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All About Personal Christmas Cards

Updated on October 9, 2008

It's That Time of The Year to Give out Personal Christmas Cards!

Can’t stop hearing the non-stop Christmas songs on the radio? Can you feel the chilling cold air and the see the falling leaves on the trees? Then it must be that time of the year again! And what other better way to greet people you love and care about than giving them personal Christmas cards? Personal Christmas cards are a symbol of how much you care for a person. It just shows how you can remember to greet a person on the very special day of Christmas. Personal Christmas cards is the best way to let your love one know that you care and you wish them all the best for Christmas.

It Doesn't Matter If Your Kid Made It. It's The Thought That Counts!
It Doesn't Matter If Your Kid Made It. It's The Thought That Counts!

A Brief History of Personal Christmas Cards

The traditional giving of written and personal Christmas cards started in 1843. While the giving of printed Christmas cards started in London in 1822. Sending Christmas cards even became a problem with the U.S. postal office which was still just a few years old during that time. The very first personal Christmas cards read “merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.” Out of one thousand personal Christmas cards copies made, only 12 remains at present, all owned by private collectors.

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Types Of Personal Christmas Cards

  1. There are many types of different personal Christmas cards. Usually, a printed card with original Christmas designs are given away and can be bought in either blank or with a printed message on them. But whether it’s blank or printed with a message, people still write their own messages to them for a more personal touch. Designs vary from pop-up to musical personal Christmas cards.
  2. Another type of personal Christmas cards is by using photo cards. Usually, this is a photo of the person or the family of the person printed in a photo paper and a simple message is written to wish the people they will be giving the card to a merry Christmas. The back of the paper can be bought blank or postcard style.
  3. Postcards can also be used as personal Christmas cards. They’re easy to inspect by the postal mail services, affordable, almost available everywhere and even you can just print them outright from your computer for free.
  4. There are many personal Christmas cards for sale in boxed sets. It comes in different designs you can choose from. And it is best to buy these boxed sets before Christmas, when they are still at their discounted price. Some of these boxed sets of personal Christmas cards have free envelopes and Christmas gift tag. It is ideal if you will be giving out personal Christmas cards and gifts to many people.
  5. Personal Christmas cards through email or e-cards are becoming popular today. Most websites help you design your very own customized personal Christmas cards for free. Sending e-cards are not just fast; it’s also free and unique.

Cross-stitches Can Be Made Into Good Gifts as Well As to say Personal Christmas Greetings
Cross-stitches Can Be Made Into Good Gifts as Well As to say Personal Christmas Greetings

Give a Personal Christmas Card, Make Someone Happy!

Giving out personal Christmas cards is like gift-giving, a tradition of Christmas which will not disappear anytime soon. Designs vary from fanciful to elegant, depending to the personality of the person you will be giving it to. So give out a personal Christmas card, make someone happy this Christmas.


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