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Planning A Festive Holiday Tea Party

Updated on April 27, 2017

Welcome To My Christmas Tea Party

Welcome To My Christmas Tea Party !
Welcome To My Christmas Tea Party ! | Source

Plan A Perfect Holiday Tea Party

Article By Sharon Stajda

Are you thinking about hosting a Christmas Tea Party? I had so much fun planning my holiday tea party. I have put together some wonderful tips on food, decorations, keepsake gifts, and I have even made some great Holiday tea party invitation! I share my secrets for setting a fabulous Holiday table, plus I have added lots of my personal photos to show you my home all done up for my own Christmas tea party. So, why not consider hosting a Christmas tea party, a tea party that your guest will forget. So, please take a few minutes and have a look, and enjoy.

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The first thing you will want to do is choose a date to have your Holiday Tea Party


Choosing A Perfect Invitation - A great invitation is a must ! I created my own at Zazzle


I created My Invitation At Zazzle

Create a festive tea party Invitation or just use one of mine...

It was so much fun to create a personal tea party invitation for my guests. If you would like to create an invitation or just use one of the invitations I created, visit the link below and head over to Zazzle. Please take a moment to browse my collection.

I created my own little sentiment - A personal little verse that I just new my friends could identify with. After all, the Holidays be such a hectic time.


I Have Created Some Unique Christmas Tea Party Invitations At Zazzle - Here Are A Few Of The Invitations I created. Please stop in and check out my selection.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

I Decided To Cater My Tea Party

"Victoria's Delights Bistro and Catering" was my first choice. I chose Victoria's Delights due to my positive dining experience at the restaurant. I knew how much I had always enjoyed the wonderful food that the restaurant offered, and I knew of the the wonderful reputation Victoria's has for providing North Oakland County Michigan, and surrounding areas with taste cuisine, and friendly professional service since 1997.

All the dishes I chose for my Christmas Tea party were tried and true favorites of the restaurant, and catering customers alike. I also had a few special request not listed on their catering menu, the staff were very accommodating, and work with me providing all of my special request.

Started off with a fresh Maurice Salad


Scones Accompanied The Maurice Salad....


I followed up my salad with assorted tea sandwiches


I Served A Smorgasbord Of Deserts.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

It's always special to receive a Keepsake at a Tea Party. A little memory of the day...

I hand crafted my party Keepsakes - Lavender Sachets

I made Lavender Sachets To Give As  Keepsake ...
I made Lavender Sachets To Give As Keepsake ... | Source

How about making keepsakes for your guests, as I did - Check out my article "Things You Can Do With Lavender". I have added some fun crafts using Lavender .


I created the keepsakes for my guests

I love To Get Creative With Lavender. I have a lens All About Lavender. You will find some wonderful easy craft projects you might enjoy making as keepsakes for your Christmas tea party. For my Christmas tea I made Lavender Sachets . The ladies just loved them!

At my lavender article I have added simple instructions on how to make your own simple lavender bud sachets, along with a few other lavender inspired crafts. I hope you will enjoy making a lavender creations for your tea party.

My guests had fun reading the old vintage postcards ...

My guest also had fun reading the old Holiday messages on the backs of the postcards. I purchased my vintage postcards at my favorite Antique store. You can also find a great selection at ebay.

Vintage Christmas post cards make wonderful sweet little keepsake for your guest ... I added a few at each table to add to the Victorian decor.


The Fun Begins Time to plan the China - I love eclectic vintage

I chose to set up two tables.

I decided to set up two table settings for my tea party. I wanted my guests to be comfortable, and able to enjoy the day. Also by having two tables it provided me with the opportunity to choose two different table setting themes. "I love to decorate a table"...

One of my tables was in my vestibule which was open to my formal living room. I decided to match the Christmas d├ęcor of my living room. I always decorate my living room in golds and shades of burgundies,claret red, and very elegant . My Holiday living room is very opulent with over the top decor...

I decorated the table by using deep green and bright white linens, white chair covers with a very wide blush pink lace sashes a round the backs of each chair. The china I choose was eclectic, a collection of china ta cups and saucers that contained pink and deep burgundy roses rimmed in gold. The Tea set also had the same rose motif. The dinner plate were antique cranberry glass. I crafted my centerpiece by fashioning a depression glass creamer and sugar set into as a small table lamp, and added a battery powered candle. I have added some photos just below to try to give my readers a better idea of my eclectic table setting, enjoy.

One Of The Table Settings - Holiday Rose


My Living Room Was All Done Up For The Holidays


The Holiday Rose Made For A Beautiful Table Setting


The Second Table Was Set Up In My Dinning Area - Just Off My Kitchen. The colors I used again matched the decor of the room.

View Of The Two Tables


My Second Table - All done up in silver, white, soft pink, and cranberry - very elegant


Te Table Decor Matched The Decor Of The Room


For my tea I used antique china. Some of what I had, and some I purchased at my favorite local Antique Shop, and some I found on ebay. I was able to find some wonderful pieces at ebay, at bargain prices.

I made sure to have a few soft scented Christmas candles a glow In my powder room for my guest to enjoy.


A soft scent can set the mood for holiday fun ...

I think candles are so festive, and really help set a mood. I placed a few wonderful Christmas scented candles in my powder room. It provide just enough of a special scent to my home, you never want to over power a gathering with a overpowering scent. A little goes a long way. However, the ladies did enjoy the soft scent that awaited them in my powder room .

Welcome To My Home All Done Up For The Holidays - I hope you will stop in at my article "Tips On Decorating For Christmas ....


Please Check Out My Profile Page For Other Holiday Decorating Ideas

I love to decorate for the Holidays, and I love to entertain guests at this special time of year. Please be my guest, stop in at my Profile Page, and view a few of my other holiday Hubs. I have some great crafting projects as well as holiday decorating tips.

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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 17 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      The photos you have of his tea party have certainly created a wonderful memory of the occasion, a reward in themselves.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 17 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I presume "holiday dress" was the uniform of the day? You certainly went all out for your invited guests. The invited/attended head count and final cost per guest might help visualizers to better visualize such an undertaking by themselves.

      A sequel could be an Election Night gathering of some sort, while there is adequate time to prepare as thoroughly as you prepared this tea party. Pizza and pizazz?

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 18 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Hope you enjoyed this hub. I had fun putting it together ... I would love a bit of feedback.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the photos, and enjoyed the helpful tips! Thanks for a great lens!