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Pink Christmas Lights

Updated on August 7, 2015

Decorating with Pink Christmas Lights

Have you ever thought of using pink as a Christmas light theme? Think it would look horrible? Like anything else, it's how you design and work them in with other parts of your decorations which will determine how they look.

For example, they would go together with other solid Christmas lights which are strung on other nearby objects in the yard, like white, purple or red, which blend and merge together nicely as colors.

It would also depend upon what other objects or Christmas decorations you have on the inside or outside of your house as to how they work off of one another.

Below are some photos of pink Christmas lights and how they are used in a variety of circumstances to inspire you to get some new ideas as to whether they would work with your planned Christmas décor.

Pink Angel Christmas Tree Lights

Using any type of Christmas lights of course go beyond simply using string lights, so in this first photo of pink Christmas lights, I thought you could get a look at what pink angel Christmas tree lights would look light. Not bad really. I wouldn't mind having them as part of my Christmas decor.

Pink Christmas Tree Lights

Pink Berry Christmas Lights

The set of pink Christmas lights below are called pink berry, and the berry style Christmas light has been becoming more popular as people see how unique they look and think of ways to incorporate them into their Christmas light décor.

Berry Christmas Lights

Pink Christmas Light Outdoor Display

As you can see in the photo below, pink Christmas lights go good with purple, blues and whites. While it's not shown here, I think they would go good with reds as well. Nice display.

The point in showing this is to see how the colors of the lights work together. Most of us will have much more modest decorations, but they will look awesome when combined in ways like we see here.

Blue, Pink and White Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations

Pink Christmas Lights in Trees

Here's a good look at what pink Christmas lights look like in trees, and the white lights in the background also give some ideas on how they would look together as part of your outdoor Christmas lights decor.

Snow Covered Pink Christmas Lights in Trees

This is a very cool pink Christmas light display, although the owners of the home can't take all the credit for it. The snow fell and covered up the lights on that tree on the left, giving it that interesting look it has.

Pink Christmas Lights Covered with Snow

Pink Christmas Lights

Pink Christmas lights definitely have a place at the table for Christmas light displays, and those that have even a little ability to match colors, or even come up with some crazy color schemes of their own, can use pink Christmas lights as part of tools to do just that.


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