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Paris Event Theme Decorations and Supplies

Updated on April 17, 2013

Paris Backdrops and Decorations for a Paris Themed Prom, Party, Dance or other Event

Are you planning a Paris themed prom, party or other event? Here you'll find Paris themed backdrops and decorations and lots of ideas for hosting a stylish and romantic Parisian event.

Of course, there's the Eiffel Tower or La Tour Eiffel if we're really getting in the mood! Show your guests the views and cuisine of Paris and create a night they'll remember. You can make the Paris theme more specific with a Moulin Rouge or vintage theme, or a night in Paris evening theme.

Paris is a popular prom theme for 2012 and works well for formal dances and high-end events. It's also good for romantic occasions like weddings, engagement parties and anniversaries. And young girls will enjoy the sophistication of the Paris theme for a milestone birthday.

Toujours Cafe - Parisian Cafe Cardboard Building and Standees

A Parisien cafe is a classic feature of Paris life. You can put together your own Parisien cafe with the Toujours Cafe cardboard building and matching standees and themed accessories. You'll have to find your own waiters though!

Toujours Cafe Each

Cardboard Eiffel Tower Prop

It wouldn't be Paris without the Eiffel Tower! A tall Eiffel Tower prop is just what you need to set the scene.

Metallic Lights Eiffel Tower Silver 12

Vintage Paris Arch Decoration

You can take the paris theme in a Vintage direction with gorgeous decorations like this Paris arch way. An archway works well as an entrance or a photo prop.

Vintage Paris Arch Each

France Flag Polyester 3 ft. x 5 ft.

@ Amazon


French flags are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate for a Paris themed party.

Patterned Corr Paper 4' Cobblestone 25' Roll

A cobblestone floor makes a good finishing touch to a paris themed party. This cobblestone paper can be used to cover the floor and create an outdoor Paris under the stars feel.

Paris Background Materials

Paris Decorating Fabric

Use sophisticated black, white and red colors for your Parisien theme. Use black gossamer fabric to create a night sky and hang stars or have lights twinkling for a night in Paris effect.

Fl Ret Twinkle Stars Gossamer 60" Blu/whi 50 Yd Rl

Gossamer 60"x50 Yd Met Black Roll

Paris Event Theme Ideas

  1. Paris as famous for its street artists and musicians. Mime artists and accordion players are perfect. Jugglers also work very well.
  2. The Paris theme lends itself well to fine-dining, but if you're going for a more formal approach set up a small French market with fresh bread, cheese and meats and let guests walk through the stalls (deocrated tables) and help themselves. Serve fruit juice and also wine if the guests are old enough. If you set up a Parisian cafe you could also serve coffee and hot chocolate at the tables. A crepe stand making fresh French crepes will also be very popular!
  3. Provide some traditional French outfit accessories as photo props - a beret, a feather headband.
  4. Mona Lisa

    Create a mini version of the Louvre Art gallery with posters of paintings that hang in the Louvre. See: Louvre Posters at AllPosters.

  5. Set up a projector pointing to a white wall and show snapshots of famous Paris landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe. Maybe you know someone who has visited Paris and will share their photos with you?

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Paris Event Theme Decorations and Supplies

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