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Pill Boxes - The Perfect Christmas Gift for Someone on the Go

Updated on August 16, 2013

Help someone keep their sanity this Christmas season with your gift of a decorative pill box

When my Mom was living with me, I kept her pills in a plastic bag in my purse when we did outings. Without the use of a pill box, she's sometimes have to sprinkle her crushed pills on some food to get them down. For some reason, I never even thought about buying one of these pretty pill boxes to protect her pills.

A lot of pills, especially time released medication, should not be crushed so a pill box is a necessary gift and a wonderful stocking stuffer. I've found some really cute medication boxes on so come along and see what I've got for you.

Also, come read my accompanying article Talking alarm clocks for the elderly. These talking alarm clocks are a perfect way to remind an elderly loved one when to take their medication.

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I love the look of these elegant pill containers

There's something about these pill containers that just really dress up medication in my book. I think these would be a great Christmas gift for a favorite elderly mother or grandmother.

Silver Rectangular Leaves Pill Box Case with MirrorCHECK PRICE

Silver Dragonfly Large Round 7 Day Pill BoxCHECK PRICE

Silver Leaves Round Pill Box Case with MirrorCHECK PRICE

Sumetria Blue Pill BoxCHECK PRICE

A beautiful cameo pill box

This lovely pill box has 7 separate compartments inside to keep all of her pills easily separated. A zipper keeps the whole thing secure.

Cameo Lady 7-day Pill BoxCHECK PRICE

Budd Leather Women's Mother of Pearl Rectangular Pill Box

Budd Leather Women's Mother of Pearl Rectangular Pill Box 183056 Organizer
Budd Leather Women's Mother of Pearl Rectangular Pill Box 183056 Organizer

2 separate compartments will hold more than a dozen moderately sized pills so load 'er up! Combining aesthetics and function, any woman would love this mother of pearl pill box organizer.


Budd leather makes some beautiful pill boxes

And here's more proof of the quality and beauty of Budd leather pill containers. Crafted of mother of pearl like the pill container above, this Budd Leather Pill Container is perfect to slip into your purse for your next travel excursion

Budd Leather Mother of Pearl Round Pill BoxCHECK PRICE

The Mad Hatter PIll Box

Keep your favorite senior citizen sane by protecting their medications in this very funny pill box.

The Mad Hatter Pill BoxCHECK PRICE

MedCenter System 7025-6 31 Day Pill OrganizerCHECK PRICE

31 day vitamin organizerCHECK PRICE

Ezy Dose 4 a Day Weekly Med-control TrayCHECK PRICE

Weekly Medicine Planner by EasyComfortsCHECK PRICE

7 Day 4 Compartment Pill Organizer DEEP One InchCHECK PRICE

Apex Pocket Med Pack with 7 Day TrayCHECK PRICE

Please leave me comments to let me know you dropped by.

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