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Patriotic Christmas Cards

Updated on July 30, 2014

Christmas Cards with Patriotic Themes

This group of Christmas cards focuses on American patriotic Christmas cards, and one nice thing that really makes them look great is the deep colors of the red, white and blue of the American flag which can be incorporated into a lot of different images.

With so many families having their sons and daughters serve in the American military, patriotic Christmas cards are very popular with them, as well as for those sending them to their families; reminding them of who they are and why they serve.

Christmas time is a very lonely time for those in the armed forces, and sending and receiving a patriotic Christmas card is a great way to show appreciation for their effort and cost, as well as let families and loved ones know they're okay and thinking about them.

One other use I've seen of patriotic Christmas cards is in depicting American history, such as when George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware on Christmas eve. There's a nice Christmas card showing that event below.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, patriotic Christmas cards are a great way to show appreciation for those who serve, as well as communicate support to them and their loved ones while they serve.

Christmas Card Patriotic Santa

Simple many times is the best, and that's true with patriotic Christmas cards as well. I like this one of Santa which when you look at it puts a smile on your face.

But Santa better put that away when he's flying over certain parts of the world.

Patriotic Santa Christmas Card

Patriotic Christmas Card Santa Hanging From Helicopter Dropping Presents

This is a great Christmas card. What fun to show Santa hanging from the helicopter dropping presents across the barracks. The quality of the card is fantastic as well, especially that helicopter. Maybe it's called "Rudolph 1" or something like that. Fun patriotic Army Christmas card. 

Red, White and Blue Christmas Balls

This is a good example of a patriotic Christmas card theme using the colors of the American flag in a very compelling way. The richness of the colors stand out and make it a very good image to appreciate and enjoy.

Patriotic Christmas Card

Patriotic Christmas Card of George Washington Crossing Delaware

Here's an example I talked about earlier of a patriotic Christmas card of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas eve. The card is great, and there is a company that makes an entire series of these showing various scenes from the drama and story of that time.

What a fantastic way to show appreciation for our forefathers and what it cost them to birth America, as well as provide an opportunity to tell younger people of the history of this great nation.

Patriotic Christmas Card with "Seasons Greetings" on it

I saved this patriotic Christmas card for last because of the deep richness of the red, white and blue American flag colors included in the image. To me it's absolutely stunning, and a fantastic patriotic Christmas card that anyone in the American armed forces or families of those in the armed forces would really appreciate receiving.

Patriotic Christmas card celebrate family

I like the way those designing these patriotic Christmas cards went. They're not trying to send any message other than good will, encouragement and appreciation to American soldiers and their families at a time that is among the most important of the year for them all.

This is a terrific batch of patriotic Christmas cards to give you some ideas for your loved ones at this Christian and family time of the year.


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