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Peppa Pig Party Ideas & DIY for Parties

Updated on May 6, 2015

Are you having a Peppa Pig Girls Birthday Party?

For this Peppa Pig Party Ideas Page I've researched and listed an abundance of Peppa Pig party information below for Mum's looking for ideas... or just to find some Peppa fun for the littlies.

Below you'll find Free coloring pages, free activities, links to games, videos, costumes, cakes and more!

Free Peppa Pig Party Printables

Click here to get these free printables....
Click here to get these free printables.... | Source

FREE Printable Peppa Pig Colouring Pages

Now these coloring pages can be wonderful to use for a party.

Or just print them out for your little Peppa Pig fan to color in any time (available for personal use only)


Print them out two to a page (or one to a page) and staple them together to make a mini colouring book ... perhaps with a colored in sheet on top and give out to the kids to take home. (even better would be to put their name on the front)

Or... give them out as a colouring in competition that they do at the party. Best colouring effort wins a prize?

Or... use them as placemats and just have a tin of colored penciles on the table and they can color in if they wish.


Color them in on your computer using any paintshop program then print them out and use them as posters to decorate the room.

Or use cardboard and put an image on both sides of the cardboard. Then put a hole in the board to tie fishing wire to it and then use them as hanging decorations from the roof.


Color them in on the computer ... then add your guests names on a sheet each and print out. Or print them out as is and colour them in yourself with markers or pencils. Stick them on the chairs for fun table seating allocations. Or stick cardboard to them and attached them to something (like a peg, clip etc) to make them stand up on their own. They can then be used as table place markers which will add heaps of colour to the table!

Label Ideas.

If you're proficient with word processing and know how to make labels... then why not use the coloured jpegs and insert them into a label template for printing onto labels? You could use them on the cups, on bowls to label the food, as cupcake toppers, make name tags for each child (which will definitely help you out) :), put them on the party favor bags, put them on the invites, anywhere you want!

Free Peppa Pig Coloring Sheets


Have a look at these adorable Peppa Pig Cupcakes - by Melinda's Fantasy Cupcakes

Courtesy of Fantasy Cupcakes
Courtesy of Fantasy Cupcakes

How to Make a Fondant Pig

Making Edible Characters out of fondant is just like using plasticine/modelling clay. Lots of fun too!


Adorable Fondant Peppa Pig Rocket Ship Shape Cake


Look at this adorable Peppa Pig Boat Cake! So cute!


FREE Peppa Pig Printable Reward Wall Charts!

A great way to motivate kids to do their chores or learn to behave is with reward charts! And reward charts also work a treat for things like Potty training.

So if your child is a big Peppa fan then what better... than to use Peppa reward charts?

Choose the one you like/need... then just print it out... (laminate it if you can) stick it to the fridge/wall and then place a sticker on succesive numbers every time your child does something good. Then when they hit the end mark they get a lovely reward!


Here's a fun video of a couple putting together their Peppa Pig Party plus footage of the party

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      thank you, this has just saved me about 100 hours of pinterest and ebay research! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Wonderful page and so helpful, thank you so much.

    • locksmithbrisbane profile image

      John Magee 4 years ago from Brisbane

      Peppa Pig is my favorite show. Never knew there was so much merchandise.

    • mueedahmad profile image

      mueedahmad 5 years ago

      This lens is very interesting. You have shared great ideas!

    • profile image

      fashionyahoo 5 years ago

      this is great lens, but some photos doenst work, but other then that I LOVE IT

    • designINmind profile image

      designINmind 5 years ago

      I never heard of Peppa Pig before. How adorable! Great party ideas :)

    • The Spotted Olive profile image

      The Spotted Olive 5 years ago

      How cute!

    • profile image

      allpetscherished 5 years ago

      I never heard of Peppa Pig!! Wow, and I have children. They are missing out! Thanks for the info and great lens.

    • Elhamstero profile image

      Elhamstero 6 years ago

      My daughter loves Peppa Pig. We went to Peppa Pig World for her birthday this year and she loved it. The queues were enormous though!

    • profile image

      RobGrawberger 6 years ago

      My niece absolutely loves Peppa Pig..... What a wonderful page full of great ideas and activities.

    • Pip Gerard profile image

      Pip Gerard 6 years ago

      @lizziehumphreys1: and it's great!! â¥

    • profile image

      Appsgalore 6 years ago

      This is great! My 2 year old daughter LOVES peppa pig!

    • lizziehumphreys1 profile image

      lizziehumphreys1 6 years ago

      I love Peppa Pig lol :) I have made a Peppa Pig Free Coloring Pages lens!

    • daoine lm profile image

      daoine lm 6 years ago

      Another family of Peppa Pig fans here :-)

    • profile image

      starzraven 6 years ago

      Love Peppa Pig! Great Lens! :)

    • hunksparrow profile image

      hunksparrow 6 years ago

      What a cute character.