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Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on June 28, 2014

Varieties of Pirate Costumes

While pirate Halloween costumes have never and will never go out of style, the Pirates of the Caribbean have made them even more popular, and men and women love to get decked out in these colorful and in many cases - fancy - costumes.

The styles and types of pirate costumes are endless, and every one seems to be a little bit different than the other, with very few being an exact copy of the other.

What I did notice with pirate Halloween costumes is they were predominantly in colors like brown, black and red, with occasional deviations from them.

So what I did is try to show you some pirate costumes that were outside those colors, although keeping some of them as well, as they all look good. I just wanted to show you a variety to get you inspired and stir up some ideas, rather than offer up what you could see any time. 

Children Halloween Pirate Costumes

Pirates costumes are very cool because they look great on both boys and girls or men and women. The ones below show different styles, although brown was a major color for these pirate costumes, other than the cute pink and black of the little girl further down.

The first girl pirate costume is very nice with its tans and browns, along with the cute fringe on her dress. The tights and books go together well, and I live that hat and sword. Great pirate costume.

For the first boy pirate costume, it's very unique, especially the hat. The two buckles, the one for his belt and the one going around his chest are well done, and I like them a lot. The best part to me is that fake earring coming down the side of his face.

With the girl in the adorable pink and black pirate outfit, everything is put together right, and it really looks elegant. The very feminine look with the fringes and little corset are so cute, and those puffy sleeves and are really great. Love it.

The last boy pirate costume is completely different than the first, as he looks like a true pirate who has been struggling at sea. The puffy, tied sleeves near his wrist are really good, but that bandanna is the best part to me, and he fits the costume perfectly.

Little Girl Pirate Costume

Little boy pirate costume

Cute little girl pirate Halloween costume

Rugged looking Halloween costume for little boy

Adult Men Pirate Costumes

For the adult pirate Halloween costumes we'll start with several different styles for the men, and finish up with several for the women. All of them are great, and would look good at any Halloween party.

The men's pirate costumes featured here are all fantastic, and the first one below has everything you would want in a pirate costume for men. You've got the great looking pirate boots and the neat blue shirt coming out from under his belt. The cloak and hat are very nice as well. But there's no question to me what makes this the best, and that's the hair coming down the sides. It just doesn't get any better than that.

In the second costume he looks more like a pirate's enemy than a pirate, but either way, if you like the dapper look, this is for you. The white accessories on the cuffs and neck work good.

The third men's pirate costume is another one done in terrific detail. Leather on the vest and coat look really good to me. The red sash also sticks out nicely and adds a lot to the overall feel. Like the first pirate costume, the hair is also really great, but it's the hat that is the best in my view, and the plumes are terrific.

For the last pirate costume I like it because it's just so different and unique, even though there's not a lot of detail. I think it's the way the bandanna is worn, and the dark black of the boots, belt, shirt and pants that go together so well that make him look mysterious and in control.

Overall a nice group of pirate men's Halloween costumes

Very nice looking Pirate Halloween Costume

Lady Pirate Halloween Costumes

This next batch of pirate costumes will feature the adult women's pirate costumes, and as usual, they're very cute and sexy, and always fit into any Halloween party.

Looking at the first women's pirate costume, you almost get the feel fo a grunge pirate at first glance, as the outfit gives you that sense. When I look at it it seems the mix and match turned into a miss and match, but after a while it does grow on you and works pretty good. I like the top especially, and that bandanna is great.

With the second female pirate costume it left me wondering what it was that I liked and didn't like about it. For the most part it is really great, and I love those sleeves. The fringes on the bottom of the skirt and sleeves look super to me. Then as I went down and look at her heels I realized what it was: the heels don't go with the outfit. Don't get me wrong, they're nice looking, it's just that they don't fit with the pirate theme. But hey, if you like it and don't mind being out of character while looking great, go for it.

Concerning the red women's pirate costume, I really loved it. The hooks on the jacket look wonderful, and the little shoulder pads really set it off. For the red and white colors, they blend well with the style of the jacket and feminine skirt and sleeves. Those thigh-high boots are really bold, and add something a little different and daring that would be a lot of fun to wear.

For the last pirate Halloween costume, I really love that purple, as it was a very different color than other women's pirate costumes I found.

The way that white lace goes up to her neck makes her look like a lady, and that nice fitting jacket is fantastic, especially those turned up sleeves. Add the great fit of the pants and boots, and you've got a terrific woman's pirate costume.

Great Pirate Costume Ideas

As I mentioned at the start, pirate costumes work great for boys and girls, and men and women. You can see from the variety of pirate outfits here that you can do almost anything you want with them, as long as it fits and matches, and they'll work fine.

Every Halloween party needs a hearty pirate or two at it, and they're always good for a great laugh and admiration.

Probably the most fun for pirate costumes is the number and variety of Halloween accessories you can include with them. That, more than anything, is what makes them so fascinating and enjoyable to work with and wear.


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    • ChristinCordle12 profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic costumes. Good article.


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