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Philippine Beers, Liquors, and Alcoholic Beverages

Updated on February 12, 2011

Beer, Gin, Rum & Brandy Party Guide for the Philippine Visitor

An adult party isn't complete without alcoholic beverages in the Philippines. Typical Filipinos or Pinoys gather in a circle or table with beer, liquor, or an alcoholic mixture as the central driver of the party along with music; where food comes only in a poor second place. Each party person is obliged to drink from a solitary glass which is passed around while others wait for their turn. This is called the 'tagay' which tightens the bond of Filipino camaraderie or 'pakikisama.'

Learn about the best and worst of Philippine alcoholic drinks. This is a must party planning guide for the Philippine visitor who would like to impress his Filipina girlfriend.

Philippine Beers

Why People Love San Miguel Beer - For the Party People at Least...

According to Ted Morris of Diego Garcia Base, it's "the beer that makes every man a tiger, and every woman beautiful." Here is Ted's top 10 reasons.

  • By mid-month, the other choices were Schlitz, Olympia, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • It was the only bottled beer on the island.
  • Deposit on bottles made the 3 environmentalists on the island happy.
  • High alcohol content - could be used to start beach-party bonfires.
  • It only cost $4 per case - cheaper than Coca-Cola.
  • When freeze dried and rolled in a cigarette paper, was only legal drug on the island.
  • Stubby bottle design prevented serious injury when used "improperly".
  • Brought back happy memories of better days (and nights) in Olongapo.
  • There's just something magical about watching women drink beer from a bottle.
  • Is listed by FDA as "suitable substitute" for Viagra.

San Miguel Beer Foam Party

San Miguel Beer Foam Party
San Miguel Beer Foam Party

Red Horse Beer - Extra Strong Beer

This is the Filipino worker's beer. The typical blue collar urban worker will go straight to the neighborhood store to drink a couple of Red Horse beers with his friends after work to relax.

This beer has a high alcohol content and is undeniably the strongest Philippine beer. Red Horse beer is readily available in the standard 500 ml. and 1 liter bottles in most Filipino stores nationwide.

Brandon Vera For Red Horse Beer

Brandon Vera For Red Horse Beer
Brandon Vera For Red Horse Beer
Arnel Pantoja
Arnel Pantoja

San Mig Light

This is the conversational beer among Pinoy yuppies. San Mig Light is an urban crowd favorite to escape the rush hour traffic after office or is a Friday night staple for party goers in clubs and bars.

San Mig Light Corporate-Sponsored Party

San Mig Light Corporate-Sponsored Party
San Mig Light Corporate-Sponsored Party

Beer Prices per Bottle at 7-11

These prices are correct as of 13 February 2011 but may change without prior notice..

  1. Red Horse

    - 500 ml : Php 29

    - 1 liter : Php 59

  2. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

    - 330 ml : Php 24

  3. San Mig Light

    - 330 ml : Php 27

  4. Lone Star Light

    - 300 ml : Php 22

Philippine Liquors

GSM Blue

Ginebra San Miguel Blue

This is very popular among Filipino teenagers in Metro Manila. A teenager's birthday party isn't complete without a GSM Blue gin. Mixed with Pomelo or Pineapple juice, GSM Blue highlights the fun together with Filipino junk foods.

Photo by FoxLad
Photo by FoxLad

Emperador Brandy

The average guy's brandy.

Photo Credits and References

All commercial product photos are owned by their respective manufacturers and are used here for product reviews as allowed under fair use provisions.


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      5 years ago

      Do you know what Emperador Light costs in Philippine pesos today?

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      5 years ago

      do you have the new list of prices for these beers?

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      6 years ago


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      6 years ago

      Please check out our San Miguel Video beer Review here : Please let us know what you think in the comments!


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