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Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on August 7, 2013

Pirate Themed Birthday Party & Supplies

Are you planning a pirate brthday party? Do you need ideas for a pirate birthday? A pirate party can be a big hit for a kids birthday party, with lots of fun and creative ideas for everything from pirate bottle invitations to a pirate ship birthday cake.

What child won't enjoy walking across a gang plank to enter the party, going on a treasure hunt, having a peg-leg relay race and ending it with a dueling pirate cake!

Look no further for great ideas and supplies for a pirate-themed birthday party.

Skull and Cross Bones Pirate Party Sets

If you would like to have a matching set of skull and cross pirate birthday supplies, choose from the list of available skull and cross bones cups, napkins, balloons and other supplies. The red and white stripes of these pirate themed supplies give the party a bright and fun atmosphere.

Pirate Party Decoration Ideas - Set the mood for the party

Whether you have inflatable pirates to greet your guests or pirate decals and flags around the house, it will add to the mood and fun for your guests. If you have extra helpers, have one dressed as a pirate, to greet the guests as they arrive "Ahoy matey, welcome to --your last name -- cove". You could strap two 2x8 boards together to make a gang plank for them to walk across as they enter your house. Inside you could place an opened treasure box filled with loot (or stuff the bottom and put the loot on top to make it look full). Placing it on a tan piece of canvas, onto which you have placed some sand and a few scattered gold coins will help set the mood.

Hang a few halloween skeletons with eye patches and bandanas throughout the house.

Decorate the room with black and red streamers and balloons and a large black cloth with white skull and crossbones hanging on wall. Make some signs: ENTER AT YE OWN RISK, LAND LUBBERS COVE, CAPTNS QUARTERS, just to name a few.

If you have time and some creativity you can turn some large appliance boxes into pirate ships for the kids to play in. Some stores like Home Depot or Lowes might be able to give you some boxes.

Fun Express Plastic 100 Foot Pirate Pennant Banner with 48 Flags (12" X 18")
Fun Express Plastic 100 Foot Pirate Pennant Banner with 48 Flags (12" X 18")

This 100 foot long pirate pennant can instantly add character to your party. Easy to install.

RoomMates RMK1040BCS Pirates Peel & Stick Border
RoomMates RMK1040BCS Pirates Peel & Stick Border

The Pirate border is five inches high and 15 feet long! It is easy to use, just peel and stick to any smooth surface.


Pirate Invitation in a Bottle

Invitations for pirate parties can come in many forms, and allow for a lot of creativity if you are up for it. Create a "treasure map" invitation with torn edges, on tan colored paper, with a map of where your house is along with the date, time and actual address. Then either deliver it placed in a baggie with a bit of sand and a gold coin or two, or put it in a bottle with a bit of sand. If you don't have the time to make these pirate map invitations, below you will find some that you can purchase. These creative invitations will get everyone excited about your upcoming party.

Pirate Party Invitation In A Bottle
Pirate Party Invitation In A Bottle

Pirate Party Style! Complete any pirate party with pirate invitations. The Pirate Invitation In A Bottle is perfect for any pirate party or pirate themed birthday. 7 1/2" tall and 1 3/4" wide at widest point, plastic bottle. Bottle contains To: and From: information label, invitation roll, eyepatch, sand, ring and sticker. Bottom opens, to remove invitation materials.


Pirate Party Invitations

If the invitation in a bottle isn't quite right for your party, there is an assortment of other fun pirate themed inviations available to you.

More Skull and Cross Bones Pirate Supplies

Here are a few more items that you could use for your skull and cross bones pirate birthday party. With the red and white stripes, skull and cross bones, you can complete the look of your pirate birthday party with these pirate loot bags, pirate yard flags, pirate favor boxes and more.

Little Buccaneer Empty Party Favor Boxes (4)
Little Buccaneer Empty Party Favor Boxes (4)

Fill these pirate favor boxes with stickers, eye patches, and much more.

Pirate Beach Balls
Pirate Beach Balls

Pirate beach balls are great for a party game or for the loot bag.


Pirates of the Caribbean Party Sets

If you are planning a Pirates of the Caribben themed birthday party, you might be interested in the available Pirates of the Caribbean party supplies.

Pirates Plastic Tray (1 ct) (1 per package)
Pirates Plastic Tray (1 ct) (1 per package)

One 12 inch pirate plastic tray, great for keeping a pirate theme while serving your food.

Pirates of the Caribbean Table Cover
Pirates of the Caribbean Table Cover

Bright colorful table cover to keep with your Pirates of the Carribean theme! High quality too.


Pirate Cake

How to make a pirate cake

With a little patience and time, you can make this cake at home. Here is what you will need:

2 or 3 cake mixes and the ingredients as per each box, 2 or 3 containers of chocolate icing, 6 large marshmallows, 5 wooden skewers, 1 bag of chocolate chips, Pirouline wafer roll cookies (or something similar), parchment paper, paper, and some pirate-themed figures.

Bake 2 or 3 cakes (3 for a taller ship), as per their directions, each in their own 9x13 pan. When they are sufficiently cool, cut the tops gently off, to ensure that they are flat on the top and not rounded, like they are when they come out of the oven. Stack the cakes on top of each other with layers of icing in between. Then you will cut the bow and stern of the ship, starting at the top of the cake, and angle it down and round it towards the inside of the boat, so that the bow is protruding a bit. Do the same with the stern of the ship. Then you can start icing the cake. If you are having troubles icing the cake because it keeps getting crumbs, give it a thin coat of icing every where, then put it in the fridge for about 30 min. This will allow the icing to harden a bit, allowing you to put another final layer of icing on without the crumbs getting caught in the final layer.

While the cake is in the fridge, or ahead of time, you can prepare the anchor and marshmallows. In a glass dish, melt about half a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave, on high for about 45 seconds. Stir, and if not completely melted put them back in for increments of about 20 seconds until they are melted when stirred. Do not overheat. Lay out some parchment paper, then either dip the marshmallows in the melted chocolate and set them on the parchment paper, or take a knife and "ice" them as you would a cake, whichever is easier for you. Set them aside. In order to make your pirate figures stand up more easily on the cake, you may wish to make a little "puddle" of melted chocolate on the parchment paper, and stand each figure in its own little "puddle" of chocolate, thus proving a stand for them. Let them harden. On a piece of paper, either draw or print off a picture of an anchor, the appropriate size for your ship. Place the drawing under another piece of parchment paper, this will be your guide for making a chocolate anchor, with chains. With your melted chocolate, pour or spoon it into either a piping bag or a plastic baggie. Make sure it isn't too hot, it is better when it is not really hot and runny. Angle it into a corner of the baggie, and when it has cooled enough to not be runny, cut off just the small tip of the baggie's corner and "trace" the anchor onto the parchment paper. This may take one or two attempts. Set aside and let it cool and harden.

For the skull and cross bones on the sail, you will either have to find and print off a picture, or use your own artistic ability. With the skull and cross bones in the middle, cut out a triangle, then cut the top off the triangle, to end up with a shape for the sails, as in the photo. You will need to make 3 small sails, 3 medium ones and 3 large ones. Remember to push them onto the skewers and allow them to billow out as if they were full of wind. Sizing them will be a matter of eyeing them according to how long your skewers are.

Now you can start to decorate the cake. Add the Pirouline wafer roll cookies around the edge of the ship's deck. Place the skewers with the sails into the cake. Make sure that at least two inches of the skewers go into the cake for support. Add the pirate figures, cannons etc. Then you will need to place a skewer into each marshmallow, at least half way in, allowing about 2 inches of the skewer to be sticking out, as you will then use the portion of the skewer to stick the marshmallows onto the side of the ship. When the anchor is hardened, you can rest it up against the cake.

Enjoy !

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Pirate Cake Ideas

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Pirate Map Cake Idea from: Treasure Cake Idea from: Cake Idea from:
Pirate Map Cake Idea from:
Pirate Map Cake Idea from:
Pirate Treasure Cake Idea from:
Pirate Treasure Cake Idea from:
Pirate Cake Idea from:
Pirate Cake Idea from:

Pirate Party Activities

Treasure Hunt

No pirate themed party would be complete without a treasure hunt! You could draw up a map of your property, then give it an aged look by either dipping it in tea, or very carefully holding it over a flame and allow areas of the map to get browned. On this map, you place an X at the spot where the first clue is to be found. Each clue could rhyme and lead to another clue. For example "One, two, find my shoe. My blue shoe will hold the next clue". The final clue might lead to a pirate pinata, or a treasure box filled with gold coins, necklaces, eye patches and any other goodies your guests might enjoy. These items could be loose in the treasure box, or you could put each child's goody bag in here, as a finale to the party.

The Final Treasure - Treasure box and pinata

Your treasure hunt could end with either a plastic pirate chest filled with goodies or favors, or the treasure hunt could lead to the pinata. Either way the guests will have a fun time. Be creative!

Plastic Pirate's Chest
Plastic Pirate's Chest

This pirate's chest is 19 inches long, 13 inches wide and 14 inches tall. Very durable, many teachers even use it as a treasure box for their classrooms, so it obviously holds up to some wear and tear.

Pirate Ship Pinata
Pirate Ship Pinata

A pirate ship pinata, that can hold about 2.5 big bags of candy.


Pirate Games

Walk the Plank


large plastic sheet

2-3 cans of shaving cream

blind fold


Lay out the plastic sheet, and define the "plank" by creating shaving cream edges, between which the kids will walk. Blindfold the children one at a time, sping them around and then have them "walk the plank". Who can walk the furthest without stepping in the shaving cream?

Favorite Pirate Favors

The list for possible party favors for a pirate themed party is long and plentiful. Whether for boys or girls there are many fun options that will please almost any guest. Here is a list of just a few to consider: Chocolate coins, gold coins, eye patches, bandanas, swords, skeleton key chains, skull and bones erasers, pencils, tattoos and so much more.

Pirate Tattoos Favors 36 per package [Toy]
Pirate Tattoos Favors 36 per package [Toy]

Cute pirate themed tattoos for your party. Great hit with the kids, and well liked by parents too, because they are easy to stick!


Pirate-Themed Games

Peg-Leg Race, Pop the Cannonball & Pass the Skull

Peg Leg Race (3 legged race)

Divide up the children into two teams, and have each child find a mate. Use bandanas to tie the children's legs together and have them race the other team, while their legs are bound together.

Pop the Cannonball

Each child will be given a black cannonball (balloon) that is blown up to about 6 inches in diameter. The balloon will be tied to each child's ankle by a piece of yarn about 3 feet long. Divide the children into two teams, marked by either different colored yarn, or a different colored bandanas around their ankles. When you say go, the children will have to try to pop the cannonballs of the opposing team. The first team to pop all of their opposing teams cannonballs wins!


Pass the Present - Pirate Style

Pass the Skull to Open Presents

It seems that when it is time to open presents everyone crowds around the birthday child and keeps trying to give their present to the child. Here is a fun and fair way to open the presents. Find a foam skull, or other pirate related item that the kids can pass around in a circle. Have the children sit in a circle, with their presents behind them. Start your pirate music and have them start passing the skull around the circle. Have an adult stop the music, and whoever is holding the skull when the music stops, gets to give their present to the birthday child. Once that present has been opened, start the music again, and continue this until all presents have been opened.

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      6 years ago

      Arrr... this be a great parrrrrty idea!

    • LeopoldBlatt profile image


      7 years ago

      Lovely lens. Great Treasure Hunt idea and lots of other good ideas too for the little ones. Thank you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi Sandy you have some great ideas here, kids love dressing up in pirate costumes, and I think that they are the easiest to make or put together. It is a great theme for a birthday party

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      We had a pirate party and it was great fun. Great lens!

    • ftuley lm profile image

      ftuley lm 

      7 years ago

      Very good information here. Thank you.

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      7 years ago

      Love the pass the skull game.


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