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Penguin Halloween Costumes

Updated on November 7, 2015

Penquin Costumes

Penguins are without a doubt among the most beloved of all little creatures, and their adorable look has been a pattern for Halloween or Christmas costumes for a long time.

Just be sure not to be confused with the other Penguin, you know, the foe of Batman, who also has some fans for their choice of a Halloween costume, this is about the little penguin animal, not the villain Penguin.

There are a couple of things that make penguins a good choice for Halloween costumes. First, you can don them as a family and show up as a group of penguins. You can even include the family dog if you happen to be those doing the entertaining. (I'm not sure others would necessarily want a dog in a penguin costume running around their house.)

But the most obvious reason for choosing a penguin costume is because of how cute it looks on a little child. The size of a penguin and little child are close to one another, and maybe that's why they're as cute and desirable to look at as any other type of costume on an infant or toddler.

Penguin Costumes

Unless you're going to make your own penguin Halloween costume, this is pretty much the standard costume you'll be able to acquire commercially. The red bow tie is a nice touch, and the feet of the penguin costume are always among the more humorous for this theme.

Adult Penquin Costume

Infant Penguin Costume

This cute little baby below is why I mentioned penguin costumes are such a good choice for those looking for an adorable outfit to adorn their child with. The little eyes and beak above the baby's face are wonderful.

All the baby has to do is to do and look like it always does in order to look cute in the penguin outfit.

Baby Penguin Costume

Handmade Penguin Costume for Child

If you're crafty, you may want to use the penguin costume below as a guide to make your own creation. Just be sure to include the black, orange and white colors as part of the costume and you should do okay.

Homemade Penguin Costume

Infant Penguin Costume with Top Hat

This is a little bit of a different look for a penguin costume for a baby, mostly because of the little top hat which is a great addition to the costume theme. The little sleeves sticking out like fins also look nice.

Baby Penguin Costume

Pet Penguin Costume

With babies and dogs being the absolutely funnest to dress in costumes, it's no surprise that this little pooch below looks so captivating, although in the usual dog straight face it shows no emotion concerning the costume or the situation. That's what make dogs so fun to dress up in costumes.

Dog Penguin Costume

Penguin Costume Options

Whether you dress up as a penguin yourself, as a family, or only your children or dog, it's plain to see that they are a lot of fun and delightful to look at. The contrasting colors and love of the penguin itself help generate the good feeling and good will concerning the costume.


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