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Photo Ornaments Create Memories

Updated on December 10, 2014

Christmas Photo Bulb

Christmas trees are very personal to me, and hold a history of family memories. Many people prefer color coordinated, themed trees to match the d├ęcor of their house, but not me. I have several keepsake ornaments that represent my baby's first year, getting their drivers license, playing on the football team, or their senior year.

Lately I have been making Photo Ornaments and love this easy Photo bulb from Amazon.

Last year I had two high school seniors graduating and I bought Photo Ornament Balls. Each ornament holds two photos, placed back to back, I also filled the bottom of the ornament with color coordinated confetti and class year.

Every ornament on my Christmas tree has a story, a memory and is precious to me. Some have been passed down to me from my Mother, others are gifts from my Sunday School kids at church.

The photo bulb ornaments just came out a year or so ago and make creating special is now easy and simple and gives me something to do with my pictures I take throughout the year.

Instructions: Remove the bulb cap, the bulb is hinged at the bottom and will open easily. Use the existing paper inside the ornament to trace around the photos you wish to use. A standard 4x6 photo is ideal. Close the ornament, Replace Cap. DONE!

My daughters Senior Picture ornament for her high school graduation
My daughters Senior Picture ornament for her high school graduation

Customizable Photo Ornaments

Variations: You can also place small items inside the bulb. Many of these items can be found in the scrap booking section of a craft store or by searching on Amazon. Here are some ideas below

  • Baby's First Christmas: pacifier party favors, baby bottles, rattles (can be from shower)
  • Kindergarten: ABC's and 123 party favors, tiny chalkboard
  • Graduation: confetti in school colors, small pom poms
  • Ski Trip: artificial snow, miniature ski poles
  • Cheerleader: pom poms, cheer party favors
  • 1st Christmas Together: include small mementos from the year, ticket stubs, maybe even a Chinese fortune from your favorite restaurant
  • Vacation Trips: beach (seashells) mountains (pine cones, pebbles)

Now that you have a few ideas for unique keepsake Christmas ornaments let's go shopping. Just click on the Buy it button, which will take you to Amazon and start creating your memory Christmas tree.

Ornaments Make Great Graduation Gifts

The perfect graduation gift is one that is personal and captures a moment in time you don't want to forget. Use a senior picture inside a photo ornament as a unique graduation present they will remember for years to come.

Every Christmas I give my kids a commemorative ornament that represents a significant event of the year. I now have four graduation ornaments on the tree and when they settle down, have a home of their own and decorate a family tree their ornaments will go with them.

Photo ornaments are a way I've combined my love of photography and a special event during the year to turn it into a treasured keepsake. I've made several photo ornaments over the years. Some are homemade, others I've order special online.

Photo ornaments create a FAMILY Tree full of memories.

Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12
Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12

These simple wooden photo frames are ideal for teachers to use in their classrooms, or gifts for Sunday school teachers. Pictures of the kids can be taken at a party or event and given to the parents as gifts. Don't forget to write the date on the back of the ornament.


Create a Family Memory and Tradition

Family memory trees are an insight into your family throughout the years. Photo ornaments reflect the love and pride you have in your kids, your grandchildren and even your dogs. Ornaments can be purchased throughout the year for camp activities, 4-H projects, and school crafts. Keep Christmas in mind all year round and you can plan a special gift for a loved one that shows your love.

Just click on the Buy it Button, which will take you to and choose the photo ornament that best represents your life and family.

Pet Memorial Ornaments

Dog Photo Ornament - Double Picture Pet Ornament - Paw Prints on My Heart Ornament - Dog Memorial Ornament
Dog Photo Ornament - Double Picture Pet Ornament - Paw Prints on My Heart Ornament - Dog Memorial Ornament

Our pets are part of our family so adding a Christmas photo ornament of our favorite dog only makes sense. The holidays bring up opportunities to remember dogs who have traveled over the rainbow bridge and are no longer with us. If you, a loved one, or friend has lost a dog this year this remembrance memorial ornament will bring back special memories and stories for years.

A great idea for a fund raiser for a Animal Rescue shelter (buy in bulk) or gifts from a veterinary office to clients who had a dog die during the year. It's a wonderful way to say "I'm sorry for your loss"


What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

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Photo Ornament Sled Frame
Photo Ornament Sled Frame

There are so many different ornaments to showcase your photography, this sled photo ornament is fun and wintery. If winter fun, sledding, or the outdoors is a favorite activity for you and your spouse, girl friend, or boyfriend then buy this ornament to hang on your tree. Again don't forget to put the date on the back.


Do you think of Christmas Year Round?

My Mother thought of Christmas year round, if she saw something she knew we would like during the spring, or summer months she would buy it on sale and put it away for Christmas. I've trained my kids to do the same thing. They look forward to their ornaments because they know it's a gift I've thought long and hard about all year. It has meaning and significance and is a sign of love. More than a gift card to Walmart.

What traditions do you have during the holiday season?


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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Very nice collection. I don't think of christmas all the year round there are so many more special days to remember before Christmas 2014. Also i never give a gift card, I don't like receiving gift cards so I wouldn't dream of giving them to anybody else.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      I love your Christmas ornament tradition! Photo ornaments have always been a favorite of mine.