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Photo Gifts For Mom

Updated on June 5, 2014

Photo Treasures

As a daughter with a older Mom with memory loss its important to have lots of photo's around here. I made my Mom a photo blanket with me and my siblings on it for a Christmas gift a few years ago. There are six of us siblings. I thought that it would help her memory to have a special blanket with all her kids on it so she can see them as she is waking up or going to sleep; even during the day as sits in her room. My Mom loves her blanket and raves about it a lot. It really helps her memory. When nursing staff and visitors come by her room at the Care Center; they comment good about her blanket.

Sometimes while I am visiting she points out her kids on the blanket to me as if I am someone else. Its hard to see her memory fade as it does but I'm glad she now has one to help with her memory. So if you have Mom with memory loss; get her a photo gift. Its one of the best gifts you can give.

In this lens are various photo gifts of blankets, photo frames, key chains, calendars, mugs and other fun photo gifts. I'll share some free online software programs that are great to use. Making these projects are really fairly simple. They are great for any Mom but especially for those with fading memory loss. Make Mom happy with a photo gift for Mother's Day! She'll love it! Happy Mother's Day!

Photo by Abernook Gifts

~ God couldn't be everywhere so he created MOMS ~

My Mom's Photo Blanket

My Mom's Photo Blanket
My Mom's Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket - Family Memories to keep you warm!

Photo blankets are such a special gift for Mom's! Design one with photo's memories of you and her for Mother's Day! I made one for my Mom and she loves it. It was pretty easy to make too. I used a free online photo software called Shutterfly. I have used this software a few times and found the pricing's to be reasonable. I made an account and followed the directions of the software. You can choose one that is woven or fleece with a layout that has 1-4 photo's on it. Whatever your preference is; it will be beautiful when your don't designing it.

Photo by Photo Weavers

~ The love of a Mom is life's greatest blessing ~

Family Collage Frame - Memorable Photos

Collage family frames are pretty neat! Fill them with a photos of you and your Mom; even a fun family photo's would be really great too. She'll love this special frame of photo's

Digital Photo Frame - Add music to your pictures!

This a really fun frame to own. This frame uses a memory card which is nice since you save photo's and music to is without losing it. You can take the card out and update what goes on your frame anytime. I have a few and they're pretty neat. You can add your favorite music or even a special song your whole family likes as you watch your photo's change one after another.

~ Mom's a the circle of strength ~

Photo Calendar - A family photo for each month

I made my Mom one of these when my boys were younger. She loved it.

You can have a different photo for each month. There are many designs to choose from and different types like a full calendar style or one that is a poster and pocket size. This calendar here is made with Vistaprint's online free photo software. it is a great program with great prices. I have used it many times.

Digital Photo Key Chain - Hold's 50 precious family photos!

My son got me a photo key chain similar to this. I really love it cause I can carry my favorite boy's photo's wherever I go. So just plug it into your computer and get started loading it up with you favorite photos.

~ Families are like fudge mostly sweet with lots of NUTS but Mom's are completely sweet! ~

Coffee Photo Mugs

Coffee with you and Mom!

Photo mugs are so much fun to give as a gift. Features here are three really great free online software programs to make photo mugs and more with. I've made a few for friends and they were delighted to receive one. Surprise your Mom with a mug of you two on one. She'll cherish it forever.

Snapfish Photo MugsCHECK PRICE

Vistaprint Photo MugsCHECK PRICE

Shutterfly Photo MugsCHECK PRICE

Fun Photo Gifts - Vintage Necklace, Birthstone Charm and Brag Book

Here are some fun photo gift ideas for Mom. The necklace and charm ones are my favorite. I love jewelry with photo's on them. I love to carry my boys with me.

Comments Welcome: - Happy Mother's Day!

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    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 5 years ago from Ladysmith, WI

      @Iftikhar-Hussain: Thank You!

    • Iftikhar-Hussain profile image

      Iftikhar-Hussain 5 years ago

      I like this Lens Cheryl :)

    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 5 years ago from Ladysmith, WI

      @Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm: Thanks! My Mom just loves it!

    • profile image

      Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm 5 years ago

      I love the blanket idea. Good lens!

      Li Li