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Unique Paper Anniversary Gifts Ideas for 1st Anniversary

Updated on September 28, 2011
Paper Roses - Paper Anniversary Gift
Paper Roses - Paper Anniversary Gift

Unique & Creative Paper Anniversary Gifts

Happy Anniversary to the wonderful couple!

According to tradition when a couple celebrates their 1st Anniversary, they should be given Paper Anniversary gifts for the first year of marriage.

Now paper gifts can be really fun, innovative, romantic and even though its officially designated as the paper anniversary, this is one of the easiest ways to give a husband, wife a great romantic gift.

Are 1st Anniversary Paper Gifts Boring?

Paper Anniversary gifts is not as boring as it sounds and no you don't have to give your spouse or the lovely couple a book to read.

This is their 1st Wedding Anniversary and you want to do it right!

Why not impress the love of your life in a special, unique and romantic way. Sweep your spouse off their feet with a Wedding Anniversary gift that's made for your spouse and spouse alone.

Give your spouse or the couple a paper Anniversary handmade gift on their 1st Wedding Anniversary that they'll love, cherish and never forget your unique and creative gift on this 1st Anniversary, they'll be anxious to find out what you have up your sleeves for the 2nd Anniversary!

I am so excited about Paper Anniversary gifts and here is why?

These handmade creative gifts I am about to introduce to you are no ordinary gift.

You get to really show off giving the perfect gift to your spouse, relative or friends that they've never receive, cause these unique gifts was made specially for persons that's celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversary.

To top it off these awesome handmade Anniversary presents, can't be purchased at any Brick and mortar store or any online store. They will think you went all out of your way to find a gift to make it theirs and theirs alone.

The creator of these unique and innovative handmade gifts started out by making fold-out heart-shaped Valentine's Day cards in 1994 and now he has made so many more wonderful unique gifts for Anniversaries, that cannot be on found any where.

His Traditional Anniversary gifts were created just for you in mind to present to your spouse or the wonderful couple.

If you're looking for something that romantic and special these unique 1st Anniversary Paper Gift Ideas below are put together especially for you.

You'll get lots of hugs, kisses, thank you so very much, crying and watch up for screams to, when you give any of these paper gifts as an Anniversary Present.



1st Anniversary Traditional Gift - Paper

Paper - Represents strength and is made from individual threads which interlock and connects to produce paper.

Just Paper Roses
Just Paper Roses

Just Paper Roses

On special occasions chocolates and red roses goes along with any gift, but won't it be awesome if you plan to get her red roses on your Wedding Anniversary, you surprise your darling sweetheart of your life with paper red roses instead.

These are no ordinary roses to give to your wife, it last more than 7 days unlike real red roses, its personalized with both of you names, 1st Anniversary and Month, Day, Year on each rose. She may even cry to see your wonderful unique handmade gift.

With these awesome personalized paper roses, you have the choice of giving her 12-stem paper roses which comes with FREE POP-VASE, 3-stem paper roses or 1-stem paper rose.

Each stem are about 18 inches tall.

This handmade gift makes lovely couple gift as well and can be also given to relatives or friends who's celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversary.

Just Money Roses
Just Money Roses

Just Money Roses

What a tremendous, unique gift idea to present to your husband on his Wedding Anniversary, I can see him blushing already!

Now he's probably wondering what gift you'll going to give him on your 1st Anniversary, but never had he in his wildest dreams dare think that you'll present him with this unique gift.

He will have a good laugh and even tell his friends, relatives and co-workers on his job of this creative gift that you've given him.

This unique money roses comes with 12 $1 bills and the 13th stem rose can be personalized for your Wedding Anniversary. With your own few lines.

Unfortunately this JustMoneyRoses, isn't made from real money.... I know, it will be nice, but UPS do not transport cash.

Anniversary Bear with Paper Rose
Anniversary Bear with Paper Rose

Anniversary Bear with Paper Rose

Awww isn't that sweet!

This isn't no ordinary teddy bear but a specially made Anniversary teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that says "Happy Paper Anniversary" with a JustPaperRose, for you to express your love in a most unique and meaningful way.

Isn't it lovely, she'll blush when she receives this cute teddy bear with a personalized red paper rose. The paper rose can be personalized with Couple Names, 1st Anniversary and Month, Day, Year or however you wish.

The gorgeous looking Anniversary Bear is 11-inch high and waiting to hugged by a spouse, daughter, relative or friend that's celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversary.

Just Photo Roses
Just Photo Roses

Just Photo Roses

Your spouse will be thrilled with this creative unique gift idea, JustPhotoRoses 1st Anniversary gift.

With this romantic gift you will be able to upload 12 favorite photos (one for each rose) maybe you can use your much loved Wedding photos or other photos that you love and cherish.

The 13th rose can be personalized with; Couple names, 1st Anniversary and Month, Day, Year, which makes the gift complete.

Your spouse will be blushing, crying or screaming down the place when she sees this awesome creative gift you've presented to her on your Wedding Anniversary.

She'll be so excited about the time and effort you've put into such a spectacular gift.

She will also wonder "how in the world you come up with such a gift like this."

Woo her off her feet by either choosing the 13-stem just photo roses which comes with (FREE POP-VASE), 3-stem just photo roses or 1-stem just photo rose as an Anniversary gift.

Each Just Photo Rose stems are about 18 inches tall, Keep in mind she'll tell everyone; families, friends, co-workers etc. about this awesome gift her husband got her!

1st Anniversary Toilet Paper
1st Anniversary Toilet Paper

1st Anniversary Toilet Paper

Now if you're looking for a gift that's funny and romantic, this is the perfect gift for you - Happy 1st "Paper" Anniversary toilet paper.

Yes that right!

On your Wedding Anniversary surprise your spouse or give the wonderful couple a "Happy 1st "Paper" Anniversary toilet paper for an Anniversary gift.

They will get a good laugh when they see every sheet of the toilet paper roll is printed with "Happy 1st "Paper" Anniversary!

Now spouse here's how to start your Anniversary morning with a good laugh.

The night before when your spouse is asleep, switch the toilet paper to your Happy 1st Paper Anniversary, now when he or she goes to the bathroom the following day, they will see their special creative gift watching them.... hummmn LOL

Let the fun begin on your Wedding Anniversary!!!

Please Note:

If you plan to buy this Toilet Paper for your wife, as an Anniversary present, It will have her excited with laughter and joy of her unique Anniversary gift.

But if you want to add some salsa and romance to the fun and laughter she's just receive, I'll like to suggest you also get her the unique JustPaperRoses or JustPhotoRoses to give her as well.

She'll be swept off her feet in joy and romance, this will be a day she will always remember and cherish and might I add It will complete your 1st Anniversary day in a romantic way.

Anniversary Frame and Paper Rose
Anniversary Frame and Paper Rose

Anniversary Frame and Paper Rose

If you are thinking of getting her a picture frame to put your most loved photo, don't just give her a regular picture frame, but give her an Anniversary Frame with a personalized paper rose attached to it.

This lovely wood picture frame comes in either black or maple and can hold a 4" x 6" photo. Not forgetting a personalized JustPaperRose attached to the back of the frame.

The Anniversary Frame can be wall mounted or desk-top displayed. You can even email them the photo that you wanted to put in the frame, they'll print it and put it in the frame for you.

All you do is choose your color picture frame and the paper rose can be personalize with Couple names, 1st Anniversary and Month, Date, Year on the paper rose.

Her picture frame will be highly displayed with your personalized paper rose of love attached to it.

Paper Roses
Paper Roses

Lifelike JustPaperRoses

Present the love of your life with this LifeLike JustPaperRoses, looks just like a real rose, but its made from Paper.

Have her guessing if its really a paper rose!

This LifeLike JustPaperRose are so real, she'll actually think to put in in water. It is the most realistic paper roses you will find anywhere.

These paper roses are handmade and are attach to realistic floral stems that have silk leaves. You might find other paper roses at online stores, but all of them seem to have a bare stem and no leaves.

You have the option to choose 12-Stem paper rose, 3 Stem paper rose or 1 stem paper rose. Stems measure 14 inches tall.

Color of paper roses you can choose;

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple or
  • Mixed paper roses.

There's also an option of VASES you can order to go with your paper roses:

  • For 12-stem paper roses, you can choose wood or teak vase
  • For 3-stem paper roses, you can choose teak or crystal vase

If you wondering if you can order the CRYSTAL VASE to go with your 12-Stem paper rose, the crystal vase does not fit the 12-stems paper roses.

To order any of the Paper Anniversary gifts above and see more, gorgeous, unique, creative and romantic 1st Anniversary Paper Gifts, click here.


To see more Traditional - Paper Anniversary gift ideas and other officially designated (Modern & Alternate) Anniversary gift ideas for 1st Anniversary, click here.

I trust that you love the Paper Anniversary Gifts Ideas.

I am excited for you both, may the Lord bless your marriage and may you see many more Anniversaries to come!

if you love the Anniversary gift ideas on this page, please hit the vote up button below, also feel free to leave me a comment, I will love to hear from you!

All the best in celebrating your 1st Wedding Anniversary!


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    • Madalyn Quire profile image

      Madalyn Quire 3 years ago

      Great ideas! I wanted to share this husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress from MyDreamlines. He sent them some photos and their artists sketched my dress. Great idea for the one year anniversary!

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Hello Crystolite

      Glad you like the article!

      Thank you for your comment.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice article tat i really enjoyed the pics in there.

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Hello Leahlefler

      I love the photo roses, its soooo unique, different and memorable!

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 6 years ago from Western New York

      I love the photo roses - what a cool way to celebrate life's adventures together! Definitely better than real flowers: the memories will last forever. :-D

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Hello Truckstop Sally

      Yes I agree with you and also love the fact that paper roses never wilt or die ;) and they surely last longer than the 7 days of fresh roses.

      Thanks Truckstop Sally for your comment, I appreciate it!

    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 6 years ago

      Great ideas! Love the paper roses. They will never wilt and die! I'm not that good at origami, but there are lots of cool things to make -- could add to the whole paper theme.