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Peacock Christmas Ornaments

Updated on November 30, 2015

Peacock Ornaments Are An Elegant Color Scheme For Your Christmas Tree

Unique Christmas ornaments like the Peacock ornaments you see in the stores have gained some popularity in the past couple years. Peacock costume sales are on the rise around Halloween too, I guess you can't keep anything so lovely a secret! The colors of a peacock are beautiful and vibrant, they catch your eye right away. I always have to stop and admire peacock decorated items. They are elegant and if you decide to hang them this Christmas they will only enhance the look of your holiday tree. Here are some of the prettiest peacock ornaments I've found to grace my tree with and I thought I would share them with you, just in case you are going out of your way to find some of these unique and colorful ornaments of your own. The image shown here is from Amazon and you can find it for sale at the bottom of this page.

This isn't an ornament for your Christmas tree, but I wanted you to see it first. This is an outdoor ornament to put out in your front yard or on your porch. It's a lovely decoration to use outside your home at this most special time of year. Combine the shape of a peacock, some LED lighting and lots of sparkling sequins and look what you get!

Ready To Hang Peacock Ornaments

Let these rich, iridescent blues, greens, gold and turquoises be the signature colors of your Christmas decorating scheme. The peacock is the most beautiful bird in the world and there's no more beautiful color combination with which to decorate your Christmas tree with. Imagine how unique your Christmas decor will be with these unusual and lovely ornaments.

Set Of 2 Acrylic Peacock Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Here are two acrylic ornaments in the shape of these regal birds, the peacock, ready and waiting to be put up high on your tree in a place of honor.

Peacock Wrapping Paper

Now this is what I call beautiful wrapping paper! Imagine how lovely your gifts are going to look when they are wrapped up in this peacock wrapping paper. Just gorgeous!

Glass Peacock Ornaments

When you think of a peacock you think of the beautifully colored iridescent greens and blues that come in nature from a peacock's feathers. These Christmas ornaments come in glass, feathers, acrylic and many other mediums, and each is more beautiful than the next.

A Peacock (Peafowl) Flaring His Feathers

A Peacock (Peafowl) Flaring His Feathers
A Peacock (Peafowl) Flaring His Feathers

Peacock Ornaments For You To Wear

This Peacock Broach Would Look Lovely On You!

Browsing all these beautiful peacock inspired ornaments is making my holiday shopping easy as can be, and look, I've found something for myself as well as several people on my Christmas list!

Close Up Picture Of A Peacock Feather

Close Up Picture Of A Peacock Feather
Close Up Picture Of A Peacock Feather

Beautiful Peacock Colored Ornaments

Kurt Adler Purple & Blue Feather Peacock Clip On Ornament

The Beautiful Colors Of A Peacock

The Beautiful Colors Of A Peacock
The Beautiful Colors Of A Peacock

Which Is Your Favorite Color From The Peacock? - Can You Pick Just One?

Do you have a favorite color from a peacock's feather? Is it one of the rich blues, greens, the golds, or the turquoises, or is it the wonderful combination of these iridescent colors that hold the attraction for you.

Which of the rich and beautiful colors in a Peacock's feather is your favorite?

See results

More Christmas Ornaments And Peacock Gift Ideas

Are you still looking for more peacock themed gift ideas?

What Do You Know About Peacocks? - Yes, Peacock Christmas Ornaments Are Beautiful

What do you know about Peacocks aside from the fact that they are very beautiful birds and make fabulous Christmas ornaments. Well, here are some facts I hope you enjoy learning.

  1. The Peacocks we know, the one with the bright and richly colored feathers are male birds and they are called Peafowl. They parade their feathers around to attract the female birds.
  2. Female Peacocks are called Peahens and they don't have the bright feathers the males have. Peahens are brown.
  3. Baby Peacocks are called Peanuts ... No, not really ... they are called Peachicks
  4. A pride or party is what a group of Peacocks is called
  5. Did you know that the Peacock is the national bird of India?
  6. Male peacocks are about 7 feet tall when they fan their feather upward.
  7. Peacocks are symbols of beauty, but that's no surprise is it. They are also symbols of a symbol of royalty, immortality, and of peace.

Look At This Peafowl Dancing For His Peahen - Work It Man, Work it

It's the amazing dance the male peacock does to attract a mate.

The Rare Pied Peacock


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