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Personalized Wedding Gifts For Couple

Updated on February 9, 2014

Thoughtful And Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas For A Newlywed Couple

I've been married twice. Still married to my second husband for over 17 years. Having received plenty of gifts during two wedding ceremonies and parties, I think I'm rather qualified to talk about personalized wedding gifts for couple. And what make crappy and boring gifts to give, on the other hand.

Many people like to give typical wedding gifts because it's easy to do it and they don't need any personalization, any extra work, but exactly these kinds of gifts get thrown away, forgotten in a closet somewhere - or worse, are further given as wedding gifts to someone else when the couple is invited to another friend's wedding.

That's not a nice life for a gift to have!

I hope the ideas below will spark your creativity and make it easier to make or buy unique and personalized wedding gifts at the next party or wedding ceremony you are invited to.

Image credits: Creative Commons with my own additions

The Easiest Gift To Personalize: A Wedding Card

It's true. No matter what other gifts you give, there is something that can always be personalized, and the best thing about it: you can do it in any way you want, with any crafting knowledge you have. I'm talking about personalized greeting cards for weddings.

Whether you are using the exquisite and very beautiful parchment crafting, or rubber stamping on cards, or merely using free stencils to add to a simple cardstock piece, these are all gifts that will be loved because they come from you, and not merely from one or the other greeting card shop or gift shop.

A Wedding Card I Made In 2008 With Parchment Crafting

A Wedding Card I Made In 2008 With Parchment Crafting
A Wedding Card I Made In 2008 With Parchment Crafting

I made the card above using the popular parchment crafting technique which consists of cutting and embossing elements on parchment - also called vellum paper (the same paper used in scrapbooking, except it's a bit thicker).

You might not think this card is very wedding-like, however if you knew the couple, you'd totally agree with my gift of choice (I also bought them a coffee machine and a beautiful table cloth, but that's another story).

Both love ladybugs (actually the way they met had something to do with ladybugs as well) and they love to be out in the nature. So a greeting card with these very elements on it was just the present that they would treasure forever. So yes, this is the perfect personalized wedding gift for a couple that loves ladybugs and love to be outdoors.

And it's true, every time I visit them, I see my card added inside a little vault with glass doors where they treasure such other cute knick-knacks that they like to have forever on display.

Learn More About Making Parchment Greeting Cards

Ready For Your Next Wedding To Give A Personalized Gift

Want to learn a bit more about the art of parchment crafting and how to learn to make your own personalized wedding gifts to give the next time around? Here are two pages I wrote on this very topic right here on Squidoo.

Pergamano - Parchment Craft
Pergamano Parchment Craft is the ancient art of bringing parchment paper to life using cutting, embossing, painting and customizing elements on vellum paper.

Free Parchment Craft Patterns Sites
Here are some great free parchment craft patterns that I personally collected for you to use in your new hobby: parchment crafting

Popular Parchment Craft Books That Teach You How To Make That Unique Gift For Any Occasion

These are all books I've learned Pergamano (the brand name for parchment craft) several years ago. I no longer have the books as I've sold one on eBay once I learned from them, but they served me well for over 5 years. The very first book on the top is the book that got me started. It has some very basic patterns that you can do without too much effort. Martha Ospina (the lady behind the brand name Pergamano) gives all the necessary tools that you need and then she takes you by the hand to do the very first easy project. Each following card idea is based on the previous one with the skills built up on what you've already learned before.

The rest of the books are also great and teach you additional tips, plus they give you many card templates and patterns to use over and over again.

More Card Making Ideas For Your Next Personalized Wedding Gift For A Couple - Hand made cards ideas below

  1. Using rubber stamping techniques
  2. Stenciling with free stencils, including free alphabet stencils and free printable number stencils
  3. Using pop-up methods and origami
  4. With the help of paper quilling technique
  5. With decoupage

Personalized Wedding Frame

A picture frame that can be personalized with the photos of the couple and with personalized words and sayings is a great gift to give. Of course it won't be the only thing you'd give, but it might just be the only personalized one they will receive. You'd be surprised to know how many boring gifts a newly wed couple can get - I know, I went through it twice!

How About Some Personalized Wine Glasses For The Couple?

This is a great gift for a newlywed couple because it is not only for the bride, or only for the groom: it is for both of them, and especially early on in their new journey together, every couple wants both of them to have the same thing.

Gifts Infinity® Personalized Wine Glasses - 10 Oz. - Set of (4)
Gifts Infinity® Personalized Wine Glasses - 10 Oz. - Set of (4)

Here you have not 2, but 4 wine glasses that can be easily personalized when you buy them. Two for the bride and two for the groom, especially since glasses usually break so easily, at least both of them will have a spare.

I think it's a great (and quite inexpensive) gift idea for a newly wed couple, a gift that again, won't be simply stored away to gather dust balls.

personalized decanter and wine glasses
personalized decanter and wine glasses

A Personalized Wine Decanter

Even better than just 2 wine glasses

Can you top 2 wine glasses with something even better? I can, because it's actually a gift that we gave to a couple just a few years ago as their wedding gift. They were thrilled.

They are both wine lovers (just like us), and having their own glasses with a decanter to pour their wines from - an elegant decanter, I might add - was something to be treasures.

Every time we visit them for an evening snack they always take out the decanter (sadly the glasses broke, and they replaced them with others in the meantime), but the decanter is still well, alive and prominently used and displayed.

I think it's a nice touch as a wedding gift that can be easily personalized.

Would You Give A Newly Wed Couple Wine Or Alcohol Related Gifts?

Would You Give A Newly Wed Couple Wine Or Alcohol Related Gifts?

See results
giving a wedding gift
giving a wedding gift

More Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples

Here are some more ideas for personalized wedding gifts. When hearing the word 'personalized' most people think of objects with the names inscribed in them, in fact 'personalized' also means non-typical, something that was personally chosen for them, something rather unique.

I hope you will find the ideas below entertaining enough to put them in action.

* How about some free dinner cards for two at their favorite restaurant? They can use these cards during one of those quiet evenings once the whole wedding event has calmed down. They can eat out in a romantic setting and enjoy their newly wed status.

* A one year subscription to one of their most favorite magazine or a book collection. Maybe they like flipping through National Geographic? A year's subscription will be a lovely and rather unique gift for both of them. Or how about all the Dan Brown novels in hardcover (including the latest book that just came out now, Inferno.

* Start their new wine collection - If they've just moved to a new home, they will have somewhere a mini bar, or a place to keep all their unopened bottles of drinks. How about adding to that with a nice collection of 3-5 great bottles of wine that can age gracefully and can be consumed even years after? One idea here is to consult the wine store owner about what wines to well together and what can be stored for several years and make great personalized wedding gifts for couple

A Honeymoon Journal Perhaps?

Pretty much every couple goes on a honeymoon - either right after the wedding, or soon after. Not many people think of giving the newlyweds a honeymoon journal, one that they can look back to through the years to come over and over again.

Our Honeymoon Journal (Interactive Journals)
Our Honeymoon Journal (Interactive Journals)

So what exactly is a honeymoon journal? Well, it is a diary of sorts, a notebook where the newlywed couple can add their notes, daily events, thoughts and pictures that they've taken during their honeymoon trip.

The journal will become a precious keepsake for the very first few weeks of the couple as being together.

I think this is a very thoughtful and personalized gift idea for any couple - and it will never fail because well, how many couples DON'T go for a honeymoon trip anyway?


So What Other Personalized Wedding Gifts For Couple Can You Think Of? - What have you given to couples that just got married that really made them say Wow?

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    • aviwolfson profile image

      Avi Wolfson 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great ideas, here for those looking for Personalized Wedding Gifts!

    • Camden1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great suggestions! I especially love the idea of a honeymoon journal. I'm not a scrapbooker or journaling type, but for some reason I did make a scrapbook of our honeymoon. We just celebrated our 19th anniversary and had a marvelous evening with the kids looking at our scrapbook.


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