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Pins and Brooches

Updated on February 14, 2016
Gold covered orchid brooch from Singapore
Gold covered orchid brooch from Singapore | Source

Brooches and Pins for Mothers

My Mother-in-law is a very practical person and I always had such trouble thinking what I could get her for Christmas and her birthday...something that was interesting and that I hadn't given her before. As her birthday is only 10 days after Christmas this made it doubly difficult.

A few years ago I thought I'd get her a brooch for her heck if she thought I was being extravagant. My own Mother had always loved brooches.

Well, you know what, practical people love nice things too! I was delighted when I saw her face and the smile that crossed it. After that every time I saw her she was wearing her brooch proudly on her outfit -- whether dressed for going out or staying at home!

I had really struck on a profound realisation...I don't think anyone had really pampered her before! And, ladies, we all like a bit of pampering don't we?

I'd recommend a brooch for any Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother! For Christmas, for birthdays, for Mother's Day...or just to say "I love you". Or maybe you'd like to treat yourself!

I have chosen brooches that I personally like the look of and that have a five star rating with great comments.

Many brooches have an attachment to allow them to be worn as a pendant. Unless stated they do not come with a chain.

cameo brooch
cameo brooch | Source

Cameo Brooch

The first brooch that I gave my mother-in-law was a traditional cameo brooch with the lady in silhouette.

Cameo is a method of carving which traditionally has had a contrast color in the background...although the term cameo today may not have this contrast.

Cameos have their origins dating back thousands of years (in fact as far back as Ancient Rome) and have remained a favorite jewellery accessory to this day.

Vintage Floral Crystal Cameo Brooch (Antique Gold Finish)
Vintage Floral Crystal Cameo Brooch (Antique Gold Finish)

Although the traditional cameo is a lady's head I think this one with the dainty crystal flower is just too beautiful! And it seems that five reviewers agree.


Do you like cameo brooches?

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Flower brooch
Flower brooch | Source


Whether stylised or vintage, flowers are always a great option for a brooch. I personally love flower brooches.

daffodil pin
daffodil pin | Source

Giving flower jewellery has the advantage of lasting much longer than real flowers!

In New Zealand we celebrate Daffodil Day in August. The proceeds of the sale of these pretty little daffodil pins goes to cancer research, programs to create awareness of cancer and also to support cancer sufferers and their families.

These daffodil pins are made of silk flowers. I always keep mine and use them in various ways during the year. They decorate craft work, add a touch of spring throughout the house when spring is nowhere to be seen! Of course they adorn clothing and are generally an attractive accessory during Daffodil month.

Fine Enamels White Daffodil Brooch - March Birthday
Fine Enamels White Daffodil Brooch - March Birthday

Apparently the daffodil is the birth flower for March (in the Northern Hemisphere!) so if your mother is born in March this would be ideal!


Do you like these brooches for your mom?

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Crystal Brooches

Crystal brooches can add a little sparkle to any outfit and is sure to please. And less expensive than diamonds...

These are often in clusters and suit heavier outfits so are great accessories for winter clothing.

Katie's Style Silvertone Rhinestone Crystal Snowflake Corsage Brooch Pin
Katie's Style Silvertone Rhinestone Crystal Snowflake Corsage Brooch Pin

This brooch looks stunning on a dark background with it's open snowflake design. Perfect for a bridal outfit or the bridal party!



The pearl is an astronomical stone for the signs Gemini and Cancer. Astrologers link the pearl to the moon. Pearls have been known as the 'teardrops of the moon' as some cultures believed a single drop of rain fell and became the heart of the oyster.

Superstition has it that Pearls should never be used in an engagement or wedding ring, nor given as a gift to anyone. This is because they symbolize tears and are believed to bring sadness. (If you love pearls buy them for yourself!) Brides in particular are advised against wearing pearls on their wedding day, as they are believed to bring tears to the marriage.


Butterfly Brooches

In many cultures butterflies have a special meaning particularly of linking the body to the soul. Some believe they are the soul of the departed while others believe they represent new beginnings. They are also considered lucky.

Butterflies represent a symbol of grace, beauty, transformation and joy and have featured throughout history in the jewellery of different cultures. From the one time meaning of mourning to one of sentimentality and the meaning of love; today the beauty of the butterfly is still appreciated in modern jewellery.

Avon sells the Empowerment Butterfly Pin to raise awareness for domestic violence and stand for women everywhere. All profits are paid to the White Ribbon organisation.

Interesting fact: A brooch exists from 1840 of the hair of an entire family woven into the design of a butterfly brooch!

Real Flowers and Leaves in Brooches

In a reversal of giving to a mother, the mother of my best friend bought each of her daughters a gold leaf brooch after she found out that she was suffering from terminal cancer. It was her special last gift to her four girls. And the brooches are very much treasured by them.

The leaves are specially preserved and then dipped in gold. As they are real leaves each creation will be different -- different sizes, shapes and even the color may vary.

I have a real orchid brooch also dipped in gold which I bought in Singapore many years ago. (See photo in the introduction and the group photo below). It is a real flower and a real talking piece!

brooches | Source

Have you heard of jewlery being made from real leaves and flowers?

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Tigers Eye

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye | Source

Said to see everything, the tiger's eye stone is known as a protective gem stone and throughout history it has been regarded as a stone of prosperity and good fortune. It offers insight and protection to the wearer.

As it is said to help balance and clear the mind it is effective in calming and bringing peace.

Tiger’s eye is an ancient good luck charm thought to have the ability for the wearer to see everything – even through a closed door! The Egyptians used the stones as the eyes of their divine statues as it was believed to protect them from both the sun and earth. Roman soldiers carried the stone to prevent weapons harming them and to be brave in battle.

Colors of tiger's eye range from golden yellows to deep reds.

I happen to be the lucky owner of some tiger eye jewellery. They were given to me while living in Africa. This picture shows my own pieces which have been neglected in favor of more modern jewellery. Recently searching through my collection I have fallen in love again with the colors of this stone and will be wearing them again with pride!

Antiquities Couture Royal Bee Tigers Eye Crystals and Gold Tone Pin
Antiquities Couture Royal Bee Tigers Eye Crystals and Gold Tone Pin

Hand crafted by the 1928 Jewelry Company each piece has been inspired by antique jewlery. This lovely tigers eye pin is no exception. Do you notice the strip of honey in the color of the stone!?


Please let me know you dropped by and leave your comment....

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      What a great lens! Oh of course I am a jewelry freak - and this is just fun. My mother absolutely wore brooches, and I do when I can find a nice one.

    • Gayle Dowell profile image

      Gayle Dowell 

      5 years ago from Kansas

      I'm not one to wear pins or brooches, but these are lovely.

    • tedwritesstuff24 profile image


      5 years ago

      Have purchased my fair share of butterfly brooches for my mum ;-)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Some of the items selected here are pretty lovely.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very pretty pins and brooches, especially the flower ones!


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