg figures that estefimachado made with a peg,card paper, glue and a toothpick . (Although the site is in spanish, the pictures are very easy to follow). You could even reserve this as a craft activity for kids to do, so each kid leaves feeling good about making their own Pac-Man paper figures.

*Pac-Man candy Molds (featured below) are available from ebay and can be used to make chocolate or hard candy lollipops shaped like Pac-Man characters.

Pac-Man Pullstring Pinata
Pac-Man Pullstring Pinata

Pac-Man Birthday Party Games and Activities

Have your Pac-Man birthday party games and activities range from a variety of interesting activities to traditional games with a Pac-Man twist. Here are some ideas:

*With a game like Pac-Man just Playing it is fun enough and so guests can take turns playing the video game and to see who can get the highest score.

*Grab a Pac-Man themed Pinata from ebay or maybe have a Ghost pinata instead. Unfortunately its pretty hard to find one of the ghosts and so you could use this tutorial to make your own Ghost Pinata and make a few adjustments for the color and the face when you draw it on. They're always trying to take your life in the game but now its payback time.

*A game of Pin the nose on Pac-Man or Pin the eye on Pac-Man if your using the old school character would be lots of fun as well. To do this print out a large image (A3 paper size if possible) of Pac-Man from Google and simply use a black marker to blot out the part of the character that you'll be pinning on. You'll have to print the image a few times to cut and have a few noses or eyes to pin too.

*You could also play a game of Pac-Man bean bag toss as seen here at Rhett's 6th birthday party. The targets were made by cutting Pac-Man character shapes in a big sheet of cardboard before kids took turns to throw a bean bag throw them.

Share Your Pac-Man Party Ideas and Thoughts?

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