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Planning a Retirement Party

Updated on February 7, 2018

Best Retirement Party Tips And Ideas

A Retirement Party is a fun idea when anyone is starting a new chapter in their lives. Staging a proper sendoff does not have to be a huge problem. It can be something as simple as a covered dish with a cake at your place of work. Or it can range into something as a big as a catered dinner. It's up to you. But make sure to do something for every retiree ! It's always nice to remind someone how valuable their services were.

I say, when you are retiring, why not give yourself a retirement party, that's what I am planning. A little cake and some food, and some good friends. Why not celebrate your career and achievements? After all, you are beginning a new stage in your life, so why not celebrate it?

Step One-Know Your Budget

If the company is helping you with the party, know what they are planning to provide in the way of food and drink. If you are planning a private retirement party, then set a budget for yourself. Decide if you are holding at a restraunt who will be paying for the meals and liquor. If you are holding a home based party, then figure out how much you want to spend for the entire party. Naturally that will depend on the number of people that you want to invite and how much you want to spend. No matter how formal or informal the party will be, you must start your plan with a budget

Getting The Word Out

Retirement Party Invites

If the party is to be held at work, then it is ok to send email invites. However, more often than not, retirement parties are held either in a home or a restraunt. When off work premises is used, you should send invites out. Either use the theme or a color that is appropriate. Give the date and time of the party. If it is a theme party, then include ideas about dress. You should also include ideas about gifts, especially if you are planning things like gag gift presentation. In my case since it will be my friends, no gifts will be the statement.Also include information on the foods and drinks that will be served.

Make sure to invite anyone who is a supervisor to the retiree ! That is a work courtesy that should always be done !

How To Theme A Retirement Party

Make It fun !

I plan to theme my party as a permanent vacation. That means everyone will wear casual wear...You could also theme yours as a wake with everyone wearing black, cause they are sad to see someone so special leave. You can use the company colors or logo. You can also use a "thanks for the memories theme Just make sure to include balloons and festive decorations- even if you use the mourning theme.You could also make the theme around thr retirees favorite hobby like fishing, travel or golf. You could also theme it around a color. Whatever you chose make it fun and happy.

Where To Hold The Retirement Party

That Depends On The Budget

A retirement party can be funded in several ways. It can be a simple cake and punch party , it can include finger foods or be a full blown lunch or dinner. It's up to the company. If it is a department party, then a nice thing to do is to have a covered dish or potluck lunch. That could be held anywhere. If you are having it on premises, then find out what's available. Find out from your department head what company policy on retirement parties is and pollow the policy.Many companies are frowning on any type of party, so make sure before you plan it. If you are planning the party at an restarunt, the best thing to do is see what they have available in the way of a private room. Check out menu options. Decide if everyone is paying for their own meal.

Covered Dish Luncheons

If you are having a party at work, covered dish lunches are always in good taste, Have everyone bring dish to share. All you have to do is a simple set up. Either do it by theme or by pot luck. Try to make sure that everyone is aware of your plans so that no one is left out. Have an area ready so that if someone needs to have a plug to heat something up, it's available. Make sure to talk to your supervisor to clear your plans ahead of time.

When To Hold A Retirement Party

Unless the party is held at the place of employment, the best time to hold a retirement party is on a weekend. Sunday afternoon is often the best time for the party.It can be held at work the day of the retirement, but if outside of work, it should be held close to that date.

Retirement Party Fun

Smash An Alarm Clock

Take an old alarm clock and ceremoniuosly place in a towel or a gift bag. Have the soon to be retiree smash the alarm clock ! He /she will have lotd of fun and it makes for a great photo op ! Get a clock from your local thrift store. IT really doesn't even have to work !

Retirement Party Wear - Festive Retirement Party Supplies

Remember To Toast The Retiree

At some point of the party, remember to toast the retiree ! Have someone recall the years the honoree served your company and how long he/she has been in his/her profession. Tell them that while you will all miss him/her, you wish him or her the very best. If you at work for the party, you can taost in sparkling grape juice or punch. If you are out, a champagne toast is always a nice touch. It would be acceptable for the manager of the retiree to propose a toast or a good work friend.

Engraved Toasting Glass - Perfect Retirement Party Gift

A real classy way to remember a retiree would be to give hime or her a flute with his/her name on it and the date of thier retirement

Engraved Toasting Glass
Engraved Toasting Glass
It could be used for the retirement toast or here's a better idea ! Use it in a basket with some champagne and other goodies to send home with the retireee. Fill it with cash as a gift for the retiree. Place some confetti in it and place a nice gift card or piece of jewelry. No matter how you use it, this makes a thoughful gift that the retiree will remember

Do A Powerpoint Presentation On The Retiree

Great To Show At The Party

Get pictures from work and their personal life if possible. Include things like pictures of the front of the building. Pistures of coworkers, the managers, their cubicles or offices. Do a nice powerpoint presentaion to show at the party and then present a cd of the presentaion to the retiree as a gift. They will love it !

Planning The Gift

Group Or Individual

Naturally, everyone will want to remember the honoree with a nice gift. They can be individual gifts, or one large gift from the group.Again if this is being planned at the workplace, make sure that you follow the rules about collecting money and giving gifts. Make it something that reflects the retirees hobbies or interests. If you don't know what they are, be sure to ask a friend or relative. A money tree or gift cards are always welcome and in good taste.

Take Lots Of Pictures and Videos Of The Party

Gather Together Into A Memory Book

Another thoughtful gift idea is to have people take photos at the party and then put them together into an album afterwards. If you are able to take videos, have people say something to the retiree on camera and the present the video as another gift. They will be very appreciated.

© 2012 Linda F Correa


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