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Patience Brewster Glass Ornaments

Updated on November 28, 2015

Making Patience Brewster Glass Christmas Ornaments With Old World Charm

After a decade of designing resin ornaments, Patience Brewster is bringing her designs to glass. Due to the way they're made, most glass ornaments are limited to basic bulb-like shapes. To get the complex shapes used in her drawings, Brewster ended up personally overseeing the creation of these ornaments as they were crafted by master glass blowers and painters in Poland.

I am a huge fan of the Patience Brewster Christmas ornaments and accessories. These whimsical designs make me smile every time I see them. They are a joy to behold and that is why they are among my very favorite decorations for the holidays. The Krinkles are usually made from a stone resin and now Patience has decided to create a line of glass ornaments with the same fanciful feel of her art work. I have pictures of her ornaments and you can find out about the detailed process that creates them. Hope you enjoy this lens and these beautiful glass Christmas ornaments as much as I do. I hope this lens will become an ornament and gift guide for all the other Patience Brewster fans out there.

Patience Brewster Red Santa Claus Glass Ornament

A Beautiful Glass Ornament Called Violetta Pig By Patience Brewster.  Image from Amazon and you can buy this collectible Christmas ornament here.
A Beautiful Glass Ornament Called Violetta Pig By Patience Brewster. Image from Amazon and you can buy this collectible Christmas ornament here.

How Are These Old World Glass Ornaments Make?

When you see these beautiful glass ornaments from the Patience Brewster collection you are going to ask, "How are they made"?

Artists make detailed clay models based on Brewster's drawings. These are then broken down into individual molds. Some ornaments require as many as 10 molds: Projections like feet and ears have to be made separately from the main body.

To form the ornament, the glass blower takes a tube of glass and heats an area of it that is roughly the length of the mold. Once at the right temperature, the blower quickly clamps the heated tube into a mold and blows in just the right amount of air to force the glass onto the mold's surface. The glass is then removed and refired to temper it, helping fix the shape. The completed pieces are then melted together to form a single hollow piece.

Patience Brewster Glass Violetta Pig Ornament

Patience Brewster Hand Made Hand Painted Glass Ornaments

Find out just how the beautiful glass ornaments from Patience Brewster are made. You won't believe how involved a process it is!

The Magi Glass Ornaments Are Part Of The Patience Brewster Christmas Nativity Collection.  The picture is from Amazon and the Magi ornaments are for sale on this page.
The Magi Glass Ornaments Are Part Of The Patience Brewster Christmas Nativity Collection. The picture is from Amazon and the Magi ornaments are for sale on this page.

After The Glass Has Cooled

After the glass has cooled, the breathing tube is left on to feed sliver nitrate into the inside of the piece, much the same way silver paint is used to coat glass to create a mirror. A quick bath in warm, soapy water fixes the sliver to the surface, making the piece opaque.

From there, the pieces are hand painted under Patience Brewster's supervision. The painters start with wide base coats, working their way to pearl and glitter trim. Each of these layers must dry before the next is applied. The breathing tube is cut, leaving a hole for mounting the hanger.

Unlike her resin molds, these glass ornaments can't be stamped with her logo. Instead, a silver tag is added at the end of the process. The completed ornament goes into a hand-painted box.

The Three Magi From The Patience Brewster Glass Ornaments Collection

Holiday Greetings From The Halloween Kitchen Witch

I hope your holidays are full of family and friends, lots of cheer and joy, and I wish for you a healthy, wonderful and happy New Year.

Old World Style Glass Christmas Ornaments - Love Them Or Hate Them?

People usually have a strong feeling about these Old World style glass ornaments, they really like them or they don't like them at all. Which side of the ornament war do you fall on?

Old World Glass Ornaments - Love Them Or Hate Them

Search For Glass Christmas Ornaments

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Now

Patience Brewster Glass Ornaments

Hand Made Process For Patience Brewster Ornaments

Patience Brewster Nativity Set


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