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Pen Screwdriver: Convenience and Versatility

Updated on October 24, 2013

You really never know when a screw will come loose. You may be getting out of the shower and the towel rack falls apart. You may have an issue with some obscure part of the vehicle while you are getting out for soccer practice. You might run into someone who has an urgent need. Whatever the situation may be, it can be inconvenient to dig through the toolbox to find that needed tool. Additionally, you may be like me, wondering if your husband meant flat head or Phillips when he asked for a screwdriver. This handy piece is cheap, but it's quality is excellent. It's easy to stock up so that you can stow them in obvious and not so obvious spots where they might be needed. I knew it was a good choice when my hubby was impressed with the one I picked up for him at our local feed store. In fact, I knew it was great when I picked up another for myself!

The Basics

The 4-in-1 pen style screwdriver is really simple. It includes two bits, each having two heads. These double ended bits provide you with two flat and two Phillips heads. The bits store in opposite ends of the plastic pen-like container, covered with rounded lids much like those used for real pens. A clip allows for convenient front shirt pocket carrying, but your pen screwdriver set will also stow nicely in a glove compartment, your purse or the medicine cabinet. Mine rests conveniently in reach in a basket in the master bathroom near some other micro tools and materials that get frequent use around the house. The bright yellow and black design is helpful for easy identification, especially if your tool drawer or desk drawer tends to be crowded.

Who Can Use the Pocket Screwdriver?

While husbands are the most obvious recipients of such tools, I find that it's a great option for my sons as well. It's perfect as a stocking stuffer for a tactile child. This is a great component for your teen son's first tool box. My 11 year old has an appreciation for real tools, and this is a great option for his Christmas stocking as well. Don't skip the girls in the family. Even my teen girls have occasional fix-it issues in their rooms. Keep them in the vehicles just in case. The affordable pricing makes it easy to stock up on these for varied needs and people. As I said, I got my own because I liked it so much.

If your youngsters are hands-on learners, what a great gift this is for encouraging manual skills and basic home maintenance abilities. Of course, it stands to reason that you could encounter unexpected instances of its use. Teach those youngsters to use the tool in proper settings.

Delcast Phillips, Slotted and Torx Precision Screwdriver Set, 10 Piece
Delcast Phillips, Slotted and Torx Precision Screwdriver Set, 10 Piece

A set of micro screwdrivers is a must around our house. While the set is designed with electronics in mind, we have used these screwdrivers for many eyeglasses repairs and sewing machine issues.

Ladies' Pink Hardware SteelTec Tool Kit - 105 Pc., Pink
Ladies' Pink Hardware SteelTec Tool Kit - 105 Pc., Pink

I secretly would love my own set of pink tools. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to buy it myself...I don't think my husband would ever entertain the thought of buying or using pink tools. Oh, well....sigh!


Do you like micro tool sets?

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      nonya222 4 years ago

      I love all tool sets and ones I can carry in my purse are awesome!