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Plants vs Zombies Party Ideas

Updated on February 12, 2014

Plants vs Zombies Party Theme

There aren't many games as fun and unique as plants vs zombies which makes it a great theme for a birthday party. If you're looking for Plants vs Zombies party ideas then this is your spot for party supplies and plenty of inspiration.

For those who don't know, the game involves you playing as plants who have to defend a house occupied by humans against a swarm of Zombies who happen to want to eat their brains. The funny thing is the battle usually takes place on the front lawn and you as the player must mastermind a strategy to defeat the zombies who come in all shapes and sizes.

Okay so that's a little insight into the game for parents who have no idea what all this plants and zombie stuff is about. What you can expect to find here is everything from Plants vs Zombies party invitations, ideas for decorating your party area, cake and cupcake supplies, fun party favors and party game ideas and lots more.

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Plants vs Zombies VIP pass invitations
Plants vs Zombies VIP pass invitations

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Invitations

The best Plants vs Zombies party invitations can be found on ebay and etsy where you really are spoilt for choice. One of my favorites is the VIP pass invitations (featured right) which makes the event just that little bit more special. It features a design featuring the Zombies and the plants that spit the peas, has a laminated finish and a lanyard for hanging around your neck. I love the fact that guests can receive the invites and have to bring it to the party as you would a special event and show it in order to gain access. It just makes the even seem all the more exclusive. These invites will come personalized as well as the seller requests and adds important details before sending them over.

Of course, there plenty of other designs to choose from and the fact that a lot of the sellers offer these invites as digital files means that you won't have much waiting time, it's almost instanteous as they will send the personalized invites via email for you to download. Other invites Plants vs Zombies birthday invites you can find include ticket style invites, photo invites and you could always get in touch with a seller to make a custom one for you if you have an idea in mind.

Plants vs Zombies wristband
Plants vs Zombies wristband

Plants vs Zombies Party Favors

Putting together your plants vs zombies party favors will be lots of fun. Here's a chance to create favor bag with a massive contrast as a certain amount of the items will be sweet and cute (plants) and the other side well umm lets just say not so sweet at all (Zombies). The things is kids will love this, so you have a chance to throw in some cool favors that will really surprise your guests.

For party favor bags one thing I like to do is use paper lunch bags as my favor carriers which I then decorate by simply printing an image from the theme (google search) and sticking it on. It is really easy to do but if you would like another way to do this there are plants vs zombies favor bag labels available for you to stick directly onto the bags without much hassle at all.

As favors you could add plenty of zombie themed favors, we want it to be a little gross so anything to do with zombie brains would be good, the dollar store and local party stores are always good places to search for cheap halloween themed favors.

Pappoose news has an awesome idea for making DIY sunflower candy holders, which they made and used to hold m&m sweets. The sunflower petals was made from construction card, the stem was made from a wooden skew style sticks and the flower head was made from small plastic tubs which were filled with candy before they were slotted through a hole in the middle of the petals.

Plants vs Zombies Stickers

TY0007(JF-1079) Plants Zombies Stickers, Soft Vinyl Plastic Non-Toxic Kid Stickers, 2 Pcs
TY0007(JF-1079) Plants Zombies Stickers, Soft Vinyl Plastic Non-Toxic Kid Stickers, 2 Pcs

Stickers are always fun... Put a sheet of Plants vs zombies stickers in each favor bag. It's a guranteed hit they'll love using them to decorate pretty much anything. Each sticker sheet also has a nice variety of characters from the game so they'll have plenty of cool stickers to choose from.

30" Sunflower balloon decoration
30" Sunflower balloon decoration

Plants vs Zombies Party Decorations

Plants vs zombies coloring pages can be used to make DIY posters... The bday boy or girl can help you color in several of their character coloring pages before sticking them up around the room.

Yellow and green would be the perfect colors for this theme. To add these colors use streamers and balloons as they are great ways to add color to the any party venue. Make balloon bouquets by bunchining balloons of 4 and tying them together. Streamers can be hung around the party room or if you have a chandeller you could hang it from the middle out.

In the game there is a zombie that has a balloon attached to its waist that tries to float its way past you so you could add that to your decorations. A cool way to add that to your décor would be to print off that character online, cut and stick him onto cardboard, then cut around the character so now you have a more sturdier version ready for you to tie a balloon ribbon around it. You could have a few of these guys hanging around your party.

I've also found these cool plants vs zombies wall decals featuring all the main plant and zombie characters. These would be an awesome addition to decorations as it will make the room feel like there is a battle going on in the background as the party goes on. Another advantage to using these is that they are easy to remove and reposition and so after the party you could take these into your childs bedroom. It will be like an extra birthday gift.

Plants vs Zombies cake by Sally Crossthwaite
Plants vs Zombies cake by Sally Crossthwaite

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Cake

There are plenty of ways you can go about decorating a Plants vs Zombies birthday cake if you decide to make one yourself. One of the easiest would be to use an edible cake image topper and to put a border around the image. Yep it can be as simple as that. Sellers can even personalized an image with a message of your choice.

You could also use little plants vs zombies figures to top the cake off. How about making the cake look like a patch of turf and lining up the figures up to face each other just like in the game. Make it look like they are embarking on a garden war, you could have some figures injured and some on target to hit the enemy...It would look great! Here's a great piping tutorial for creating a grass effect on your cake and if you are using fondant just cut square patches of dark and light green fondant to create the patchy checkered effect of the lawn in the game.

For plants vs zombies cupcakes, you could frost your cupcakes with green buttercream icing and pop in some premade plants vs zombies cupcake toppers (featured below)."What if I'm expecting a few zombies to attend the party, I wouldn't want them to feel left out", I hear you say... Well why not try Annie Eats recipe for making brain cupcakes ... Yuck right? But I hear it's a zombie delicacy, they'll totally love it.

How to make a Plants vs Zombies Cake

Zombie Pea Brains
Zombie Pea Brains

Plants vs Zombies Party Food Ideas

If you're a parent setting up a party for your child this is one of those rare occasions when your child can have zero disputes about eating their veggies. Why? Because it's in the game and in order for you to capture the essence of the game it is 100 percent necessary that there be some real vegetables to represent computer generated ones they use to fight against the zombies. Rejoice Mom's and Dad's because this is your time to get your way. So here are a few healthy plants vs zombies party foods you can serve your guests that will suit the theme perfectly:

To represent the potato mines you could make jacket patatoes and cut them into semi circles as they are always half buried. You could use pieces of olive for the eyes and other veggies to make cute little faces on each potato. Corn on the cob would work well as the kernel Pult, Peas in a pod as Pea shooters, stuffed mushrooms as Fume Shrooms or any of the mushroom plants in the game. I think the easiest way to make the veggies more appealing for kids would be to dress them up a little to look a little like the characters. Cute for kids did this brilliantly when they made these delightful sunflower and walnut plant meals using apples, cheese, mustard,olives, beef and sesame seeds.

There are plenty of fruit plants too so you could serve a bowl of cherries and label them cherry bombs, cut up mango into stars with a cookie cutter and call them star fruit and of course serve watermelon for the Melon pult plant. For more ideas check out the gallery of all the Plants in the game.

Well because it's a party I guess we can be a little lenient and throw in a couple of tasty snacks, why not try:

Zombie pea brains made of spicy wasabi peas or even make zombie or sunflower plant Cookies. To get the shape for your cookies use zombie cookie cutters (yes you heard me right) and a sunflower cookie cutter. Candy peas would be a tasty way to represent the peas the pea shooter plant spits at the zombies. A serving of sweet or savory popcorn can't go amiss as well because there are popcorn plants in the Plants vs Zombies Adventures game.

Plants vs Zombies Pinata - etsy store: Brenda'sPINATAS
Plants vs Zombies Pinata - etsy store: Brenda'sPINATAS

Plants vs Zombies Party Games and Activities

For entertainment here are a few plants vs zombies party game ideas you could include as part of the party activities:

*Print off some Plants vs zombies coloring pages and prepare some crayons and coloring pencils for kids to color in, this can be done as a quick activity for them to do while they wait for other guests, an activity to be set or for food to be served.

*Brenda's PINATAS etsy store has an awesome zombie pinata (pic featured right) which would be perfect for this theme. Fill it up with treats and let your child have their turn at fighting against an invading zombie, hanging around conveniently in their backyard.

*Hot potato would be a great game to play and lots of fun. You could even use a real potato but for younger kids a brown beanbag might be more suiting. The music could be the plants vs zombies theme tune.

*Set up some Zombie targets by printing and sticking images onto cardboard. Have them scattered around your backyard and set up a point system so they'll receive higher points for more difficult shots. Use a tennis ball as the peas which the pea shooters fire at the zombies. (To make it easier you could put a target on each zombie and also move targets closer if necessary)

*Check out this awesome plants vs zombies aiming game where Natalme created zombie targets with printed zombie heads with little bells attached to them by string so when it is hit it rings as confirmation. She then provided a marshmallow gun to aim and shoot at these targets. As a cheaper alternative you could substitute the marshmallow gun with a potato gun and it would still suit the theme.

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      Jesse Wallace 

      3 years ago

      The guys at can also print awesome custom badges. If you're trying to print vip badges for invitations I would check out that website.


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