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Pilgrim Costumes

Updated on October 31, 2015

Thanksgiving Costumes

Pilgrim costumes are important to Americans, as they were the clothing worn by our ancestors when they participated in the first Thanksgiving celebration with Native Americans in the region they settled.

As a matter of fact, the Indians participating in the celebration, or at least those they represented, have been credited with probably saving the lives of the settlers at that time, as they didn't know how to successfully grow the types of crops that flourished in the area that would have sustained them.

The story of that first Thanksgiving has forever etched the look of the simple clothing of the Pilgrims in our minds, and are a great costume to wear in celebration of that time. It's also a great teaching tool for our children and grandchildren.

Because the clothing was so unique, it always generates a lot of smiles when they are worn by the participants in celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

They are also a great choice for family costumes, as they are easy to obtain and are a lot of fun.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Costumes

Here is a look at a woman dressed in a Pilgrim period costume that would be very close to how women of that day would have looked when you saw them. You can see what it's so fun to dress in these period costumes when celebrating Thanksgiving, or for any reason for that matter.

Woman in Pilgrim Costume

Homemade Pilgrim Costumes

As you can see below, it wouldn't be too difficult to put together a nice looking set of Pilgrim's costumes, as demonstrated by this couple.

The white on black colors make it very easy. All you need is the black background with the white pieces added. These costumes look great in my opinion, and are easily identifiable.

Homemade Pilgrim Couple Costumes

Get a Pilgrim Costume for Your Dog

If you really want to go all out at Thanksgiving, including your dog in the costume part of the festivities is very possible, as you can see from the cute dog costume below. You can even get a male dog Pilgrim costume or a female dog Pilgrim costume if you decide to go that route.

Dog Pilgrim Costume

Dressing in Pilgrim Costumes as a Family for Thanksgiving

Here's a look at how you could dress up the entire family at Thanksgiving to have everyone enjoy the experience even better. If you're the type to want to include a little history lessen at the time, there is nothing better than period costumes to make the story even more real.

Family Pilgrim Costumes

Pilgrim Costumes for Thanksgiving

Sometimes the most simple costumes can, by their nature, generate a lot of enjoyment, and I think that's the case with Pilgrim costumes. I always judge the impact of a costume by whether it will put a smile on the face of the one wearing it, or a smile on the face of the one looking at it. With Pilgrim costumes it does both. And in that regard they're always a huge success.


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