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It's Time To Party

Updated on December 26, 2010

Ready or not, here they come! Don’t worry though because you have an old custom you can use for welcoming your party guests -- by having a "receiving line."

The traditional receiving line is a band of people, usually the wedding entourage, at the entrance of the party to welcome the guests. The mother of the bride heads the receiving line as she greets the newcomers. The newly weds, who are next to her, introduce them to the family. The rest in the line show the guests to their tables.

You can use the receiving line in your party. If you’re going solo, find assistance from a friend or a caterer staff. Warmly welcome your guests by greeting them with their names and a firm handshake. Have a talk with them but keep it brief; there are other guests you need to welcome. Offer your guests drinks while or after being welcomed. As the crowd thickens inside your house or party venue, have someone take your place in the receiving line so you can socialize with your guests.

Remember to branch out. Spend sufficient time with your guests. Introduce guests to each other so they don't form small circles or make others feel left out. Ask them about themselves and their interest to start off the conversation. Take notice of guests standing or sitting alone in a corner or far side of the room. Try to involve them in conversations with other guests. This will help them adjust to their new acquaintances.

Make sure you are not blocked by a group of people so you can spot or be spotted by your other guests. Stay close by the entrance so you can walk to the door those who are leaving and wish them a safe trip home. Circulate and have fun. By the end of the party, you’ll surely feel triumphant for pulling this off.


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