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PAW Patrol Party Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2015

PAW Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a little one that loves the Nick Jr show featuring adorable pups that love to save the day and are known as the Paw Patrol. You might be looking for some PAW Patrol party supplies come time for them to celebrate their big day.

Hosting a PAW Patrol birthday party will be lots of fun as the theme itself involves many things that kids love. What could be cooler than puppies who have jobs as fire and police pups.

This page will be helpful in planning and putting together a PAW Patrol birthday party theme. You'll find everything from personalized PAW Patrol birthday supplies like invitations and favors to cake and cupcake decorating supplies, party decorations and mentions of helpful resources. There are plenty of great party ideas to rescue the day and help you plan an awesome Paw-ty for sure.

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Personalized Paw Patrol invitations
Personalized Paw Patrol invitations

PAW Patrol Party Invitations

Okay so the party has been decided and it's time to alert everyone about it with PAW Patrol invitations so they know they are wanted and their mission is to turn up on the big day to celebrate the bday boy or girls birthday.

A unique idea for invitations would be to make paw print invitations, to do this use some paw print stencils to trace a paw onto some card (stencils and silhouettes can be found from doing a Google search). You could cut around the paw to have the invite shaped like a paw or you could make furry paw invites as Kid Giddy did with a little fabric and scrap leather.

For specially designed invitations themed around the show, there are personalized PAW Patrol invites available from sources such as ebay and etsy, where there are plenty of well designed themed invitations featuring all of the PAW Patrol characters to choose from. Invites can also be customized to your needs if requested.

Photo source: etsy

Free Printable PAW Patrol Party Invitations

PAW Patrol
PAW Patrol

Nick Jr has these free PAW Patrol invitation templates... Just print them off and fill them in.

Paw Patrol edible cake image topper
Paw Patrol edible cake image topper

PAW Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas

To make your PAW Patrol birthday cake you could quite simply use a paw print cake pan or bone shaped cake pan to give your cake a shape that suits the theme... From there all you have to do is simply decorate it with a little icing, pipe a message on there or even pop some dog themed candles on it.

Another way to go about making a beautiful PAW Patrol cake is to use an edible cake image to decorate it. There are tons of PAW Patrol edible cake toppers you could use to make a cake look awesome. A border around the edible image is always a nice touch and images can be personalized with a birthday message.

If PAW Patrol cupcakes are more your thing or you will adding them to the menu. decorate them with different colored frosting and sprinkles which represent the pups colors and pop in a few Paw Patrol cupcake toppers.

Puppy dog birthday party decorations
Puppy dog birthday party decorations

PAW Patrol Party Decorations

One way to go about your PAW Patrol party decorations would be to spread the main colors of the theme around the party room by using streamers and balloons. The PAW patrol badge is mostly blue and red so you could use those colors as the main theme colors of the event. All the characters have their own colors when they are kitted up but it is still represented by their backpacks that they wear everywhere even when they are off duty, so you could also base your PAW Patrol decorations around these colors too. Marshall wears red, Chase: blue, Sky: pink, Rubble: Yellow, Rocky: green and Zuma: Orange.

As wall décor, there are free PAW Patrol banner templates available to download, print and use on the Nick Jr site. Add the banner to your party décor, by hanging it nice and high so everyone can see the message clearly. They even have printable placemats which are placeholders that kids can color in while they wait for the food to be bought in or for an activity to be set up.

One thing I like to do as well when I can't find posters for a theme is to use coloring pages instead. Once you've found a few PAW Patrol coloring pages online, print them of and color them in and be sure to have your little one help you as they will enjoy it too. Once its all done stick them around the room, you could even make a mosaic type backdrop behind the party table with these pages. It will look great.

Photo source: Janet - kids birthday parties

PAW Patrol Balloons - Puppy themed balloons perfect for this party

Puppy Paws Latex Balloon 6 Per Pack
Puppy Paws Latex Balloon 6 Per Pack

These blue and red PAW Print balloons would be a really nice addition to any PAW Patrol birthday party. The colors mean that they will match most of your PAW Patrol decorations and of course the small prints tie in perfectly to the puppy theme.

Puppy Dog Party Favors
Puppy Dog Party Favors

PAW Patrol Party Favors

Kids love favors so it's always a good idea to make them a fun mix of goodies that will have your guests barking with joy when they see what's inside their favor bags or boxes.

For PAW patrol themed favors you could use some of the Nick Jr PAW Patrol printables to make favors to fill up their PAW Patrol party bags.The Pups love their treats so to make small bags of doggy treats use free PAW Patrol favor topper templates to seal cellophane bags. Fill these bags with jelly beans, coco pops, m&m's, skittles, smarties or even cookies.

There are also templates to make your own PAW Patrol party blowouts, popcorn holders and lollipop wrappers all of which would make great favors at the party.

As a handmade favor, why not make cute dog ear headbands for the guests to wear, Martha Stewart has a tutorial to make Dalmatian dog ear headbands which would be a lovely personal touch for kids to wear at the party and take home with them.

To add to the excitement when kids see the favors you could have them in drawstring backpacks so they have their own puppy kits like the PAW Patrol. The idea is inspired by My Emiline who made amazing Puppy kits for her son's 4th PAW Patrol themed birthday party. I would recommend using her steps for putting the image onto the backpacks but if your not so handy with a sewing machine like me, picking up some cheap drawstring backpacks would be easier.

Photo source: Janet - Kids birthday parties

Paw Print Favor Bags

Creative Converting 8 Count Paw-ty Time Party Favor Loot Bags
Creative Converting 8 Count Paw-ty Time Party Favor Loot Bags

These colorful paw print party bags are great for filling up with favors and treats..


PAW Patrol Party Favor Ideas

PAW Patrol party hats and blowouts are great way to keep their party spirits up and PAW Patrol stickers will be a guranteed hit... Kids love stickers!

Think fast...

Who's Your Favorite Pup?

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Dog bone cookies by rsvpscakes
Dog bone cookies by rsvpscakes

PAW Patrol Party Food Ideas

When it's time to feed all your guests these PAW Patrol themed party food ideas will be more than enough to keep them happy.

*Make dog bone cookies or paw print cookies by using a dog bone/paw print cookie cutter to shape your cookies. You could do this with sandwiches, cheese, Jello and even fruits.

*Since our heroes don't eat from plates like we do you could serve or even present some of the food in dog bowls... Brand new ones of course. This would be great for serving Graham cracker Scooby snacks and foods of that nature.

* You could make a mix of cereal snack mix labelled "Puppy Chow". Coco pops, Cherios, Rice Krispies would all work well in this mix.

* Hot dogs are a must for this theme as well, you just have to have them. You could even go a step further to make these awesome dog in dog snacks..(check out the vid below)

Photo source: Lisa Mitchell

How to make dog in a dog Snacks

Skye Paw Patrol Coloring Page
Skye Paw Patrol Coloring Page

PAW Patrol Party Games and Activities

The PAW Patrol are always involved in rescue missions that involve plenty of action and so it would be a good idea to include a few activities where kids get to move around a little. My Emiline made an awesome obstacle course in her backyard for the kids to complete. It included challenges ranging from Jumping jacks in a box, going over and under strings to knocking down a bucket with a hose. You can use some of these ideas for events to make an obstacle course of your own depending on what you have at your disposal.

PAW Patrol Photo Poster templates for making posters with holes in them for guests to pop their heads in to have their photo taken and Pin the badge on Marshall or Skye printable games are available on Nick Jr. Print them off and have them up as part of your party games to keep your guests entertained.

Have a Puppy scavenger hunt by hiding several bones around your house or yard (you can make these from cardboard) and have the kids go on a scavengers hunt to find them all. After all the bones have been found everyone can win a little prize - perhaps some plush puppy toys.

As a nice activity to slow things down a little bit, let them color in some PAW Patrol coloring pages. With Crayons and coloring pencils at the ready the kids won't hesitate to dive in.

Paw Patrol Pinata

Paw Patrol Pinata (Marshall the firePup)
Paw Patrol Pinata (Marshall the firePup)

If your looking for a pinata for this theme, I've a found a Marshall pinata at Angelas Pinatas etsy shop and it looks great. You can also find other puppy themed pinata's on

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