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Pillar Candles

Updated on August 21, 2015

What is a Pillar Candle

If you don't know what a pillar candle is, the name itself gives a clue, as it is just what it sounds like: a pillar, or a better word would be column. Think of the ancient Greek or Roman columns holding up buildings and you get the idea. Of course we're talking on a small scale.

When considering a pillar candle, another thing is while they are like a column or pillar, that's more in reference to the thickness of the candle than anything else, as a pillar candle can come as a hexagon, square, or any shape for that matter.

Another aspect of the pillar candle is it'll be able to stand on its own because they will be thick in diameter.

With that in mind, all the other elements of a candle can be included with a pillar candle, including scent, color, and shape as mentioned above.

Now because a pillar candle is defined as being able to stand up on its own, doesn't mean you don't put them on a base for protection, as you must. It just means they can stand alone because they have a thick base, and don't need a platform to sit on if you're going to use them for decoration alone.

Traditional Pillar Candles

When one thinks of a pillar candle, the one below made of beeswax is usually what comes to mind. They're round, thick and made of beeswax. Of course pillar candles have long gone past this traditional look, but this is how they started, and they've been transformed from there, although the thickness and ability to stand on their own remains as part of the candle type.

Beeswax Pillar Candle

Square and Round Pillar Candles

Below is a cross-section look at square and round candles, which are considered pillar candles. There are also different thicknesses included, showing the diversity, even though all of them are the same color.

Different Size and Shape Pillar Candles

Citronella Pillar Candles

Here's little bit different use for pillar candles, and that's in the scent of a citronella pillar candle, which not only can smell good to people, but of course drives the bugs away as well.

Citronella Candles

Designer Pillar Candles

The pillar candles below may be too nice to ever light up, as they would definitely fit in great in a number of place and circumstances, and stand up great on their own as a part of your decor, whether they're ever lit of not.

Designer Candles

Caramel Layered Pillar Candle

In this interesting pillar candle, you have caramel-like colors which create a unique and distinct look. This one has a high quality about it, and would really do well in parts of the home displaying quality items. But then again, maybe it would work great in the kitchen as well.

Layered Pillar Candle

Trunk Pillar Candle

How cool is this trunk pillar candle shaped like a birch tree? Not only do they look fantastic, but they include a variety of wood scents that are sure to let you enjoy the feel of the great outdoors while in your home.

Birch PIllar Candle

Endless Array of Pillar Candles

Pillar candles probably represent the greatest variety of candles out there, as they lend themselves to numerous designs because of their thickness, which makes them easy to shape and put into interesting themes. Not only can they be carved and shaped nicely, but they are terrific canvasses for people to put art on, adding to the many ways and uses for this versatile candle.


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