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Pirate Party Supplies and Ideas - Yo ho!

Updated on December 11, 2013

Looking for Pirate Party Supplies?

Looking for pirate party supplies for a kids birthday party? Does your child love Jake and the Never Land Pirates? Brilliant! We've got a great collection of tableware, decorations, favors and ideas to make your pirate party a great success. Whether it's scary skulls for big kids or cute pink pirates and princesses for the little ones we can help set the scene. How about a treasure hunt? We've got lots of ideas for some great games and activities. Yo ho!

Image: Pirates Centerpiece

Packs, Kits and Sets

Pirate tableware, plates, cups, forks, spoons, tablecovers, napkins

Buying a pirate party kit is a great timesaver. You can get all your pirate bits and pieces coordinated.

Little Buccaneer Basic Party Pack for 8

Pink Skull Basic Party Pack

Pirate's Treasure Birthday Party Supplies for 16 guests

@ Amazon


Personalized Pirate Party Supplies

With a Photo of the Birthday Boy or Girl!

These personalized pirate party supplies are very cool! You can customize them with a photo of the birthday boy or girl. You could dress them up in a pirate costume before you take the photo for added effect.

Pirates Personalized Party Theme

Poll: Pirate Lad or Lass - That's boy or girl in pirate talk

In Jake and the Never Land Pirates boys and girls can be pirates. Izzy is just as popular as Jake.

Is your pirate party for a lad or a lass?

See results

Pirate Party Tableware Ranges

Plates, cups, napkins, tabecovers, blowers and more

We've included a napkin or plate from popular ranges of pirate party supplies here so you can pick the design you like. Click to see the full range of napkins, plates, cups, matching decorations and more for each range.

Pirates Bounty

Buried Treasure

Meri Meri Pirate

Pirate Party Balloons - Foil and Latex - Skull, Galleon or Ship, Pirate

Balloons are a great way to decorate for a pirate party. The birthday boy or girl will enjoy them before and after the party too!

Buried Treasure 18in Balloon

@ Amazon


Top Pirate Party Themes

  1. Jake and the Never Land Pirates - very popular with little kids, good for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids.
  2. Pirates and Princesses - Great for a mixed group or boy/girl twins
  3. Pirate Treasure Hunt - with clues and gold coins to find
  4. Punk Pirate Party - lots of black and red (with pink or purple for girls) and lots of skulls. Good for older kids and teens.
  5. Pirates vs Ninjas - host a party based around the internet meme - who is best pirates or ninja!
  6. Pink Pirates - one for the girls. Lots of pirate stuff with pink too!

pirate pennant - 100 feet long! great pirate party decoration!

@ Amazon


Pirate Happy Birthday Paper Garland

@ Amazon


Meri Meri Garland Pirate

@ Amazon


Pirate Flags - Jolly Roger - Skull and Cross Bones

A big Jolly Roger pirate flag is a great way to decorate for a pirate party. Tie one up outside to warn the neighbors that pirates are coming (and to let your guests know they've arrived at the right place!)

Pirate Inflatables - Parrots, Treasure Chests, Ships, Cutlass or Sword

Pirate inflatable toys are brilliant for a pirate themed birthday party. We've had a lot of fun with inflatable pirate cutlasses - but make sure you have lots of room!

Inflatable Flying Parrot 35in

@ Amazon


Pirate Talk

Yo ho, Ahoy!

Pieces of eight.

Walk the plank.


Scurvy Dog!

Pirate Party Favors for Boys

Coins, Eye Patches, Pirate Stamps

You can have lots of fun with party favors for a pirate party. Give out pirate telescopes for role play during the party - can they spot land? And set a pirate treasure hunt to find gold coins!

Gold Coins (144 Pc) -Plastic Toy Coins for Pirate Parties!

@ Amazon


12 Plastic Pirate Eye Patches

@ Amazon


24 Pirate Stamps ~ Party Favors

@ Amazon


Filled Pirate Party Favor Bags and Boxes

For Boys and Girls

Prefilled pirate party bags or boxes save a bit of time when preparing for a party.

Pirate Theme Pre-Filled Goody Bags

@ Amazon


Pirates Party Favor Box Party Supplies

@ Amazon


Pink Skull Favor Purse Kit Party Supplies

@ Amazon


Do you like the pirate party stuff? Or just let us know you dropped in.

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