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It's Outdoor Party Time So Hang the Lanterns!

Updated on October 25, 2017

Lantern Themed Events:

A warm weather party can be absolutely the best. If your guests can be outside, that makes those events even better. Just imagine beautiful lanterns strung around the yard, candles flickering, white twinkling lights adding to the ambiance of the fireflies in the air.

If that is the kind of party you want, browse the information and products on this partying page. Allow the lantern theme grow and glow in your mind.

The image here is a detail of a Party invitation, called "Party Lanterns" from: Tiny Prints, Inc. . See the entire invitation below. I have personally used Tiny Prints and their sister site, Treat, for greeting cards. Their products are very high quality and you will not be disappointed.

On this page you will find invitations with a lantern theme in an array of colors for many occasions. You will also find my recommendations for keeping the bugs from crashing your event. Oh, yes, I have suggested recipes and serving dishes to keep your food safe for your alfresco party.

It's party time! Get your lanterns up.

It's party time! Get your lanterns up.
It's party time! Get your lanterns up.

Lanterns for an Alfresco Party

Amazon is the perfect place to find outdoor decor for a party. You have hundreds of choices, but I have offered you a few picks that I find irresistible.

Please note that I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase a lantern or other item as a result of visiting this page and clicking on a link. Thanks in advance!


Pronunciation: al-'fres-KO

Function: adjective or adverb

Etymology: Italian

Meaning: taking place or located in the open air

Signature white party invitations, Lovely Lanterns

Of course, this invitation can be personalized for any outdoor party. Lanterns, however, are not optional.

I have ordered from Tiny Prints many times and am constantly impressed with their quality and customer service.

Summer Cocktails for your backyard party:

All these recipes can be found right here on Squidoo! Mocktails to Rum drinks.

  1. Mocktails
    Pregnant? Religious restrictions? Underage? Hosting a party with children? Hosting a party of pregnant, religious, underage children? (just kidding :) Or are...

  2. The Best-Ever Hawaiian Punch Recipe
    The best-ever Hawaiian punch recipe you will ever find is available right here on this page! A homemade recipe, it is simple to put together, it is nutritiou...

  3. Mojitos - The Perfect Rum Drink
    I didn't discover mojito's until a few years ago, and I cannot believe it took me that long to find this incredible drink. I have long been a fan of ...

Debate: Do you love having a party alfresco style?

Sometimes planning an outdoor party can be very nerve-racking. Will the weather cooperate? What will I do if it doesn't? Will the bugs stay away on their own? If not, how do I keep them at bay? I know, there are only two choices. Choose the one you lean to and explain more in the "I say" box.

Outside parties? Love them or hate them?

Outdoor Wedding Events with Lanterns

Sweet Lanterns for bridal showers and engagement parties.

All of these lantern themed invitations can be customized for any event. Let's say you like the green lantern invitation below but you do not need a wedding invitation. The Tiny Prints online shop will let you use that pattern for any occasion and will customize it however your heart desires.

Signature ecru wedding invitations, Sweet Lanterns

(Keep on scrolling down to check out the Martha Stewart lanterns that are on which match the color of the above lantern invitation.)

The following invitations can be used for a Bridal Shower or an Engagement Party with a lantern theme:

Studio basics: bridal shower invitations, Antique Lanterns

Signature white engagement party invitations, Chinese Lanterns

More Lantern Themed Invitations - These lantern themed invitations can be customized for any event!

Get inspired by these invitations below. Build your outdoor party around these color schemes.

All images are from Tiny Prints, Inc. I am an affiliate, so if you click the cards, you will be taken to their website. Yes, I get a small commission, so I am thanking you right now.

BTW, the cards can be customized and do not have to be for the event on the card that is shown. For example, "Housewarming Party" can be changed to read "Backyard party", "Alfresco Wine Tasting" or anything you desire. The Red Egg card can also be for and event that is not a birthday party.

Click on the images to go to the Tiny Prints website to customize your invitations.

Real Lanterns to light up your outdoor party:

Amazon is a veritable world market when it comes to finding what you need to host a lantern themed party outside. If you just want round paper lanterns, you will find them here in all kinds of colors. Need solar power? Yep. What about flameless candles inside? Yep.

HomeReflections Indoor/Outdoor Galvanized Lantern with Flameless Candle & Timer (Black) - H191911
HomeReflections Indoor/Outdoor Galvanized Lantern with Flameless Candle & Timer (Black) - H191911

The glass globe gives this lantern weight and if you want to use a real flame, it just might keep the breeze from blowing it out.

Martha Stewart Crafts Lanterns, Green Accordion
Martha Stewart Crafts Lanterns, Green Accordion

Imagine these lanterns at a wedding that used the invitation shown on this page. Think green and ecru color scheme.

Chinese Paper Lanterns, pk of 12
Chinese Paper Lanterns, pk of 12

These lanterns match the blue Chinese Lantern invitation above.


Outdoor Entertaining Ideas:

No one can think of everything for an outdoor party, so feel free to browse the links below. I won't tell.

  • Entertain rain or shine! Party Alfresco Style ideas from Better Homes And Gardens. Casual entertaining in your own back yard.
  • Learn to make lovely lanterns from paper bags by clicking: Dinner at Dusk Paper Lanterns. Martha comes up with such creative and practical ideas.
  • Martha S. also has 60 Outdoor Party Ideas where you will find out how to make fluttery paper lanterns out of round pieces of tissue paper.

Keeping Cold Foods Cold at your outdoor party:

Alfresco dining can be made easy if you have the right equipment. You would not want to make your guests ill, would you?

Heat is not friendly to many foods, so you need to plan your menu carefully. For example, pasta salads with a vinegar and oil dressing are preferable to a mayonnaise based salad dressing. In fact, I have a recipe for a Spring Vegetable Orzo Pasta Salad you might consider for an outdoor party.

Chilled Condiment Server
Chilled Condiment Server

I like the lid that can protect the condiments from bugs and other detritus floating in the air.


Mom's Coleslaw
Three Coleslaw Salad Recipes that you should save to your hard-drive! My Mom used to make Pineapple Coleslaw salad every Thanksgiving and serve it in the g...

Guacamole: A Simply Easy Recipe
"A Simple Homemade Guacamole Recipe! Yes, purely easy! How do you like yours? Some people love their guacamole dip with all the fixins! Tomatoes, jalap...

Keeping Warm Outdoor Party Foods Up to Temp:

Just because your party is outdoors, it does not mean that the food should always be cold. Keep it warm, please. Nothing is worse than a cold hot dog or spinach quiche.

Super Easy Spinach Quiche Appetizer Recipe
Looking for the perfect homemade appetizer recipe? Think--easy recipe! My mini spinach quiches are the ideal appetizer for any situation.

Dean Martin's Hamburger Recipe
Bet ya did not know that Dean Martin had his own special hamburger recipe. Well he did and it is a classic. I first learned of this 2 ingredient recipe for ...

  • Super Easy Spinach Quiche Appetizer Recipe
    Looking for the perfect homemade appetizer recipe? Think--easy recipe! My mini spinach quiches are the ideal appetizer for any situation.

  • Dean Martin's Hamburger Recipe
    Bet ya did not know that Dean Martin had his own special hamburger recipe. Well he did and it is a classic. I first learned of this 2 ingredient recipe for ...

My favorite lantern to keep uninvited bugs away from my party!

This lantern from "OFF" really works. I own the table model, but I will be buying more of these attractive plastic lanterns for my deck and patio. In addition to providing a bit of illumination, the product keeps the insects away. Oh, I cannot smell an odor when these are lit.

Off! Powerpad Lantern 1 Each
Off! Powerpad Lantern 1 Each

Buy extra pads when you order this lantern!


This product shoots a spray that covers a large area around it. The lantern style fits the theme for an outdoor party just fine.

Sweet Party Food for the great outdoors!

These are all party recipe pages by me, Mickie_G

No party is complete without desserts. I hope you will consider the sweets shown below. The firts recipe idea comes from my step-daughter who loves to decorate cakes of any kind. The decorated cupcakes shown here were for a pool party.

A Swimmingly Cute Cupcake!
For my grand-daughter's 5th Birthday, her Mom created these oh-so-cute "Swimming Teddy" cupcakes! This idea is so easy that even the non-cooks out ...

These chocolate covered cherries were inspired by my mother who used to make these dipped confections every Christmas.

My Mother's Chocolate Covered Cherries
I remember how my mother used to start her homemade chocolate covered cherry candy a month before she would allow us to eat it. The reason: it takes that lon...(read more)

I will admit that I love parties that are outside. Any yard can be decorated to look festive. The best part is that because it is dark, the imperfections in your landscape can become invisible. By using lighting creatively, one can also refocus the eyes of your guests to the beauty that can be found outside.

FYI: I receive a small commission from Tiny Prints and Amazon when you make a purchase as a result of clicking one of their links on this page.

Glad you came to my lantern party! - Did you see anything that interests you?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love paper lanterns as well. Didn't know they had lantern invitations

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love paper lanterns. I haven't seen this theme before, I need to check it out!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      6 years ago from Central Florida

      Japanese paper lanterns are just so festive. Easy to store too since most of them fold down.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wonderful outdoor party items, makes me want to have a party right now.


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