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Plan 2013 Annual Family Reunion at Colonial Virginia or Coastal North Carolina Off Season

Updated on August 1, 2013

Memories of Family Reunions

Afro American traditions have perhaps the best family reunions in my experience in the American culture here in Metro Washington DC Hub.

To be honest I have been envious of what I have known from a distant. On a week-end trip with my small family of three, myself, wife and child living here in Northern Virginia we would often take a overnight trip to a nearby place as a family gataway.

In my prior career, my job for many years in the financial service industry was rather stressful. I found that to take the family for a overnight place nearby such as Historic Fredricksburg, VA to our south, Blue Ridge Mountains out west, North to Anapolis, MD on the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore , MD Inner Harbor or even to Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Such a trip was enjoyable, relaxing for us and educational for our child.

We typically avoided traveling more than 3 hours drive and avoided tourist seasons in such a trip.

Here is what we typically did during this week-end excurstions.

We would select a family oriented affordable hotel such as Hampton Inn Suite, another quality affordable suite that typically overnight rate was $75 to $100/ night including a light breakfast. Sometimes we stay an extra night on a long week end. The wife took may be one meal with us and we went out nearby restaurant for a meal typically in evening.

In between, we would go visit the interesting places.

Our child loved animals, so we often made sure if there was a Zoo nearby as the favorite Baltimore Zoo or another live animal place such as the Aquarium at Tidewater Virginia, we spend half a day in such a place.


Afro American Culture Family Reunions

__ An Enviable Tradition & Success Model For Rest of Us

What is interesting memory for me that often in these places we stayed, we would run into a family reunion, often a Afro-American family reunion, with mothers, aunts, uncles and little cousins of all ages, It was a wonderful experience to see devoted family reunions in our excursion. Occasionally I would strike a conversation with one member or two to know where they were from and other social conversations among strangers.

Such a group would typically reserve the Hotel's conference room for private dining and other family activities including at times as I remember some family music presesntations.

Almost always appreciation of family music was part of such reunion activities beside dining, nearby visits as we were doing as a nuclear family, and their family spiritual music events, that we could hear from a distant with awe and perhaps a little nostaligia that our own families were so scattered in distance places that such a family reunion for us was not possible.

Family Support For Eduction For Kids - Graduation Is A Day For Family Reunion Celebration and Appreciation


Photo Album 01__Family Reunions

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Wisdom of Family Reunion Traditions


Later I realized that the important and value of such family reunions to help build character in education and impart family traditions, particularly in spiritual music from one generation to the next.

Such tradition of family reunion is worth preserving, particularly at an age when character formation and ethnics have become an important issue in a mass thinking and commercial culture that America has evolved that has created an enormous challenge for quality life styles in America from now and beyond Mid-21st Century in building the future for quality llife styles that are family and community based.

Grandma's Birthday__Occasion for Family Reunion - For Some Families & Clans


A Memorybook at Outerbanks, NC - October is Off Season Rates on Rented Houses__Fishing at Sunrise for One


A Graduation Celebration at Colonial Willamsburg VA - Don't Miss a Visit to College of Willam and Mary__Oldest University in USA Since the 16th Century


Colonial Virginia__Coastal Virginia - __Even Historic Northern Virgina with Metro DC Hub Links


A "Gaming Add-On" to Plan 2013-14 Annual Family Reunion

How Games can change the world

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