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Personalized Christmas Tree Skirt

Updated on August 2, 2014

Personalized Tree Skirt

Making or buying a personalized gift for anyone is a wonderful way to show you're thinking about them and value their friendship, and when it comes to Christmas trees skirts, a personalized tree skirt, especially one with the family name on it, is a great way to remind everyone why Christmas is so special, and that they're still so important to you.

What's really neat about this is you can take any theme that the family relates to and put your name in a strategic place on the Christmas tree skirt to make it a special reminder and message that everyone in the family will appreciate. It can also be passed on to a member of the family that can keep it and tell the stories concerning the Christmases you always enjoyed so much together

As you'll see in the the personalized Christmas tree skirts below, this is very simple to do while having a nice Christmas theme and design to make it aesthetically appealing while personally warming.

I think personalized Christmas gifts are always the best ones we receive and the most memorable. And when all is said and done, and as time passes by, it's those types of memories that a Christmas decoration like a personalized tree skirt offer to make our lives a little bit more meaningful and connected.

Personalized Tree Skirt with Christmas Colors

While this is a very traditional tree skirt with the outer circle including the names of those that are personalized on the fabric, it's really nice because of the glittery colors and the great bows which I really like. Even though it includes solid colors, the way they are put on make this a great personalized Christmas skirt.

Below that one is a personalized tree skirt with the colors changing positions, with the name still in white lettering, but on a red background. The vining design on that lower part of the tree skirt also adds a lot to. It just shows that simple and minimalist doesn't have to be boring, which in these two personalized Christmas tree skirts, I don't think happens in any way.

Personalized Tree Skirt

Personalized Christmas Tree Skirt

Personalized Christmas Tree Skirt with White Background

This personalized tree skirt is unique in that it has a white background, highlighted by the leaves seemingly floating around the edge. The name of the family being higher up is also a little different than some, and is a nice touch when removing the presents to finally unveil the family name.

Another strong element is the unique texture of the tree skirt, which to me looks awesome.

The tree skirt below that also includes the name being written a little higher up on the skirt, with great white images and bright red background. Deciding on a red background and white lettering and designs for your Christmas tree skirt seems to work the best. Very nice.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Red Christmas Tree Skirt with Beautiful White Designs

Personalized Tree Skirts

This final tree skirt was my favorite among the personalized Christmas tree skirts because of the traditional background and wonderful snowflakes of different types and sizes. The white edge with the name in red letters was also very appealing to me, and it was tree skirt I think any family would enjoy.

Personalized and Customized Christmas Tree Skirts

While there are a lot of Christmas tree skirts that have extraordinary quality and design, a personalized tree skirt, even those with the most simple design which include the family name on them, have that little bit extra to them that makes Christmas just a little bit more special for everone involved.


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    • profile image

      Joseph Micallef from Malta 7 years ago


      Can somebody tell me from where can I buy a personalized christmas skirt?


      Joseph Micallef

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very pretty tree skirts. Something to treasure every Christmas. - Carol