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Peter Pan Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Supplies

Updated on June 9, 2014

Peter Pan Birthday Party Theme

Throw a magical Peter Pan birthday theme with these Peter Pan birthday party ideas and supplies. Party Decorations, favors, invitations and cake supplies to create something that will make your child never want to grow up.

The story of Peter Pan is a classic much loved by many. So if you have a little one who has fallen in love with the enchanting tale and you want to theme their birthday party around it. You might be looking for some Peter Pan birthday party supplies to use for the event. This page features everything from hard to find tableware, diy tutorials and plenty of inspiration and peter pan birthday party theme ideas.

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Peter Pan Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Etsy and Ebay are great places to find Free Peter Pan invitations, we've found some great designs there. Whether you want to base your party on the book, animated disney movie or the actual movie will play a big part in how you have your invites, but both these sources are great for finding custom and personalized peter pan party invites.

If you'd like to make the invitations yourself, you could make Neverland map invites by drawing a neverland map on some paper, add some wording and a x mark to represent party destination. Then proceed to make the invites look worn out BY dabbing teabags on them and tearing and burning the edges. As an extra touch you could deliver invites in little bottles so it feels like a note from sea.

Kids party invites also have Free Peter Pan invitations if your looking for templates to quickly fill in and send off.

Peter Pan Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Green and brown should be the main colors in your peter pan birthday party decorations. Soild colored party supplies are always helpful in spreading the colors around a party room and tend to be relatively cheap and easy to pick up. Hang up Balloons and streamers in these colors around the party. A green tablecloth will set the base for the rest of your table decorations.

Of course a Peter Pan theme would not be complete without some pirate decorations. A few skull and crossbone flags on some stripey material would make a good backdrop. If you child is a fan of Tinker Bell some fairy additions here and there is always nice. For example you could fill up a jar with gold glitter and name it Tinker Bells pixie dust as part of your peter pan table decorations.

Since it's the easiest and simpliest of peter pan decorating ideas featured here you could get your child to help put up some posters or coloring pages that they've colored in around the party room.

Peter Pan Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

A 3D pirate ship cake with characters onboard, a cake based of Neverland islands and a book cake are just a few of the Peter Pan birthday cake ideas that have worked well for this theme. If you need inspiration check out Cake central which is always a good source for cake pictures, so be sure to look over some of the lovely Peter Pan birthday cakes on display there if you're still in the deciding phase about how the cake should look.

Edible cake images are simple and easy to use decorations you can utilise too. They work well by themselves but can be used alongside other cake figures too. Another bonus to decorating your cake via this method is that the images are customizable and can be personalized.

Making the cake can even be as simple as piping on a quote from the movie and popping some candles. This would actually work well for more mature fans.

Peter pancake decorations like figure sets and cake topper kits are an easy way to decorate cakes. All that's needed is a little icing before the cake toppers are put into place.

Peter Pan Cake Toppers

Walt Disney's Peter Pan Collectible Figure Set
Walt Disney's Peter Pan Collectible Figure Set

This collection of Peter Pan figures would look great when placed on a birthday cake. The set features Peter, Captain Hook, Wendy and more.


Peter Pan Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

As the guests are leaving, hand out a bag full of peter Pan birthday party favors so that they can take a bit of the party back with them. Fill up Peter Pan party favor bags with fun items ranging from small toys to candies so there's a little something in there for everybody.

For Favor bags use paper lunch bags but make it match the theme by simply attaching a red feather made out of felt or construction as seen here. Green paper bags would work great as it would resemble Peter's outfit much more.

Also make paper Peter Pan hats for guests to wear with this tutorial from Expert Village. The tutorial is to make robin hood style hats but by changing the paper color you can make Peter Pan stye hats for guests to wear like these.

Swords are also a must for Peter Pan birthday favors and would accompany the hats well. it's hobby time has a good tutorial showing you how to make cardboard pirate style swords.

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